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What the [bleep]?! Tackling Inappropriate Language, Separation Anxiety and Attention-Seeking Behaviors


Has your little one ever caught you off guard by dropping a verbal bomb (bonus points if it was in public)? Maybe your child struggles with separation anxiety and you feel like you’re glued together. How about those attention-seeking theatrics that deserve an Oscar? We've been there, too, and have experts who can help! Register to watch the free webinar recording for strategies to help curb inappropriate language, ease separation anxiety and understand attention-seeking behaviors.

About Dr. Lauren (Starnes) Loquasto

Dr. Lauren (Starnes) Loquasto is SVP and chief academic officer at Goddard Systems. She is responsible for leading the development of The Goddard School’s proprietary education program, driving research-based innovation and implementing new accreditation standards across the franchise system.

Previously, Dr. Loquasto served as vice president of early childhood education at Primrose Schools Franchising Company, where she oversaw the continued evaluation, development and implementation of Primrose’s early childhood curriculum and research models.

She has more than 20 years of experience in education, including curriculum development, evaluation and implementation, as well as teaching and consulting in the fields of preschool, special needs and elementary education.

A widely published author and lecturer, Dr. Loquasto holds a doctorate in educational leadership, as well as a master’s degree and doctorate in child development.

About Dr. Kyle Pruett

Dr. Kyle Pruett is a clinical professor of child psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine. Through his child psychiatry work, Dr. Pruett has become an international expert and forensic consultant on child, parental and family development; paternal involvement; children’s mental health and creativity; and the effects of trauma, media and divorce on young children.

He’s the founder of the Yale Conference on Fatherhood and the Harris Professional Development Network for Training in Early Intervention and Research. He has authored award-winning books, including Me, Myself, and I, Fatherneed and Partnership Parenting, and contributes to such publications as The Washington Post, USA Today, Parents, ABC News and Psychology Today.

Dr. Pruett received his undergraduate degree from Yale University and a medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine.

  • How to Ease Separation Anxiety

    Getting out of the house in the morning is hard enough, but when you have a little one who doesn’t want to leave your side, it can be heart-wrenching. Read through these tips to help make morning drop off easier.

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  • Encouraging Positive Behavior

    Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to encourage positive behavior in young children. Learn more about how to implement it at home.

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Past Webinars

Navigating Challenging Childhood Behaviors


Are you struggling with bedtime battles, navigating body exploration or dealing with aggression? Whether you have a stubborn sleeper, curious explorer or child with a fiery temper, watch our free webinar for actionable advice on how to tackle these behaviors with ease.

Kindergarten Readiness


The preschool years pass quickly, and before families realize it, Kindergarten is upon them. As children prepare to enter Kindergarten, many families wonder if their child is “ready,” a word that means vastly different things to different people. Watch as Lee Scott answers questions about Kindergarten readiness, how families can ease this transition for their child and ways to prepare as a family for the next chapter in your child’s educational journey.

Navigating Challenging Behaviors of Early Childhood - Biting, Defiance and Tantrums; Oh, My!


The first five years of life are a time of immense social and emotional development that can come with some challenging behaviors. Join Dr. Lauren (Starnes) Loquasto, SVP and chief academic officer at Goddard Systems, as she hosts part one of a three-part webinar series that will explore some of these behaviors, the developmental reason they occur and how parents and caregivers can guide little ones through it. This webinar will focus on biting, defiance and tantrums.

Instilling Gratitude in Children


In this webinar recording, Dr. Lauren (Starnes) Loquasto, SVP and chief academic officer at Goddard Systems, and Dr. April Poindexter, director of early childhood education programs at Goddard Systems, discuss how families can teach children to appreciate what they have and how to express gratitude in meaningful ways.

About April Poindexter

Dr. April Poindexter is the director of early childhood education programs at Goddard Systems. In her role, she oversees the development of our proprietary educational programming and curriculum.

Prior to joining Goddard Systems, Dr. Poindexter was an education consultant at Primrose Schools. Her experience and expertise in the field of early childhood education was affectionately shaped by her career as an elementary classroom teacher, instructional specialist, trainer, coach and franchise education consultant.

Dr. Poindexter’s research interests include writing practices and pedagogy; children’s literature; critical literacy; and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belongingness work. Her research on how Black upper-middle class children experience writing in school spaces was recognized for equity-centered implications and research excellence.

She holds a Ph.D. in teaching and learning with a concentration in language and literacy education, as well as a master’s degree in early childhood education.

What is Social-Emotional Learning?


In this webinar recording, Dr. Lauren (Starnes) Loquasto, SVP and chief academic officer at Goddard Systems, discusses social-emotional learning and why it’s important for young children. She explains how Goddard promotes social-emotional learning in the classroom and how parents can bridge the school/home gap and practice social-emotional learning at home.

Parenting with Goddard Video Series

Our video series, with early childhood experts, answers questions about all things related to early childhood development.

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