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Families in our community have a lot of wonderful things to say about their experiences.

  • Happy Families Recommend Goddard

    Not only do rave reviews paint a picture of the amazing things Goddard Schools offer to families and children, but 9 out of 10 families would strongly recommend us to anyone they know with young children (81 NPS).* We’re proud to have such dedicated customers and will continue to do everything we can to ensure that we exceed all families’ expectations.

    * NPS score is based on a time period of 1/1/22–12/31/22.

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    What People Are Saying About Goddard

    We value your feedback at The Goddard School! Our commitment to providing exceptional early childhood education relies on your valuable insights. Your feedback fuels our passion for fostering a nurturing and educational environment where children thrive. 

We love The Goddard School and recommend it to anyone who asks. We feel so at easy sending our children there. You can tell the teachers and staff love them like their own.

Wonderful staff, great communication, fun learning plans, my children look forward to going to school and they are safe. We've been very impressed by the teachers' and how they work with each child and set them up to be prepared academically and socially as they begin elementary school and beyond. While the children certainly play and have fun this is not just a daycare it truly is a school.

As a parent I am very pleased about how my child has progressed and how happy he is at school. My child talks about school and the great things that he is learning. The teachers are great and really helpful. My child is doing great educationally and we couldn’t be more happy about the services we are receiving.

Taking the time to listen to our concerns and providing feedback to help make a difference. Giving the children the tools and resources to challenge them individually and group settings.

We like Goddard because the teachers and staff seem to get to know each child, care about them, and care about their learning. We also really like how we receive regular updates on how our child is doing during the day. Overall, it is clear that Goddard has their act together. We appreciate the regular communication about the school and its policies so that there are no surprises.

We made a good decision to put our daughter in this school. Goddard school has an excellent curriculum for pre-kindergarteners. The children are exposed to a wide variety of subjects. The teachers and staff are excellent and take good care of kids.

We transferred to Goddard after attending a different preschool/daycare. The difference is measurable. The Goddard School is organized, keeps the kids busy with fun and educational projects all day, the teachers really care about the students and both teacher and administration communicate well and frequently. The school is clean and provide healthy snacks for the kids. They take Covid19 and all illnesses seriously, which can seem like a hassle but is for everyone's health and I appreciate the vigilance.

Very responsive to parent needs and concerns. Clean facilities and appropriate academics for each developmental stage.

The communication is superb, the teachers are friendly, knowledgeable, and fun, and the whole atmosphere is happy. We truly appreciate the dedication and care taken by everyone in the building, especially having started a child at Goddard during a pandemic. Our son comes home every single day asking to go back to school, and this is the most important way to begin his many years of education ahead. THANK YOU!

The teachers and staff really have our kids' best interests at heart. I love that the Goddard schools are mostly standardized in terms of level of care and what products/items they use. We switched between Goddards and it was a seamless transition for our little one. We recommend Goddard to everyone we meet!

Professionalism and focus on learning with caring and fun teachers! Our kids are well cared for every step of the way.

I like the curriculum for each age group. The teachers have always been amazing.

We absolutely love everything about Goddard...from the staff to the facility to the curriculum; Everything is AMAZING!!

The people! The owners, directors and teachers make The Goddard School more like extended family, and we are so grateful to have such a special place to send our three girls.

Runs like a well-oiled machine. Parents are kept informed and don’t have to wonder what their kids did all day. It’s more than daycare, it’s a school and the kids learn through fun and play.

Everything!! Teachers, curriculum, atmosphere, culture. It’s the whole package.

Great staff, great experience. Very welcoming and accommodating.

Not only does the school actually provide the curriculum they say they do, the daily reports and quarterly report cards even from as early as the infant room keep you engaged with what’s going on. The staff is nurturing, and I know my child is happy when I drop them off and you can see and feel that they feel safe and happy. I work full time and I couldn’t imagine anyone else being with my child all day. It really is a family.

The learning environment and approach taken by the teachers is amazing. The kids get so much out of it that truly prepares them for the future.

I love everything about the Goddard school - the curriculum, the owners, the teachers, the parents, etc. When I drop my kids off each day, I feel like I'm entrusting them to family. And, everyone deals with my incessant need to know everything about my children and all my instructions so gracefully and patiently. This is truly an amazing place!

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