Video Series

Watch as members of our team of early childhood experts discuss hot topics related to parenting.

Lauren Starnes, Ph.D., Ed.D., explains what social-emotional learning is and its importance in early childhood.

Kyle Pruett, M.D., breaks down separation anxiety as he explains that it’s a natural part of childhood development. He offers some helpful advice about how to support children before an event or transition that could cause separation anxiety.

Jennifer Jipson, Ph.D., explains that babies come into the world ready to engage and learn from their caregivers. She explains the importance of “serve and return” interactions and how parents and caregivers can practice it.

Helen Hadani, Ph.D., shares that creativity is one of the skills children need to thrive and offers a few ways parents can help nurture creativity in their children.

Lauren Starnes, Ph.D., Ed.D., says that simple, consistent routines are important for young children because the predictability of a routine helps them feel safe and secure.

Children’s books and the characters found within them often serve as the foundation for important life lessons. Lee Scott, describes how stories promote learning and impact behaviors — particularly as they relate to social-emotional development.

Jack Maypole, M.D., eases parents’ and caregivers’ minds as he explains whether children’s immune systems have changed during the pandemic.

Parent Webinars

Our webinar offer helpful advice from early childhood education experts on hot topics in parenting.

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