The Classroom Experience

Every child deserves a warm, welcoming and flexible classroom environment where discovery and learning can happen naturally. At The Goddard School®, our classrooms are designed specifically with your little one’s needs in mind so they can have fun as they grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.


In a loving and soothing setting, your baby will be in safe arms as they develop key physical skills while building new relationships and connections with teachers and friends.  

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First Steps

As your little one continues to grow, our first steps classroom provides the gentle support and encouragement needed to explore the world around them while developing new motor skills, language and ideas.

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In our toddler classroom, children develop their independence through fun learning experiences as they build valuable skills they need to interact with the world around them. Patient, caring teachers guide toddlers through playful exploration while helping to establish crucial social-emotional skills.

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Get Set

The fun and excitement of learning through exploration continues in our get set classroom, where little ones begin to transition to preschool routines and new conventions of play, supporting all areas of continuous development. 

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The preschool program starts your child’s journey into a cooperative learning environment where they can discover interests and learn in a more structured setting. In the preschool classroom, caring and compassionate teachers help your little one turn everyday experiences into fun, educational opportunities.  

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As your child prepares for kindergarten and beyond, our pre-k classroom features lots of fun opportunities for learning and innovation to occur every single day!

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Junior Kindergarten

In this school-readiness program, the fun learning experiences continue! Whether your child needs an extra year before attending full-day kindergarten or has not met the public school age cut-off, junior kindergarten is the perfect place to continue to learn and grow.

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Private Kindergarten

The Goddard School’s private kindergarten classroom follows the guiding philosophy of fun learning experiences while preparing your child with essential academic, social and developmental skills they will need for success in first grade and beyond.

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School Age

The Goddard School is here to support your school-aged child with the following programs: 

Our half-day kindergarten enrichment program picks up where your local school’s half-day kindergarten program leaves off, so your child can benefit from a full day’s worth of fun learning experiences in a classroom setting. 

Created for parents looking for outstanding before- and after-school childcare, Goddard’s program offers excellent and convenient options for the care of elementary school children. Our teachers will help your children with homework, hands-on enrichment activities and more. Transportation services between your child’s school and your local Goddard School may be available.

Our newest supplemental program provides personalized, full-day support for children up to grade 3 who are engaged in virtual learning provided by their elementary schools. Here, students get all the benefits of interacting in a classroom environment while still participating in their school’s distance learning curriculum.  

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