Child Development

Early childhood development is about more than just reaching milestones. It’s allowing your child’s interests to influence their learning experiences by balancing academic, mental, physical and social-emotional growth. Most of all, it’s about igniting your little one's curiosity and instilling a lifelong love of learning.

Creating Fun Learning Experiences

When it comes to learning, one size rarely fits all. Our F.L.EX.® Framework (Fun Learning Experience) gives your child the freedom to learn beyond a traditional lesson plan, as teachers incorporate organic, real-life experiences that help little ones navigate valuable teachable moments.

Life Lesson Library

We believe that true learning should prepare children socially and emotionally. That’s why we created Life Lesson Library, a proprietary program that uses the power of storytelling to help children develop core social-emotional skills that help them get along with others and become good humans.

Discover Life Lesson Library

STEAM Fuels Learning

By exploring science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) topics within the context of F.L.EX.®, your child will have endless opportunities to think creatively, take risks and build important life skills, such as problem solving, collaboration, resiliency and so much more. 

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