My Child's Day

A day at The Goddard School® is filled with discovery and fun for your child! Take a look below to find everything you and your little one can expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are always welcome to call during the day. When you pick up your child, you will receive a daily activity report that highlights what your child did that day. The teacher will record how long your child napped, how much lunch your child ate and how well your child is doing with potty training, milestone development and more. Your child’s teacher also makes sure to write a note about a special moment of your child’s day. 

As long as the weather permits, children play outside every day! The Goddard School playgrounds are extensions of the classrooms, and teachers are great at planning outdoor playtime, nature walks, picnics and other outdoor learning opportunities.

Once COVID-19 is under control, School owners will follow local and state guidelines to determine when it’s safe to allow visitors inside the building. In the meantime, you can call us anytime to find out about your child’s day!

Before the First Day

Here are some tips that you may find helpful before your child's first day at The Goddard School. 

Before Their First Day

Start talking all about the fun things they will be doing and how they will get to play and make new friends! Explain that you will pick them up at the end of the day and that they aren’t staying at School “forever.” Have a countdown to School calendar and talk about it every day leading up to their first day!

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On Their First Day

Introduce yourself and your child to the teacher. Help your child find their cubby and put their things away. Give them a cheerful hug and kiss. Reassure them that you will be back later and that you can’t wait to hear about their day when you pick them up.

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