Independent Play Ideas for Your Little Ones

Kindergarten students working independently to complete task

When you need a moment or two and you’d like your child to do something fun, ask your child to try one of these instant playful learning activities. 


Make your own puzzles with pictures from magazines or mailers. You can cut them up into pieces, mix up the pieces and put the pictures back together. To make the puzzles sturdier, you can glue the pictures to paper before you cut them up. How many pieces will you make? 

  • You’ll need scissors, old magazines or flyers. 
  • Learning areas: Design, mathematics and fine motor skills. 

How Long Is It? How Wide Is It?

Measure things in the house using unusual units of measurement, such as your feet or arms. How many arms long is the table? How many feet is it to the door from the couch? Make a chart with your new measurements. 

  • You’ll need paper and a pencil for your chart. 
  • Learning areas: Mathematics, cognitive flexibility and writing skills. 

You Have a Seat at the Table 

Make personalized placemats for everyone in the family. 

  • You’ll need paper and crayons. Using paint, markers and colored pencils can be fun, too. 
  • Learning areas: Print knowledge, vocabulary and creativity.  
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