Independent Play Activities for Children

Small girl sitting at a preschool table stamping on paper with a bingo blotter

When you need a moment or two and you’d like your child to do something fun, ask your child to try one of these instant playful learning activities. 

Who Is That? 

Make a funny character using a paper lunch bag. 

  • You’ll need a paper bag, paper and crayons or markers. 
  • Learning areas: Creativity, social-emotional development and fine motor skills. 

My Room 

Make a colorful nameplate for your bedroom door. You can add dimension with paper cut-outs glued to the nameplate. 

  • You’ll need cardboard, tape and markers. You can also use crayons or colored pencils. 
  • Learning areas: Writing skills, creativity and fine motor skills. 

What Is That? 

Take an upside-down picture or a close-up of a familiar object. What is it? Try this with a single category of objects, such as pieces of furniture or toys. Print the images or share them with your family members and ask them to guess what is in the pictures. 

  • You’ll need a camera or a smartphone. 
  • Learning areas: Observation, cognitive flexibility and creativity. 
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