5 Ways To Ease the Back to School Transition

Mother and preschool child hold hands walking into school

The start of the school year might bring feelings of excitement, as well as apprehension, for some children and parents, too. But, with thoughtful preparations, it can be a fun, new experience for both your child and you. 

1. Tour the school with your child beforehand. 

Introduce your child to her future surroundings and show her that there is nothing to fear. She will feel more comfortable attending her first day if she has an idea of what to expect. 

2. Practice the new routine with your child. 

Your child will not be familiar with the routine of his new school. Collaborate with the school and find out what he will be doing during the day, at lunchtime, recess, naptime, etc. Start getting him into that routine at home by saying, “This is what you will be doing when you start school. 

3. Talk to your child about getting along with classmates. 

Children's social skills develop throughout their childhood. The start of the school year can bring new opportunities for talking with your child about his or her friends. Ask your child what he hopes to play with his new friends and what toys he will share. Practice taking turns doing things at home and talk about how he and his friends will take turns in school. 

4. Listen to your child. 

Before your child starts school, ask her questions. What does she think school will be like? 

5. What excites her about going to school? 

Asking these questions will give you an idea of what your child is expecting. Listen to her responses and address any concerns with reassurances that her first days of school might feel new and uncertain. Remind her of other new experiences that were unfamiliar at first but became more comfortable. 

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