Summer with Goddard

Summer is filled with outdoor adventures and child-led exploration in a caring environment that children and parents love.

Summer with Goddard is an exciting 12-week program filled with lots of outdoor play and fun learning experiences! It’s an extension of the school year that keeps children engaged and active with a familiar routine and teachers they love!

Your children will have fun playing and exploring as teachers create learning experiences from everyday moments with programs like The Big Idea, the focus of Summer with Goddard.

Children will explore materials and engage in activities designed to help them acquire new skills, build confidence and reflect on how they can make an impact on their world every day. Lessons will ignite children’s natural curiosities as they dive into each of the three themes: I Am Changing, The World Is Changing and I Can Change the World.

Summer with Goddard

The Big Idea

Children are full of creative ideas born from their natural curiosity. The Big Idea is designed to encourage your children to explore the world around them as they learn, grow and play all summer long! The Big Idea is further broken down into three themes: I Am Changing, The World Is Changing and I Can Change the World.

I Am Changing

The first four weeks of Summer with Goddard is about how children grow and change every day. I Am Changing focuses on building confidence, developing new skills and celebrating accomplishments, no matter their size.

The World Is Changing

These four weeks will focus on children observing and interacting with the world around them. The world changes in so many ways every day — from shifting seasons or weather to discovering new languages.

I Can Change the World

Children will take what they’ve learned about change and apply it in the final weeks of summer. They will discover how they can make an impact on the world every day. It can be as simple as watering the flowers or bonding with their friends during play time.

Kindergarten Readiness

We’re excited to offer Kindergarten Readiness, an 8-week program that will help prepare pre-k students for their big leap into kindergarten! In addition to practicing early reading and math skills, a big focus will be on transitions and social-emotional development.

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