Salted Snowflake Craft

Help your little ones discover art and science with these painted salt snowflakes!*

  • Thick, white cardstock 
  • Table salt (a lot)
  • White glue
  • Paint brush
  • Liquid watercolor paint or food coloring
  • Water

Step 1: Help your child create snowflake shapes with glue on the cardstock. You can either freehand them or draw a snowflake on the cardstock that your child can then trace with glue.

Step 2: Pour lots of salt over the glue snowflake.

Step 3: Let the salt sit for a minute and then dump the excess salt off of the cardstock.  

Step 4: Dip your paintbrush into the watercolor or food coloring and then dab it onto the salted snowflake. Watch as the salt absorbs the color!

Step 5: Continue this process until your snowflake is colored in and enjoy your unique art! 

*An adult should oversee all activities. Activities may not be appropriate for all ages.

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