Fun Fall for Everyone

Dad flying son in arms under fall trees

Fall is one of the best seasons because no matter where you live, there’s plenty to do! Here are some fun seasonal activities to try with your children of all ages.

  • Nature walks. Take your infant for a stroll through parks, gardens or nearby nature trails to enjoy the cooler temperatures or changing colors. Point out the leaves, listen to the sound of crunching leaves underfoot and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.
  • Pumpkin patch. Visit a local pumpkin patch or farm. Let your little one touch and explore different textures, sizes and shapes of pumpkins, and take lots of adorable photos!
  • Sensory play with leaves. Collect a variety of colorful leaves during your nature walks and create a sensory play experience for your infant. Lay out a large blanket or play mat in a safe and comfortable space and scatter the leaves on top. Allow your baby to reach for, feel and explore the different textures and sounds. You can also make your own fall sensory bag to continue the fun!

  • Leaf piles. Raking up a pile of colorful leaves and letting your toddler jump into them is practically a fall requirement. Show your toddler how to jump into the pile safely and have fun together. Encourage them to explore the different textures and colors of the leaves. You can also invite them to help rake the leaves with a small rake or broom.
  • Apple orchard. Take a trip to a local apple orchard or farm that offers apple picking. Let your little one experience the joy of picking (and eating!) their own apples. Afterward, you can bake apple treats together at home. It’s a win-win!
  • Pumpkin decorating. Get creative with your toddler by decorating pumpkins. Instead of carving, which can be challenging for young children, provide them with non-toxic paints, stickers and other craft supplies to decorate their pumpkins. You can also encourage sensory exploration by letting them use their fingers to paint different textured pumpkins. Or letting them play with the pumpkin guts! This activity promotes the development of fine-motor skills and creativity.

Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten
  • Scavenger hunt. Create a fall-themed scavenger hunt for your preschooler. Make a list of items they can find outdoors, such as acorns, pinecones and different colored leaves. Provide them with a small bag or basket to collect their treasures. This activity encourages exploration, observation and helps develop their cognitive and motor skills. You can also talk about the items they find and discuss the changes that occur during the fall season.
  • Pumpkin patch adventure. Visit a pumpkin patch with your preschooler for a day of fun and exploration. Let them choose their own pumpkin and talk about its size, shape and color. Many pumpkin patches offer additional activities like hayrides, corn mazes or petting zoos that your preschooler will enjoy. Help them navigate through corn mazes or feed farm animals. 
  • Fall crafts and art projects. You can create leaf rubbings by placing leaves under a piece of paper and rubbing over them with crayons. Make handprint or footprint turkey crafts using paint and construction paper. Create paper plate masks or collages using fall colors and materials like tissue paper, cotton balls or craft sticks. These activities enhance creativity, fine motor skills and provide an opportunity for your preschooler to express themselves artistically.
  • Bake fall goodies. Invite your child in the kitchen to bake fall-themed treats together. Choose recipes like pumpkin bread, apple crisp or homemade applesauce. Let your child help measure ingredients, mix and decorate. Following a recipe helps your child with reading, math and science skills.

Remember to adapt the activities based on your child's age and interests. Prioritize safety during activities, provide age-appropriate materials and supervise accordingly. Enjoy the beauty of fall while creating cherished memories with your child!

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