November 20, 2020

The Goddard School® Launches New Video Series, Providing Valuable Resource to Parents

‘Parenting Under Five’ taps into knowledge of health and wellbeing medical experts to help parents make informed decisions about childcare.

As cities across the country are assessing whether to close schools due to increasing cases of COVID-19, working parents with young children continue to face difficult decisions in choosing what’s best for their families now. To help parents with children currently enrolled in preschool, as well as parents contemplating an eventual return to preschool, The Goddard School, a leading childcare provider in the U.S., created the Parenting Under Five video series. The 15-part series offers expert advice, findings from the Yale School of Medicine, and practical tips for parents to keep their children safe while continuing vital early childhood education.

“Throughout the pandemic, childcare has remained an essential function of the American economy; it’s the workforce behind the workforce,” said Dennis R. Maple, CEO of Goddard Systems, Inc., the franchise owner of The Goddard School. “While the pandemic has presented unfamiliar challenges, it has also provided a wonderful opportunity for our teachers and staff to connect even more deeply with parents. Now more than ever, we want parents to know that we’re here for them. We launched Parenting Under Five to provide resources designed to help parents make informed decisions for their families.”

To create Parenting Under Five, The Goddard School sought the expertise of health and wellbeing medical experts and education professionals with deep knowledge in early childhood development. Parents, owners, and teachers of The Goddard School also provided insight from their first-hand experiences of managing through the pandemic. All 15 videos are available on both The Goddard School’s website and YouTube channel.

The Parenting Under Five objective is to extend Goddard’s access to medical experts in an effort to help answer parents’ pressing questions on essential care for their young children. Topics include:

What is the correlation between children going to preschool and incidence of transmission?

Includes findings from a recent Yale School of Medicine study about COVID-19 transmission rates in childcare programs

How did parents make the decision to send their children back to preschool?

Includes perspectives from Goddard parents and school owners, and insights from Dr. Jack Maypole, pediatrician and director of the Comprehensive Care Program at the Boston Medical Center

What long-term impact could missing preschool have on a child?

Includes perspectives from Dr. Kyle Pruett, clinical professor of child psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine

Added Maple, “We hope all parents can use these videos to feel confident about making the best decisions for their families, whether that means returning to the classroom or continuing with virtual learning.”

For more information about The Goddard School and its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit

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