Parenting Under Five

In our latest Parenting Under Five video series, we explore how enrolling children in a robust summer learning program will help beat the virtual learning blues and benefit their emotional, physical and social well-being!

  • Parenting in the midst of a pandemic doesn’t come with a manual, and even if it did, who would have time to read it? As parents evaluate childcare options to fit their family needs, many are understandably concerned about health and safety procedures. To provide insight and perspective, The Goddard School tapped into the considerable knowledge of its health and wellbeing medical experts in this Parenting Under Five video series created to help parents find direct answers to some of their most pressing questions.

Making the Most of Summer to Get Children Ready for Fall

For many children, the past year has been filled with numerous twists and turns, and that’s often led to a bumpy road in their educational journeys. But many parents say that getting back into the classroom has helped their little ones in a major way. In this video, both parents and childcare experts share their perspectives on what it takes to get children back into the educational groove.

The Social and Emotional Impact of Virtual Learning on Young Children

Going from classrooms to virtual rooms has been an adjustment for both children and parents this past year, leaving many feeling “screened out.” Despite the advancements in virtual learning, many agree that there’s nothing quite like in-person learning when it comes to early childhood education. In this video, childcare experts and Goddard School owners discuss the challenges surrounding virtual learning and what families can do to help.

The Benefits of a Structured Summer for Your Child

Between work meetings, supervising virtual learning and making dinner, we know you’ve got a busy schedule. And while naptime sadly might not fit onto your calendar, keeping your child in a regular routine is important for educational success, even during the summer months. In this video, teachers and childcare experts share the things families need to know about creating a consistent schedule for their little ones this summer.

How a Continued Education Over the Summer Can Improve Your Child’s Future

There is no shortage of benefits when it comes to sending your child to a summer program, especially in an environment where fun and learning are combined. In this video, teachers and childcare experts talk about how summer programs can help your little one continue to grow.

Why I Plan on Sending My Child to Summer Camp

While it might be summer break for other children around the nation, the choice to send yours to a structured summer program is an important one that can pay off in a big way for long-term educational success. In this video, we’ll hear from families who share why they have decided to send their little ones to summer camp.

How Parents are Adapting to Sending Their Children Back to the Classroom

Educating your child is a 24/7 process, and while families have been working hard to create a consistent, structured learning environment at home, many parents say that sending their children back to school has had a positive impact on their little ones. In this video, we hear from parents, teachers and Goddard School owners about what children are getting out of an in-person classroom experience.

How Goddard School Faculty are Preparing for Students Back in the Classroom

When students return to school after a long break, it can take them a little while to get back up to speed. Despite the challenges from the past year, teachers are doing everything they can to help better prepare children for the fall while exploring fun, new learning concepts. In this video, Goddard School teachers and owners talk about what they’re doing to get ready for your little one to come back to class.

Emotionally Invested: How You Can Positively Impact Your Child’s Return to School

Just like adapting to at-home learning, returning to school will be a transition for both parents and children alike. From getting enough sleep to switching to new routines, childcare experts in this video share ways for parents to take an active role in helping their little ones get comfortable with the classroom again.

Yale Clinical Study: Pre-K Classrooms are Likely Safer Than You Think

A new large-scale Yale University study indicates that preschools consistently practicing safety procedures present no additional infection risk to childcare workers, and by association, their students. Learn more about what experts are saying.

How Missing Preschool Could Have Long-Term Impact on Little Ones

There are a variety of school-year scenarios right now, and with options that provide less social interaction for little ones, parents are wondering what long-term developmental impacts might surface from less time spent in the classroom. In this video, we’ll talk with parents and experts about what behavior patterns to expect from children who are dealing with modified socialization during this time.

The Parent Perspective: Why I Sent My Child Back to Preschool

The decision to send little ones back to the classroom is one that has been weighing on many parents’ minds lately. In this video, we talk with three parents who explain why they have decided to send their children to go back to preschool.

Questions about Preschool and the Answers Every Parent Needs

When is the right time to send your child back to preschool? This is a question so many parents across the country have been asking themselves for months. In this video, parents of little ones talk about their comfort levels when it comes to bringing their child back to the classroom, while leading pediatrician, Dr. Jack Maypole, weighs in.

Safe & Healthy Learning Experiences: Lessons from the Classroom

From hand washing and surface sanitizing to contact tracing and modified routines, preschools across the country have been busy implementing additional guidelines designed to keep children and their families safe. In this video, we talk with Goddard School teachers and staff about how they are actively making classrooms safer every day.

Distance Learning at The Goddard School

When you can’t be in The Goddard School physically, the next best thing is bringing it home! In this video, find out how Goddard Schools and families have been staying connected with the classroom from the kitchen table.

What Safety Protocols Should Parents Look for in Childcare Centers?

Wondering what safety measures you should be looking for when choosing a childcare facility in a post-COVID world? Be sure to check for these key health protocols as you make your decision.

Easing the Transition Back to School for Children

Children may experience a range of emotions when returning to school post-COVID, but there are a lot of things parents can do to help make the transition a smooth one. Check out these tips to help your child to prepare to head back to the classroom.

Risk Factors for COVID-19 in Children

For parents who have children with underlying health conditions, there’s even more to consider when looking at the risks related to COVID-19. From general prevention to the illnesses and allergies you should take special care with, here’s what you need to know. 

The Risk of Children Spreading COVID-19

From symptoms and transmission to testing, health precautions and more, we’ll walk you through your most-asked, child-specific questions surrounding COVID-19.

How to Decide When It's Safe to Return to School

How can parents really know if returning to childcare is safe for their little ones? Explore the best places to get accurate COVID-19 information and what to watch out for to keep your children safe.

Preparing Children for New Safety Protocols at School

The emotional health and wellbeing of children, especially during traumatic events, can be just as important as health and safety. As your little one transitions back to childcare post-COVID, here are some ways you can help them thrive amidst the changes they’ll see.

Monitoring Your Child's Health at Home and in School

Is it a cold, or does my child need a little extra care? Here’s everything you need to know about what the early signs of illness are in young children, how you can provide the best care and how to monitor your children’s health as they return to school.

How to Respond to News of COVID-19 in Schools

As we all learn to adapt to the effects of COVID-19 in our communities, many parents want to know how they should react if an outbreak occurs in their child's school. Learn about the information you can expect to receive if an outbreak happens, symptoms to watch out for in your child and more.

Safety Protocols & Childcare Centers

From face covering protocols and social distancing to handwashing, cleaning and disinfecting, here’s what you need to know about how childcare centers are working to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in their classrooms.

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