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Our teachers blend the highest standards in early childhood development with nurturing care.

Mrs Laura, Owner Mrs. Laura is the on-site owner of the Goddard School of Tysons. She has been a part of the Goddard family since 2017, working with the Goddard School in Rockville, Maryland as a management consultant. Laura received the honor of Summa Cum Laude while studying business administration at Notre Dame of Maryland University. Her previous work experience was focused on business administration in an academic and clinical settings at Johns Hopkins University and Hospital, in Baltimore, Maryland. During that time, she managed business and clinical operations, finances and research finances at Johns Hopkins University.

Mrs. Laura is a dedicated wife, sister and daughter. She has been married to Brad for two years and has a large immediate family with three siblings, four nephews and three nieces. Mrs. Laura sees the school as an extension of her family and believes the environment created within our school can shape a young child’s outlook on education and life, long after they are grown.

Mrs Laura

Mrs Sedi, Director Mrs. Sedi, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education & Business Administration. She has been working in the ECE field for over eleven years. She likes to engage with children as they discover, create, learn, and grow. It is a real joy to be a part of their learning experience at the Goddard School.

Mrs Sedi

Miss Janah, Assistant Director Ms. Janah has sixteen years of experience working within Early Childhood Education both as a lead teacher and assistant director. Seven of those years being spent within The Goddard School family.Miss Janah has her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and is finishing her Master’s Degree in Psychology and Counseling. In her role as Resource Lead Teacher, Ms. Janah will play an active role supporting all our classrooms. Ms. Janah wishes to model an “I can” attitude to the children and encourage them to be who they want to be.  

Miss Janah

Miss Carina, Lead Teacher Ms. Carina has her Child Development Associate's in Preschool as well as a certification in Spanish Education. She has been working in the preschool setting for 17 years. Acting as both a lead teacher and our Spanish teacher, Ms. Carina encourages children to use their imagination and explore language in fun ways!

Miss Carina

Miss Fan, Lead Teacher Ms. Fan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Design Specialized Training in Education & Visual Design. Ms. Fan has over twelve years of teaching experience working with young children, school-aged children, teens and college students. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Art, she taught in universities in Shanghai and Xi'an, China as well as design programs in Paris, France. After relocating with her family from France to the United States, Ms. Fan began working as a Chinese teacher.

Miss Fan

Miss Junhe, Lead Teacher Ms. Junhe has seven years of experience working with Toddler, Preschool and school-aged children. After receiving her bachelor’s in science, Ms. Junhe completed a second degree in Early Childhood Education. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Education. In her role as Lead Teacher, Ms. Junhe will play an active role in our Preschool classrooms. Miss Junhe is from China, she is a mom and a wife

Miss Junhe

Miss Tanisha, Lead Teacher Ms. Tanisha is currently pursuing an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Development. She has been working in the early childhood setting for fifteen years and loves teaching infants. Ms. Tanisha most enjoys teaching her children to be kind to all people.

Miss Tanisha

Miss Taylor, Lead Teacher Ms. Taylor has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and has been working in the early childhood education setting for two years. Ms. Taylor encourages her children to be curious and try new things as she believes trying is the first step in succeeding!

Miss Taylor

Miss Vanessa, Lead Teacher Ms. Vanessa comes to us with five years of experience working with children with special needs. Her past roles include assistant teacher and Counselor. Miss Vanessa has her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Counseling. She believes that each child is special in their own way and should be given the opportunity to express their emotions and thoughts in an environment in which they are loved.

Miss Vanessa

Miss Almira, Lead Teacher Ms. Almira comes to us with over sixteen years of teaching experience and 2 1/2 years teaching preschool children. She will be working in our Chicks class as a lead teacher alongside Miss Goldie and Miss Vanessa. Miss Almira has completed her bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education. She loves the Goddard school for its prestigious learning environment and well-respected reputation. She wants to help every child to be positive, calm and smile always.

Miss Almira

Ms Marjan, Lead Teacher Ms. M was leading her own childcare center for over 10 years before joining our school. She was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and besides English she also speaks Farsi and Spanish. She is the youngest of three children and a mom to two girls and one boy. Ms. M loves the family like environment at Goddard, that makes it feel like a home away from home for her.

Ms Marjan

Miss Muna, Lead Teacher Ms. Muna comes to us with over fifteen years of experience working within Early Childhood Education as a lead teacher within infant and toddler classrooms. Ms. Muna has completed her bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Muna believes that education is the key to life. She looks forward to helping each child unlock their potential as they learn and grow in her class.

Miss Muna

Miss Sydney, Lead Teacher Ms. Sydney has over four years of experience working within Early Childhood Education as a lead teacher within The Goddard School family. Ms. Sydney has her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. In her role as lead teacher, Ms. Sydney loves the welcoming community that the teachers at Goddard build with parents and children and she looks forward to welcoming each of you to her classroom.

Miss Sydney

Miss Fidelis, Lead Teacher Miss Fidelis has completed a Bachelor of Art Degree in Economics and a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Fidelis is married, with two sons. Miss Fidelis is originally from Kenya and speaks English & Swahili. Ms. Fidelis loves that The Goddard School offers children the ability to learn through play. She wishes for children to be caring, kind and learn self-regulation.

Miss Fidelis

Mrs Roshna, Lead Teacher Ms. Roshna has her associate degree in Early Childhood Education. She joined The Goddard School in January 2019 and has help lead the Ponies classroom since it opened in February 2019. Ms. Roshna has two years of experience in teaching children in preschool. Ms. Roshna wishes to teach all children in her class to never give up when faced with a challenge and to be patient and kind.

Mrs Roshna

Mrs Vaishali, Lead Teacher Ms. Vaishali comes to us with 10 years of experience with preschoolers and school agers. She also taught elementary and middle school when she lived in India. She has completed her master’s degree in Computer Management. She loves the Goddard school for its prestigious learning environment and well-respected reputation. She wants to help every child use effective and efficient methods of learning. She wants all children to enjoy learning while using their creative minds.

Mrs Vaishali

Miss Silvia, Assistant Teacher Ms. Silvia comes to us with over 5 years of experience working within Early Childhood Education. Ms. Silvia will take on the responsibility of an Assistant Teacher in the Caterpillars classroom. Miss Silvia has completed Child Development Associate in Infant Development and a Certified nursing assistant. Ms. Silvia wishes to model love and kindness to her students and provide a calming presence for her classroom.

Miss Silvia

Mrs Dikcha, Assistant Teacher Miss Dikcha has completed her High School Education. And training courses in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Dikcha is from Nepal. She is a wife and mother of two daughters.
Ms. Dikcha is passionate about children learning about respect for others, patience and love. And teaching preschool toddlers allows her to be a critical part of that process.

Mrs Dikcha

Jennifer, Assistant Teacher Ms. Jen has her 90-hour preschool childcare certification and is currently pursuing a degree in psychology. She has been teaching for 3 years. Her favorite part about teaching is that she gets to show the children how to be their best self. Ms. Jen loves how the Goddard School works together with each family to create the best environment possible


Miss Jessica, Assistant Teacher Ms. Jessica has her bachelor’s degree in Art Education and is pursing further education in teaching. She has 2 years of preschool teaching experience. She loves that the Goddard School is committed to quality education of each child. Miss Jessica wants to help children build confidence and to teach children about their world.

Miss Jessica

Miss Yashu, Assistant Teacher Ms. Yashu joins us from India where she learned to speak English, Telugu and Hindi. She is a loving wife and mother. Ms. Yashu joined The Goddard School in Denver as resource teacher and quickly found her passion to take care of young children. After relocating to Virginia, Ms. Yashu joined The Goddard School in Tysons, VA and is great resource to all of our classrooms.

Miss Yashu

Mrs Alexandria, Assistant Teacher Ms. Alexandria comes with 6 years experience working as a teacher in other Goddard Schools. Miss Alex has completed her Bachelors Degree in Business Management. She loves that at the Goddard School we provide high standards for quality education. She wishes to provide a safe and nurturing environment to all children.

Mrs Alexandria

Mr Jason, Assistant Teacher Mr. Jason comes to us with two years’ experience teaching school age and elementary school. Mr. Jason is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in developmental psychology. Mr. Jason plans to show children how to be independent and always portray a positive attitude

Mr Jason

Miss Heather, Resource Miss Heather has 3 years teaching experience. Miss Heather loves that The Goddard School offers children a safe place to learn and grow. Ms. Heather strives to keep an open mind and heart about everything.

Miss Heather

Kristin, Resource Ms. Kirsten has completed her Child Development Associates
Ms. Kristin has lived in Vienna for 40 years. She is a mom of two adult children John & Sara.
Ms. Kristin is local to the Tysons, Vienna area. She owned and operated a home daycare for over 25 years. She loves the openness of the teaching staff and the excitement of children to learn. She wishes to model proper social skills and fun learning through play.


Miss Samantha, Resource Ms. Samantha loves the very friendly and welcoming nature of everyone at the Goddard School. She’s
looking forward to teaching each child to be kind and empathetic with each other. Miss Samantha is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.

Miss Samantha

Mr Shaun, Resource Mr. Shaun is our Music Teacher. He has Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition and 15 years of experience teaching music with ten years working as an adjunct Music Professor. Mr. Shaun truly loves the Goddard school environment and watching students discover something new for the first time and seeing their daily break through while learning music.

Mr Shaun

Miss Vivian, Resource Miss Vivian has completed her bachelor’s degree in Chinese Literature, and a Master’s degree in Art. Ms. Vivian has 6 years teaching experience, she is fluent in Chinese, she loves that the Goddard School provides learning through play and fun. She wants to teach children to be kind, brave and confident.

Miss Vivian

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