COVID-19 Information

Information for Goddard Schools' Families and Faculty

Goddard’s number one priority is, and has always been, upholding our commitment to maintain safe, healthy School environments for your children. We understand and share the continued concern about COVID-19 and its effects on your families and the larger community. We want to provide you the information you need to make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

We've created this page to share the measures we're taking to keep the children, their families and the faculty members safe in our Schools.

We are grateful for your continued trust and confidence in The Goddard School. We will get through this situation by working together and remaining focused on doing the right things.

School Operations

Goddard Schools are following the guidance and directives from their state and local governments and their local health departments as they make a variety of decisions about their Schools including whether to remain open and/or to reopen their Schools. Many of the children enrolled in our Schools have family members playing essential roles in this crisis, including parents who work as nurses, doctors, grocery store clerks and more. All of our Schools serve parents who work to support their families.

Schools do not make operating decisions lightly. While each School is independently owned and operated by franchisees, we encourage and empower them to make the best choices for the families and faculty by keeping the health and safety of everyone top of mind.

In addition to Goddard's own rigorous health and safety protocols, we're reinforcing CDC-recommended preventative measures, which we describe below.


Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our children, families and faculty. That’s why we’ve been working hard to implement additional policies and procedures to help keep our School as clean and germ-free as possible.

Some of our new policies and procedures include:

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    Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

    Our new routines for drop-off and pick-up are designed to ensure everyone in our School stays healthy and safe. Only one family at a time will be permitted inside the foyer, where our administration will conduct a quick health screening to ensure your child does not have a fever above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or other flu-like symptoms. A designated teacher will take your child to and from the classroom. For pick-up, a teacher will bring your child to the foyer. Please be mindful of keeping a six-foot distance from others during drop-off and pick-up.

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    Practicing Social Distancing

    We will practice social distancing in the classroom throughout the day. Your children will remain in the classroom or on the playground with their teachers and classmates. For added safety, different classes will not interact with one another, and all special events and visitors will be postponed until further notice.

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    Keeping Areas Clean

    Our teachers will implement an even more rigorous cleaning routine, and all high-touch surfaces and objects will be sanitized regularly throughout the day. These include, but are not limited to, all learning materials, playground structures, light switches and door handles. 

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    Food Prep Procedures

    Teachers will continue to wear gloves while helping children with snack time and lunch. We will discontinue family-style servings at snack time. The teachers will serve children individually.

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    Face Coverings

    We have provided all Schools with guidance and best practices about wearing face coverings at School. Along with our guidance, Schools must follow local health and state guidelines to ensure they’re compliant with health and safety orders. For example, it’s mandatory for businesses in Pennsylvania to provide face coverings to their employees, which must be worn at all times while on-site.

    We have asked Schools that are required to use face coverings to help familiarize children with the idea of seeing their teachers wearing one. For ways to help your child adjust to the concept of face coverings, check out this resource that our EAB members created


For the safety of children, families and faculty at Goddard Schools, anyone who is ill must stay home. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with COVID-19, immediately alert your School's owner and stay home. Please follow the CDC's recommendations if you're unwell or if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

COVID-19 Resources


If you have specific questions about your School, please reach out to your School's on-site owner or director. You can visit the Locations page to find your School and its contact information.

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