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Read with Steve & Lauren

Award-winning author Steve Metzger and Dr. Lauren Loquasto share everything families need to know about early reading skills.

What the [bleep]?!

Drs. Lauren Loquasto and Kyle Pruett share helpful advice for families dealing with inappropriate language, separation anxiety and attention-seeking behaviors.

Navigating Challenging Childhood Behaviors

Drs. Lauren Loquasto & Jack Maypole share helpful advice for families dealing with bedtime battles, body exploration and aggression.

Kindergarten Readiness

Lee Scott answers questions about Kindergarten readiness, how families can ease this transition for their child and ways to prepare as a family for the next chapter in your child’s educational journey.

How to Navigate Biting, Defiance and Tantrums

Dr. Lauren (Starnes) Loquasto discusses how to navigate biting, defiance and tantrums.

Instilling Gratitude in Children

Drs. Lauren Loquasto and April Poindexter discuss how families can teach children to appreciate what they have and how to express gratitude in meaningful ways.

What is Social-Emotional Learning?

Dr. Lauren Loquasto discusses why social-emotional learning is an important part of early childhood development.

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