Offering The Best Childhood Preparation for Social and Academic Success.


Bright classrooms and large playgrounds create the backdrop for educational success in preschool.

Highly trained teachers introduce preschoolers to cognitive skills, such as sequencing and matching; social skills, such as recognizing similarities and embracing diversity; and language arts skills, such as storytelling and writing.

Our F.L.EX.® (Fun Learning Experience) Learning Program promotes self-confidence by encouraging children to progress at their own paces according to their individual needs and abilities. Learning centers for math, science, dramatic play, music, creative art and computers provide opportunities for both shared and independent learning experiences. Fitness, art history and manners are also part of the preschooler's daily schedule.

All programs are customized to your child’s progress, needs and age.

AdvancED Accreditation 2009
Middle States Corporate Accreditation 2011

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