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The private kindergarten program prepares children for success in first grade and beyond. The fun, engaging curriculum allows children to explore and discover their interests while learning academic essentials. This play-based kindergarten program is designed to develop children’s…



Focusing on an activity for longer periods of time and continuing the activity even after being interrupted, which exhibit executive function skills;

Demonstrating creativity and executive function skills by planning and creating a work of art that symbolizes something else. 



Exhibiting critical-thinking skills by understanding all the possible solutions to a problem and then, after careful consideration, trying the solution they feel will best solve the problem;

Beginning to analyze problems in a story and then verbally solving the problems with the teacher, which use collaboration, communication, creativity and critical-thinking skills.



Demonstrating social-emotional intelligence by forming stronger bonds with teachers and caregivers;

Further developing communication skills by having longer, more elaborate conversations.


All programs are customized to your child’s progress, needs and age.



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Middle States Corporate Accreditation 2011


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