Where Stories Come to Life

We believe that fun learning experiences extend beyond the classroom, which is why we’ve created Life Lesson Library, a proprietary program that utilizes storytelling to help children develop and practice important social-emotional skills, such as self-awareness, social awareness and responsible decision-making. These necessary life skills are introduced in the classroom and are meant to be practiced at School and at home.

Here are some important ways that Life Lesson Library strengthens the home-School connection for children and families.

A boy eagerly reads a book.

Introduces Opportunities for Interaction

Life Lesson Library provides you with practical guidance on how to effectively extend your child’s learning at home based on the skills that are developed in the classroom. 

A mother holds her smiling young son outside.

Deepens Parent-Child Connections

Because Life Lesson Library has been designed specifically to bridge the home-School connection, you’ll be able to forge deeper connections and engage with the books, activities and targeted skills your child is learning. This allows you the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of your little one’s developmental process.

A father carries his son down a brightly decorated hallway.

Helps Parents Work with Children on Key Skills

Use Life Lesson Library as a guide to better understand the age-appropriate skills your child is learning as well as how to help them practice these new skills.

A mother kisses her son and holds his lunchbox outside.

Improves Family Life through Learning

Every lesson plan within Life Lesson Library has take-home content for parents, making it easy for you to incorporate skills development at home. By incorporating Life Lesson Library activities at home, you will build deeper bonds and have even more meaningful family time as part of your regular routine. 

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