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Lexington Reviews & Recognition

The love and commitment of our Goddard families inspires us every day. To help make each child’s learning experiences the best they can be, we are always happy to listen when parents share their expectations. Here’s what our families have to say.

As first time parents we are extremely impressed by the quality of the academic program for infants. The owners and teachers are always helpful and willing to provide the best for the students.

Jackson's Mother

Infant Classroom

The curriculum, faculty is warm and friendly, cleanliness and newness of the center. The fact that our child is happy there!

Ahrik & Anaya's Mother

Preschool Classroom

I like the curriculum, the enviornment and the activities. My son has learned and done so much in the short few months that he's been attending and we are so happy that we made the change over to the Goddard School.

Brayden's Mother

Preschool Classroom

We love the teachers and the activities that are part of the overall curriculum. Everyone there is welcoming to the children as they come to school. The owners are extremely positive, kind and very customer centric. They love what they do, are passionate and we can see, feel their enthusiasm everyday as they welcome all children to the Goddard School. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who desires the best environment for their little one. Laure Nucci

London's Mother

Toddler Classroom

The owners and staff are excelled. They're extremely friendly and patient. They also have great educational but fun activities every day for the children.

Graeham's Mother

Junior-K Classroom

Extremely friendly staff who cares for kids .. beautiful and very clean facility . Very good curriculum, perfect place for kids.

Shraddha's Mother

Preschool Classroom

For a new school, Yang and Shuo have organized the class rooms well! Our son enjoys school (for the most part) and feels comfortable in his environment! The teachers are good (and accommodating)! So far we have enjoyed the experience.

Shaan & Samaya's Mother

Pre-K Classroom

We have seen our girls thrive and build relationships. They learn new things everyday and always filled with fun and care

Amara & Luna's Father

Toddler Classroom

Owners engagement, new spacious facility,

Kinan's Father

Preschool Classroom

We like the owners and the teachers. We wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

Jackson's Father

Toddler Classroom

Great school. Very friendly staff and teachers. School is very clean and I feel that they offer a great learning environment for our kids.

Audrey & Aurora & Autumn's Father

Preschool Classroom

My child is learning so much at this school. He comes home speaking so many new words. I thank his teachers!

Ewan's Father

Preschool Classroom

The instructors are amazing and there is a very fine tuning between the daycare and the parents, high responsiveness etc; the variety and creativity of all art forms are amazing (drawings, paintings, hand work, music, dances, etc).

Adèle's Father

Toddler Classroom

The teachers, staff and the owners are very helpful and have been very accommodating. Our daughter loves her teachers and enjoys her time at school

Aanya's Mother

Pre-K Classroom

The owner Yang is very caring and sensitive towards individual needs of a child. Teachers always have positive energy. Brand new building so it's clean and bright.

Lydia & Julia's Mother

Pre-K Classroom

The facility is so lovely, the owners are some of the nicest people you can imagine, and from what we’ve seen, the preschool curriculum is fun and engaging.

Lila & Ezra's Mother

Pre-K Classroom

I love and absolutely trust the staff at Goddard. I know my daughter is safe, loved, cared for, and watched with the attention she deserves. I couldn’t imagine her being anywhere else. It makes me so happy to see that the teachers love their jobs, and the curriculum inspires me with more play and learning ideas at home. I feel so lucky we have her under their care.

Roselin's Mother

Infant Classroom

Clean facilities, friendly and caring staff, great enrichment activities.

Sloane & Grace's Mother

Preschool Classroom

Staff is friendly and caring. They are always happy to talk about your child.

Cassandra's Father

Preschool Classroom

The teachers, director, and owner have been so great. I love that even when Kieran has a teacher covering for his normal teachers on break, it's someone that he recognizes and knows already. Everyone is very caring. The facilities are pristine.

Kieran's Mother

Toddler Classroom

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