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Our Curriculum

The F.L.EX.® Learning Program - putting your child at the center of our approach - encourages your child's lifelong love of learning.


Based on academic research that states children experience the deepest, most genuine learning when they are having fun, The Goddard School’s F.L.EX. Learning Program (Fun Learning Experience) provides the best foundation for your child’s social and academic development. The program is designed to provide a well-rounded experience and ensure children become confident, joyful and fully prepared students. Four pillars support each activity.


To set the stage for each child’s individual achievements, trained teachers observe and assess a child's developmental accomplishments. These guidelines are based on research on how children learn best, state and national standards and results from national learning assessments.


Goddard School teachers plan fun, engaging activities that build upon what children can do, encouraging exploration and fostering self-esteem. We intentionally guide and extend a child's play to ensure children achieve key developmental milestones across these seven learning domains:

    1. Personal and social development

    2. Language and literacy

    3. Mathematical thinking

    4. Scientific thinking and technology

    5. Social studies

    6. Creative expression

    7. Physical development


Making learning fun is at the core of our program. Each day, highly trained teachers guide the children as they select activities and materials to explore and use creatively. Children will often want to learn more after engaging in playful, hands-on activities because they had fun.


Goddard School teachers also spontaneously adapt their lesson plans to include unique teachable moments that are inspired by the children’s interests. For example, if the lesson is on the solar system but the children are captivated by the rain falling outside, the teacher adjusts the lesson to focus on weather.


Our AdvancED- and Middle States-accredited program is based on the fact that your child has an individual learning style. The Goddard School’s professional teachers understand this, and they provide the nurturing and learning your child wants and needs to succeed.

Partnership for 21st Century Learning

The Goddard School’s relationship with the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21) puts us in the middle of the conversation about the skills our children need now and will need in the future.

P21 emphasizes the importance of life and career skills, learning and innovation skills and information, media and technology skills. P21 also promotes core subject material and 21st century themes, such as global awareness and financial, civic, health and environmental literacy. P21 believes that introducing children to the 4Cs (communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking) early in life allows them to become well-rounded individuals.

Partnering with this organization and introducing these themes and skills alongside the STEAM learning subjects (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) provides Goddard School students with the foundation for success in school and in life.

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