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Our teachers blend the highest standards in early childhood development with nurturing care.

Ms Alexis, Owner Ms. Alexis attended The Goddard School for after school care when she was a young child. She joined Goddard in 2013 and currently holds a BA in Liberal Studies with a minor in Education from Rowan University. She believes that the most important aspect of running a Preschool is the love and care provided to each family. "Being able to watch children grow from infancy to young, intelligent kindergartners, is one of the most rewarding parts of my job."

Ms Alexis

Ms Kelly, Owner Kelly and Fred opened the Goddard School in Laurel Springs in 2001. Their family as well as extended family has been able to successfully attend the preschool. They are passionate about Goddard and the philosophy behind the program. Fred and Kelly love to watch the children develop and grow throughout their childcare experience.

Ms Kelly

Ms Denean, Director Denean is our Executive Director who oversees all of our fantastic programs and has a BS from Thomas Jefferson University in Occupational Therapy. She joined Goddard in 2003 as an assistant teacher in the Toddler room and worked her way up to Director in 2007. Denean believes that if you foster a child’s confidence at an early age, they will continue through their academic career with a passion for learning!

Ms Denean

Ms Julie, Director Julie is our Director of Education who oversees all of our Educational programs. Julie has a BS from Kutztown University in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education, she also has her BS in Human Development and Family Studies from American Public University. Julie has previously worked at Goddard as an Lead Teacher. She has a passion for children's education and believes that all children should be given the same opportunities to develop and succeed in school and in life.

Ms Julie

Miss Debbie , Lead Teacher Ms. Debbie has worked with children for many years in different settings. She is a mother of three children and is currently pursuing her CDA Certification. Ms. Debbie loves to create a fun hands-on experience for all of the children in the First Steps classroom!

Miss Debbie

Ms Brianna, Lead Teacher Miss Brianna is the Lead Teacher in our Toddler classroom and has her Bachelors Degree in Psychology. She loves working with children. Miss Brianna has a wide array of interests including film. She brings her artistic passion to our school!

Ms Brianna

Ms Heather, Lead Teacher Miss Heather is the lead teacher in our Get Set classroom. She is currently attending Rowan University to obtain her degree in Psychology. Miss Heather enjoys working with children and would love to pursue a guidance counselor position. She loves working in our Get Set classroom. Miss Heather finds it very rewarding to watch children reach their goals especially in potty training. In her spare time, she loves traveling, reading, cooking, and watching movies.

Ms Heather

Ms Deanna, Lead Teacher Ms. Deanna joined Goddard in 2020 with an Associate’s Degree in Education and a Bachelor's degree in History. She is currently the Co-Lead Teacher in our Preschool class. Ms. Deanna has been working with Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten for over 15 years. She believes that children learn differently and as such should be taught in the best way that works for each individual. Children should learn though play, music, exploration, and they should be given the opportunity to experience new things in a safe loving environment.

Miss Samantha, Lead Teacher Ms. Sammi has various experience with children including two of her own. She is currently pursuing her CDA certification in early childhood. Ms. Sammi loves teaching preschool because she enjoys making a difference in each and every one of her students lives!

Miss Samantha

Ms Kristen, Lead Teacher Ms. Kristen joined Goddard in 2008 with an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Camden County College. Ms. Kristen is currently the Lead Teacher in our Preschool class. She adores working with children and teaching them new skills. Ms. Kristen enjoys watching them progress throughout their learning experience.

Ms Kristen

Miss Ann, Lead Teacher Ms. Ann joined Goddard in 2016 as the lead teacher in the Preschool classroom and currently holds an associates degree in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Ann enjoys working with children of all ages and feels that preparing children for social and academic success starts at a very early age.

Miss Ann

Ms Danielle, Assistant Teacher Miss Danielle currently attends Rowan University pursuing a dual major in Early Childhood Education, Literacy Studies, and a minor in Special Education. She enjoys working with children and always wanted to be a teacher. Miss Danielle loves incorporating STEAM in the classrooms.

Ms Danielle

Ms Erika, Assistant Teacher Ms. Erika is an assistant teacher in all of the classrooms. She is earning her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and is fascinated by children's social and emotional skills. Erika enjoys being able to help all of the children in her care, grow into confident learners.

Ms Erika

Miss Keisha, Assistant Teacher Ms. Keisha comes to the Goddard school with 20 + years of experience working with children in different settings. She finds that being a mother has prepared her to create a wonderful and nurturing environment for all of the babies in the infant room. Ms. Keisha enjoys working with children and watching them grow and reach their goals!

Miss Keisha

Ms Lydia, Assistant Teacher Ms. Lydia is an assistant teacher in our younger classrooms. She enjoys being able to assist in multiple classrooms and getting to know every child's individual personality. Lydia loves to teach her students socialization skills!

Ms Lydia

Ms Areli, Assistant Teacher Miss Areli is currently pursuing a degree in nursing. She is very passionate about working with children and helping them flourish. Miss Areli enjoys helping children to reach their goals through play.

Ms Areli

Ms Charlotte, Assistant Teacher Ms. Charlotte loves working with children in the toddler classroom. She finds that this age group is so unique and a crucial time in their early childhood experience. Ms. Charlotte enjoys bringing out the children's creativity each day through hands on activities!

Ms Charlotte

Ms Jessica, Assistant Teacher Ms. Jess comes to Goddard with childcare experience in various settings. She is the assistant teacher in the Get
Set classroom and enjoys working with every age group. "I just love how quickly the children in my class are able to learn and pick up on activities!"

Ms Jessica

Ms Isabel Christina, Assistant Teacher Ms. Christina is an assistant teacher in our preschool classrooms. She has many years of experience with children including taking care of her own. Ms. Christina's favorite part of the day is greeting her students and giving them all hugs!

Ms Isabel Christina

Miss Mary Ann, Assistant Teacher Ms. Mary Ann is an assistant teacher in our preschool classroom. She has many years of experience in Education as a Teacher, Assistant Principal and Principal. Ms. Mary Ann believes that all children should have a safe environment that is build on a foundation of fun and learning.

Miss Mary Ann

Ms Linda, Assistant Teacher Linda joined Goddard in 2002 and has experience working with children in a variety of childcare settings. She has a great love for children and believes it’s such a rewarding job to watch a child grow through their preschool experience!

Ms Linda

Ms Rita, Assistant Teacher Ms. Rita has a great deal of experience with children in the education field. She spends her mornings working with children at our local public school, and then spends her afternoons in our Pre-K classroom. Ms. Rita's warm and nurturing personality helps the children in her care develop great confidence.

Ms Rita

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