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Our teachers blend the highest standards in early childhood development with nurturing care.

Adrienne & Tim, Owners Adrienne and her husband Tim are the proud owners and onsite operators of the new Goddard School of Collegeville, PA. They reside in Collegeville with their toddler son, Flynn, and their Golden Doodle, Dixie.

Adrienne earned her BA with Honors in Psychology & Economics from Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Lynchburg, VA and spent a year studying at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Prior to becoming an owner of a Goddard School, Adrienne worked for ten years as a Senior Project Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Philadelphia where she managed the design and implementation of various professional development curricula for managers. She devoted the early part of her career working in our Nation's capital for The US Customs Service in various roles, and briefly ventured into the tech start-up world.

Tim lettered in baseball at LSU before being drafted into professional baseball by the Milwaukee Brewers. Tim spent nine years playing professionally in the US, Taiwan and Mexico. Prior to becoming owner of the Collegeville Goddard School, Tim worked in Finance as a Financial Advisor and Consultant for Morgan Stanley and Hartford Funds.

Recognizing the need and demand for a quality alternative to standard daycare, Adrienne and Tim decided to open The Goddard School of Collegeville. Very simply, their mission is to offer families the absolute best Preschool for early childhood development and childcare.

Adrienne and Tim thank you for the opportunity to share in your child’s growth.

Adrienne & Tim

Ms Jenna, Director EDUCATION DIRECTOR – Ms. Jenna graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies, with a concentration focused in Children and Youth. Ms. Jenna has been a Director at The Goddard School since 2016. Ms. Jenna is responsible for everything relating to education, curriculum and child development. She comes to The Goddard School with over 18 years of experience working with at risk teenagers, autistic children and working in the child care setting, as well as raising her own family. Prior to joining the Goddard family, Ms. Jenna spent over ten years as a Program Director for another child-care facility and oversaw the daily operations.

Ms. Jenna believes that early education sets the foundation for a child’s future and provides a strong base for life long learning. She feels that social development is one of the most important skills to assist children in becoming kind, compassionate, and respectful adults. Ms. Jenna enjoys getting to know each family here at Goddard and finds it important to make connections with families in order to collaborate about learning goals and planning for a child’s success in school.

Ms Jenna

Mrs Tara, Director Ms. Tara has been at Goddard school since we opened our doors in February of 2016. She has almost 30 years of experience working with children and has had 5 years previously in Management positions. Ms. Tara has a B.S. in Elementary Education with a concentration in Early Childhood and is a licensed teacher in the state of Pennsylvania. She has worked for the Spring-Ford Area School District for 10 years as a Per Diem and Long Term Substitute teacher while her children were growing up. Ms. Tara has a loving family of 5 that includes her children and her husband Curt.

Ms. Tara believes that every child deserves love, nurturing and a phenomenal education in a peaceful learning environment; that will build on a child’s strengths and help them to be the best version of themselves.

Mrs Tara

Ms Valentina, Assistant Director Ms. Val is a graduate of West Chester University where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Early Education, along with her PA Teacher’s Certification. Ms. Val taught 2 grade at Cole Manor Elementary School and spent time as a Kindergarten Reading Paraprofessional Assistant at Concord Elementary School. Most recently, Ms. Val served as the Director of the Upper Merion Township Adventure Day Camp, which served over 250 children ranging from ages 5 – 13 years old. Prior to her role as a Director, Ms. Val served as both a tutor and the Assistant Director of a Huntington Learning Center.
Ms. Val regards Early Childhood Education as one of the most critical times for a child’s social, emotional and cognitive development and recognizes how these early experiences can set the tone for a child to become a lifelong learner. Ms. Val believes that partnering with parents is equally crucial to ensuring a child’s early success as it allows us as educators to cater to each child’s individual needs and help them achieve their fullest potential.

Ms Valentina

Ms Emily, Lead Teacher Ms. Emily has been a teacher in our Infant program since 2018. She has over ten years of experience working with children of different ages through babysitting, working in child care as a Teacher in both Pre-K and Infants, and being a private Nanny.

Ms. Emily is a nurturing teacher and believes that it is important for teachers to create good habits to help children want to learn at a young age. She loves to connect with families and feels it is important to develop a special relationship with children and their parents to create a good support system. Children learn best when they feel loved.

Ms Emily

Ms Susan , Lead Teacher Ms. Susan has been with our Goddard School as an Infant Teacher since 2016. She has over 18 years of experience working with all age groups in different child care centers and while raising her own family.

Ms. Susan believes that the emotional, social, and physical development of young children has a direct effect on their overall development and the adult they will become. Education in the early years in these areas is most important for that reason.

She feels that teachers and parents provide a vital support system to help children flourish and they should partner in each child’s development and education to meet their individual needs.

Ms Susan

Ms Olisa , Lead Teacher Ms. Olisa has attended the Institute of Business Education and the University of Guyana. She is currently finishing up her Child Development Associate certificate and has been with Goddard since 2018. Prior to coming to The Goddard School, she taught in a childcare setting and babysat for five and a half years.

Ms. Olisa thinks that Early Education affects the overall growth and development of children throughout their lives. She feels that as a teacher, understanding the importance of teaching children social skills, helping with their physical development and how to handle their emotions, plays a large role in the people they become as adults. Connecting with families benefits all involved. When adults model positive interactions while communicating, children build trust, learn how to build healthy relationships, and communicate better. This type of healthy environment is one that children will thrive in!

Ms Olisa

Ashley, Lead Teacher Ms. Ashley is a teacher in our Toddler program and currently teaches in Shining Stars. She has a degree in Education in the Early Years from Montgomery County Community College and prior to joining our school she has had over 4 years of experience working in childcare and babysitting.

Ms. Ashley feels that early education is most impactful and sets children up for success in the future. She looks for children to succeed and strives everyday to meet their individual needs and nurture them.

She feels that partnering with families provides a support system for children. Having support is key to understanding a child’s needs and make their experience at school a great one.


Ms Meenakshi, Lead Teacher Ms. Meena is a teacher in our Toddler program. She has a Bachelor’s degree and is currently working on her Child Development Associate Certificate. She has over 13 years of experience working with young children, including her own and has over 4 years experience working in formal child care settings. Ms. Meena also volunteers her time to teach foreign language to children on the weekends.

Ms. Meena enjoys working with young children because she believes that early educators have a direct impact on a child’s overall growth. Investing in young children is important to maximize their future well-being.

Ms. Meena feels that it is an ongoing challenge for every educator to develop and enhance skills that will offer students the best possible learning experiences and opportunities, in school, at home, and in community settings. It is therefore essential that every effort be made to ensure that ongoing and effective communication and partnerships be established and maintained with families. She wants to understand each child’s needs and work with families to provide those needs.

Ms Meenakshi

Ms Laura, Lead Teacher Ms. Laura is currently working on her Child Development Associate’s credential and has an Associates degree from Montgomery County Community College. She is also attending West Chester University. She has been part of our faculty since 2017 and has many years of experience with young children through babysitting, tutoring, and working in a child care setting.

Ms. Laura believes that early education sets a strong foundation for the future by allowing children to problems solve, work in a group with peers, and learn to get along with friends of all different backgrounds and cultures.

She feels that connecting with families allows teacher and parents to be consistent with routines. It makes problem solving both easier at home and at school when a clear picture of the child’s home/school life is presented and everyone involved is aware of a child’s specific needs.

Ms Laura

Ms Hunter, Lead Teacher Ms. Hunter is a senior at Kutztown University working on her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, Special Education, and Social Work. Ms. Hunter has been a member of our faculty since last summer and has worked seasonally with all age groups as a Multi Classroom Specialist. She will be focusing her teaching talents in our Playful Patriots program this summer. Ms. Hunter also has ten years of experience working with children while babysitting.

Ms. Hunter feels that the early years are important in education because that is when a child’s brain is developing quickly and they will retain their learning during those years for most of their lives. She believes it is important to partner with families in order to understand the whole child and deliver a meaningful education.

Ms Hunter

Ms Mackenzie, Lead Teacher Ms. Mackenzie is currently attending Montgomery County Community College working towards an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She has four years of experience working with children including working here at our Goddard School and being a Nanny.

Ms. Mackenzie feels that early education lays a foundation for success later in a child’s life and it gives children the opportunity to get a head start learning about collaboration, problem solving, communication, and understanding their own emotions.

As educators, Ms. Mackenzie believes that we are given unique opportunities to create a home-away-from home for the children in our care. Partnering with families allows us to do this successfully and to provide consistency for our students.

Ms Mackenzie

Ms Mary Ann, Lead Teacher Ms. Mary Ann has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Bryn Mawr College and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona. Ms. Mary Ann came to our Goddard School this year with four years of experience working with children as an outpatient therapist and through her internships at Mercer Community Behavioral Health Center and Child Guidance Resource Centers/Autism Center of Excellence.

Ms. Mary Ann believes that early education builds confidence. It instills a sense of community and children have the opportunity to build positive peer relatinships in a structured yet fun environment.

She feels that a positive relationship between families and educators benefits a child’s success. It can provide recommendations and advice on techniques to improve a child’s engagement in school or at home.

Ms Mary Ann

Ms Sigal, Lead Teacher Ms. Sigal has over 13 years experience working with all age groups in child care and preschool settings. She has a degree in nursing, her CDA credential along with 15 credits in Early Childhood Education, and has been a Hebrew teacher since 1994.

Ms. Sigal loves to see children learn and grow and takes pride in helping them become eager learners. She believes that it is important to build strong and honest relationships with families and that the sharing of information helps to build a solid home/school connection.

Ms. Sigal has worked with children in many settings, including raising her own two children. She looks forward to growing as a teacher with the children and families in her care.

Ms Sigal

Ms Elizabeth, Lead Teacher
Ms. Liz is a teacher in our Friendly Franklins Preschool classroom. She is currently enrolled in a university where she is pursuing her degree. She also has her Child Development Credential (CDA) in Early Childhood Studies. Prior to joining our school, Ms. Liz worked at another childcare center for three years. She has experience working with children of all ages and cares for children outside of school on a part-time basis.

Ms. Liz feels that building the foundation for the early years of learning and expanding the comfort zones for children in early education will shape their future learning. She believes that the home and school connection is important to create consistency and ensure a well-rounded learning experience here at Goddard.

Ms Elizabeth

Ms Marissa, Lead Teacher Ms. Marisa

Ms Marissa

Ms Kyle, Lead Teacher Ms. Kyle

Ms Kyle

Ms Phoebe, Lead Teacher Ms. Phoebe is a teacher in our Pre-K program. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Ursinus College in Education and is a licensed teacher in the state of Pennsylvania. Ms. Keleher has over six years of experience working with young children through working as a private Nanny and here at Goddard.

Ms. Keleher believes that introducing children to not only a wide varety of curricula, but also fellow learners cultures and experiences, accelerates their growth and development. Learning through play enables them to do what they love while developing essential social and emotional skills and a passion for learning that will empower them to be life long learners.

She feels an educators job is to ensure that a child’s love for learning continues beyond the boundaries of the classroom. A partnership between families and teachers that is comprised of mutual respect and support ensures a positive outlook at home and school. She loves to hear about a child making a connection to something they have learned at school to something they are doing at home.

Ms Phoebe

Ms Joli, Lead Teacher Mrs. Groomes graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She is a licensed teacher in the state of Pennsylvania. Mrs. Groomes has been working with children for over thrity years and her experience includes babysitting, child care settings, public school, private school, home child care settings, and raising her own family.

Mrs. Groomes believes that a child’s early years lay the foundation for all that is to come. She strives to provide a positive experience which leads to her students performing better when they are at school.

One of her favorite expressions is “teamwork makes the dream work!” Parents are their child’s first teachers and Mrs. Groomes believes it is important to keep a child’s team (parents and teachers) communication open and what happens in either place should be shared to ensure a child’s success and give parents and teachers problem solving tools to work with.

Ms Joli

Mrs Jessica, Lead Teacher Ms. Fugelo has her Bachelor’s degree from Bloomsburg University and is a teacher in our Kindergarten program. She is a licensed teacher in the state of Pennsylvania. Mrs. Fugelo has experience working with all ages in child care centers, caring for her own family, and at Perkiomen Valley School District.

Mrs. Fugelo believes that for a child to learn through play, friendship, and experiences a teacher needs to have knowledge about all aspects of a child’s home and school life. Her goal is for every child to enjoy coming to school and for every child to feel safe in their environment so that they may love learning.

She feels it is important to get to know families in her class because she wants them to feel their child is in a safe and nurturing environment. Mrs. Fugelo enjoys discovering her students’ backgrounds and she strives for her classroom to feel like a second home to them.

Mrs Jessica

Ms Kathy, Assistant Teacher Ms. Kathy has been a part of The Goddard School family since 2018 and has over 20 years experience working with young children. She worked for Montgomery County in the Mental Health program and has also worked as an Administrative Accounting Assistant.

Ms. Kathy sees that children are always doing something to make us laugh and smile. She is proud of every child’s success and milestones reached. Ms. Kathy loves to be able to engage in play and sing with the children. She allows them to enjoy simply being children and to have fun while learning vocabulary, socializing, and making friends.

Communicating with the children and their families is a way that Ms. Kathy feels she can build a foundation for their future. By giving a loving and kind example, we will help them to achieve a healthy and rewarding life.

Ms Kathy

Mr Dylan, Assistant Teacher Mr. Dylan is a seasonal faculty member and is a teacher in the Creative Citizens class this summer as well as a Multi Classroom Specialist. He is currently enrolled at Penn State University where he is pursuing a degree in Psychology. Prior to joining our school he has lived and worked in a child care, as his mother was a Director and ran an in home childcare where he volunteered. This is Mr. Dylan’s third summer with us here at Goddard helping to run summer camp.

Mr. Dylan feels it is extremely important to start educating children early as they are already learning without intention. The early years are the greatest opportunity for a teacher to help a child’s brain develop in education.

He believes it is important to connect with families to inform them of their child’s education, but also to give opportunities for families to share what they hope their child will learn here and at home.

Mr Dylan

Ms Megan, Assistant Teacher Ms. Megan is a graduate of Bishop Shanahan High School and is currently attending West Chester University where she plans to graduate with a degree in Early Grades and Special Education. She has experience working with children for six years, through babysitting, being a Nanny, and working at various summer camps and in child care centers through her studies.

Ms. Megan believes that early education is the foundation for life and the path on which a child can grow a love of learning while understanding community and kindness. She feels it is the first opportunity a child has to learn from both teachers and peers and it is a teacher’s job to ensure that school is remembered from the earliest of days as a place where a child is safe and cared for.

She feels that family is the first teacher and it is important to connect and communicate because each teacher and family member sees something different. Teachers and families are the guiding forces in a child’s life and should work together to meet a child’s needs.

Ms Megan

Ms Kelsey, Assistant Teacher Ms. Kelsey

Ms Kelsey

Mr Alex, Assistant Teacher Mr. Frangoulis is a graduate of Villanova University and is currently attending Eastern University to obtain a Master’s in Early Childhood Education. Prior to joining our Goddard School, he was a Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Kindergarten Enrichment teacher at another school.

Mr. Frangoulis believes that teaching children means shaping the future and knowing that the values we teach in class will be directly reflected on our society. He feels that teaching is an act of love, hope, and peace. By teaching children effectively, we will make the world a better place.

He feels the most influential people in a child’s life are their family and their teachers. Partnering together helps to share a common goal of nurturing and education. Together we actualize on a child’s potential and foster a robust community of caregivers that children can trust and feel safe with.

Mr Alex

Ms Dawn, Assistant Teacher Ms.Dawn graduated from Cum Laude East Stroudsburg with a P.E./Health in Education degree. She has been the lead teacher for three and four years old for five years as well as written a curriculum for four years old at a local private school.

Ms. Dawn’s favorite book is, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, by Eric Carle. Her favorite songs are 80-90s music.

Ms.Dawn is also an author of the book, Victory Embraced Testimonial Books.

Ms Dawn

Mr Edan, Assistant Teacher Mr. Edan

Mr Edan

Ms Grace, Assistant Teacher Ms. Grace is a Multi Classroom Specialists in all our classrooms. Ms. Grace is in the 10th grade at Springford High School and is also attending the Western Tech School. She volunteers at her local church, as well as Petco and also works at Salters Ski Shop.

Ms. Grace believes that teaching with your heart, will reach the hearts of the children and has had a true passion for teaching since she was a little girl.

Ms.Grace enjoys dancing and song writing and really enjoys all the Dr. Seuss books!

Ms Grace

Joceyln, Assistant Teacher Ms. Jocelyn is currently a teacher in our Toddler program in Shining Stars and also teaches all ages as a Multi Classroom Specialist. Ms. Jocelyn started with us just this year as she finished and graduated from Spring-Ford Area High School. She will be attending Bloomsburg University in the Fall and continuing her career as a teacher there and here at Goddard as a seasonal faculty member.

Ms. Jocelyn has three years working with young children babysitting and she loves helping each child grow and thrive while at school.

She feels that it is important to include families in a child’s learning experience. Every family has different goals in education for their children and having them involved at school will help teachers to strive to meet those goals.


Mr Mike, Resource Mr. Mike, a graduate of Neumann University, has been a life-long musician and performer achieving local radio success as well as touring with national acts. His focus and dedication to instructing young musicians started over 12 years ago.

When he is not rockin’ with the students at the Goddard School, Mr. Mike can be found at Rock & Roll After School in Collegeville. As the Music Director at RRAS, he provides guitar, bass, and drum instruction to area students during the week, as well as coordinates Band, Pre-K and KinderRock programs on Saturdays.

Mr. Mike works closely with our faculty and staff to incorporate the school’s curricular goals into our music program thus helping to reinforce the children’s daily learning. Don’t be surprised if your children come home singing Mr. Mike originals such as, “Highway to Health!” (think AC/DC), “Share If You Care,” “Circle of Friends,” “Dance, Dance, Dance!” and “Solfege.”

Mr. Mike currently lives in Pottstown with his wife, Tracey; his daughter, Sage; their dog, Niko; and their cats, Guinness, Severus, and Seamus. He likes spending his free time relaxing in the Adirondack Mountains and experiencing life with family.

His favorite book is “Giraffe’s Can’t Dance” by Giles Andreae.

Mr Mike

Ms Paige, Resource
Ms.Paige is a graduate of Alvernia University where she earned her degree in Early Childhood Education (Pre-k - 4), with a minor in Psychology. Ms.Paige is currently working in the Phoenixville School District while pursuing a Masters in Reading Specialist (K-12). She assists in the school in the afternoons.

While at Goddard, Ms.Paige has had the pleasure of nurturing the education and development of children of various ages. Also, prior to working at Goddard, Ms.Paige has had a considerable amount of babysitting experience with all ages. She has known from a very young age that she wanted to be a teacher.

During the time spent in classroom, Ms.Paige has come to know and love many books and songs, but her favorite book, if she had to choose one, is “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear?” by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle, and her favorite song is “The Wheels on the Bus”.

Ms Paige

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