2021 Anthony A. Martino Scholarship Winner

  • About Teeba Furat Marlowe

    Teeba recently graduated from high school at Gilmour Academy with a 4.8 cumulative GPA. In 2008, she graduated from The Goddard School® located in Concord Township, OH. Teeba’s journey to The Goddard School is unlike that of many others. Born in Iraq, Teeba was 19 months old when a car her family was riding in drove over an improvised explosive device. The explosion killed her 3-year-old brother and left Teeba with third-degree burns over most of her body.

    Many doctors had fled Iraq in search of safety, which meant the students and volunteers at Red Crescent Hospital in Baghdad weren’t equipped to treat Teeba’s extensive injuries. Three years later, she was welcomed by an American family to receive medical treatment in the U.S.

    Though the language barrier and overall culture shock felt overwhelming, Teeba says that she was overjoyed when she learned she could go to school. Teeba was worried about what the other children may think of her appearance but didn’t let fear stop her from entering the classroom.

    “I walked courageously with my head high as I entered the preschool room. Mrs. Robinson was standing there with a massive, beautiful smile to greet me and introduce me to the other kids,” said Teeba. “I wish I could tell you what happened from here, but the truth is I was so engaged in play with the other students that the whole day went by in a second. In fact, all my years at Goddard went this way.”

    Teeba has continued to courageously face everything in her life and has accomplished so much over the past 13 years. She is a published author, a public speaker, an honorary youth ambassador of the Iraqi Children Foundation, a community volunteer and more.

    She will attend Miami University in Ohio majoring in microbiology with a co-major in neuroscience and minor in Spanish. She then plans to attend medical school, specializing in trauma operation and post-war brain function. Teeba hopes to eventually practice medicine in the Middle East, aspiring to return to the village where she was born to open a free medical clinic and orphanage for displaced children.

    The Goddard School wishes Teeba much luck as she follows her dreams! 

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