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Lead Teacher - Full Time

Posted: January 01, 2021

The Goddard School® in Strongsville is seeking enthusiastic and energetic Early Childhood Educators.

-Competitive pay
-Paid vacation and sick time
-Short Term/Long Term Disability
-Medical and Dental Insurance
-Professional Development
-Positive Family Work Environment

The Goddard School® is a renowned program with a play-oriented and project-based foundation and a leader in the franchised preschool industry which is growing and continues to set the standard for excellence. The focus of this program is to provide a life-long love of learning. Our staff is made of loving and dedicated teachers who understand each child’s needs. They are highly qualified educators who are able to use their creativity and the Ohio Early Learning Content Standards as the basis for unique lesson plans that are brought to life in a fun and imaginative way.


-Developing and implementing lesson plan activities that are appropriate to the child’s age and developmental level.
-Meeting the individual needs of the children.
-Professional parent communication.
-Participation in staff and training meetings.
-Designing an appropriate room arrangement to support the goals and developmental level of the children in the classroom.
-Interacting with the children to support play, exploration, and learning.
-Presenting expectations that are appropriate to the child’s age and developmental level.
-Supporting a team environment.
-Using assessment tools.
-Committing to continuing education.


-Bachelor's degree in early Childhood Education (or a child-related degree)

Knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices and ability to implement with children.
Passion for working with young children and their families.


Resource Teacher - Part Time

Posted: January 01, 2021

The Goddard School in Strongsville is currently seeking part-time Resource Teachers. A resource teacher at The Goddard School is responsible for helping to establish and maintain a safe, healthy and nurturing learning environment and assisting the classroom teachers. The ideal candidate will be understanding and attentive to student needs and be ready to become part of an amazing team.




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