Offering The Best Childhood Preparation for Social and Academic Success.

The love and commitment Goddard parents have for their children and their development inspires us to continually offer the best preparation possible.

Comments via a Third-Party Survey

Supportive Staff

Excellent and supportive atmosphere and staff!

- Lucy and Jude's Mother (Toddler Classroom)

Use of Technology

That the use of technology is integrated daily, with both learning and play.

- Nathan's Mother (Pre-K Classroom)

Quality of Teachers

Quality of teachers and educational process, including management of the school and technology use.

- Michael's Father (Toddler Classroom)

Great Curriculum

I like how the curriculum is geared toward academics and social skills. The students all have individual goals that they are working. They are using technology, such as the smart board to get them prepared for Kindergarten.

- Evan's Mother (Pre-K Classroom)

Phenomenal Staff

The curriculum is fantastic and my son learns so much each day that he retains! The teachers and staff are phenomenal!

- Landon's Mother (Preschool Classroom)

Degreed Teachers

I enjoy the staff and I think everybody is extremely qualified and personable. I like that the teachers have college degrees or are currently in college. I like that there is a calendar and a theme for each week. I like the detailed daily activity report that documents everything that my child is doing during the day.

- Blake's Mother (Infant Classroom)

Great Daily Progress Reports

I enjoy that I receive daily progress reports for my child. This helps me ask more in depth questions when talking to him at night about his day as well as continue what he learned in the classroom at home. I think that the way the Goddard School's structure of being creative in teaching children has helped my child have a better interest in learning.

- Chase's Mother (Pre-K Classroom)

Trustworthy School

Solid curriculum, good teachers, trustworthy establishment.

- Corinne and Bryce's Father (Pre-K Classroom)

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