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Ankur, Owner We are Ankur and Shreya Patel, the new, proud, on site owners of The Goddard School of North Aurora. We are proud residents of the Fox Valley and pride ourselves on being active contributors to the local community. Shreya has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from University of Illinois and a Master’s degree in Education from NYU. She is a proud High School Science teacher at Glenbard East High School in Lombard. She has taught children for the past 11 years and has experience working with children and families from many various backgrounds. She has her Illinois ELL Certification which has allowed her to work with students for whom English is a second language. Ankur has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and a Master of Business Administration – Real Estate degree from the University of Florida. Ankur has spent the past 15 years working in Corporate America and leading teams with many of the largest companies in the US such as Wells Fargo, Citibank, Merrill Lynch, and others. We have 3 young children, Arian (6), Niam (3), and Mila (2) whom we are happily raising here locally and our youngest two children, Niam and Mila, will be students at our school.


Miss Marianne, Director Miss Marianne is our School Director. She entered the field of Early Childhood Education in 1989 and has been with The Goddard School since 2008.

Miss Marianne

Miss Jenny, Assistant Director Miss Jenny is our School's Assistant Director. She has been in the field of Early Childhood Education since 1993 and with The Goddard School since December 2008. Miss Jenny has an Associate of Arts Degree from Harper College as well as an Early Childhood teaching Certificate. "Being able to make a difference in the life of a child is priceless. I love that I am able to give them the tools to learn and grow so early in life".

Miss Jenny

Miss Seferina, Lead Teacher Miss Seferina is the lead teacher in our Infant Classroom. She has been in the field of Early Childhood Education since September 2009 when she joined The Goddard School. She studied Early Childhood and has an Infant Toddler CDA. Seferina and her Husband welcomed their baby boy in the September of 2017. “I believe in the importance of early childhood education, and strongly believe that children learn best through play and exploration. They need many opportunities to explore this world they are growing up in and I am happy to give them those experiences”.

Miss Seferina

Miss Angela, Lead Teacher
Ms. Angela is the lead teacher in our First Steps Classroom. She graduated. with a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University, Majored in Nutrition and Dietetics, minored in Public Health.
She joined our team in December of 2017. She also works as a Sunday School teacher with children birth to twelve years old. “I've always enjoyed taking care of children while watching their different personalities shine. I enjoy helping them develop and grow from each stage. I have a passion for kids. I consider it both an honor and great responsibility to be a part in helping shape them into the person they will become”.

Miss Angela

Miss Lindsey, Lead Teacher Ms. Lindsey is the co-lead teacher in our Zebra classroom. She has been in the field of Early Childhood Education since 2007 and she first joined our team in August of 2013 and took a brief break and has since re-joined our family in April of 2019. left briefly. Ms. Lindsey is pursuing an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education from Waubonsee Community College. "I have 3 Children 2 boys and a girl. I enjoy watching them grow and learn to their fullest potential.

Miss Lindsey

Miss Raquel, Lead Teacher Miss Raquel is the lead teacher in our Kangaroo classroom. She has a Master’s degree in Psychology with a focus on Child and Family Studies from Northern Illinois University. She has been working in the early childhood field since 2013. She joined the Goddard Family in March of 2018. "I believe that children are co-creators of their educational environment. If they are interested they are more engaged and learn more. Children learn through teacher inspired activities/ planned activities as well as cooperative play. I am a mother of two: son, Jonah 5 years old, and Joshua who is 3 months old. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, dining out, watching movies, golfing, and going on vacations.
I look forward to getting to know all of the families at The Goddard school and working with your children!

Miss Raquel

Ms Taylor, Lead Teacher
Miss Taylor is the lead teacher in our Elephant room, she is pursuing an Early Childhood Degree from Waubonsee Community College. She joined the Goddard family in December of 2019 and has been working in the field since 2014. "I chose to work with children because I have 12 nieces and nephews. I have always been involved with children since I was nine years old. I have a natural love and strive for educating children of all ages. I enjoy seeing the children smile when they have learned something new. Seeing them so excited to show their parents/guardians their work at the end of the day always makes me feel like I am doing something right. I enjoy sports some of my favorites are softball, baseball and football. I coach my sons t-ball and soccer teams. I also love to sing, dance and hands on learning opportunities".

Ms Taylor

Miss Stephanie, Lead Teacher Miss Stephanie is the Lead teacher in our Giraffe Classroom as well as our director designee. She joined the Goddard team in February 2018. She has a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education from Ashford University. She has been working in the Early Childhood field since 1998. The reason she starting working in the field was because of her third grade teacher. She made learning fun and was very hands on. "She instilled a love of learning in me very early on and I want to do the same". Miss Stephanie is also our Teacher Mentor and Director Designee.

Miss Stephanie

Miss Konai, Lead Teacher Miss Konai is the teacher the Lead teacher in our Preschool Classroom, she joined the Goddard family in May of 2017. She has an associate's Degree in Elementary Education from Waubonsee Community College "My career in early childhood education started at my church. I helped in Sunday school and the nursery there when I was sixteen years old. In high school I really developed a passion for working with young children. I went to Waubonsee Community College and obtained my Associate's in Elementary Education. After that I was a nanny and tutor for a great family for a few years. Although this is the first center I have worked in, I've been working with children for a little over 10 years now. I pursued working in ECE because it's such an awesome and rewarding feeling to see kids growing, learning and being excited about it! The first few years of a child's life is very fundamental and will prepare them for years to come. I want to be a part of that process and help children enjoy learning new things."

Miss Konai

Miss Kelly , Lead Teacher Miss Kelly is the co-lead teacher in the Pre-Kindergarten Classroom. She joined the Goddard family in August 2017 but has been in the Early Childhood field since 2007, she took a leave of absence and rejoined our family in November of 2019. She attended Carthage and Rasmussan for her Early Childhood Degree. “I absolutely love working with children. Being able to see them grow and find learning fun is priceless. Along with my passion for working with children I am a strong supporter of epilepsy foundation and raising seizure awareness.”

Miss Kelly

Miss Tracy, Lead Teacher Miss Tracy is the Lead Teacher in our Pre-Kindergarten classroom. She joined the Goddard Team in February of 2018 and has been working in Early Childhood for over 13 years. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education from Illinois State University. She pursued her Early Childhood Teaching career after she adopted her son with special needs knowing she could no longer teach Special education and have the patience for her child at home . She knew she always wanted to work with children and loves watching their faces fill with pride when they figure out/learn something new.

Miss Tracy

Miss Elaine, Lead Teacher Miss Elaine is a co-lead lead teacher in our Lions preschool Classroom. She has been in early childhood since 1995. She Studied Early Childhood Education at Waubonsee Community College. She began working in early childhood because she wanted to make a difference in children's lives. She has two sons that are her whole heart along with her husband of 11 years.

Miss Elaine

Miss Sheryl, Lead Teacher Miss Sheryl is the Co-Lead teacher in our Lions Pre-Kindergarten Class. She went to Joliet Junior College and Waubonsee where she studied Early Childhood Education. She has been in Early Childhood for over 25 years. She joined the Goddard Family in January 2019. "I believe in learning through play, strong parent communication, and working with my team. I enjoy learning and implementing new curriculum".

Miss Sheryl

Miss Amber, Lead Teacher Miss Amber is a co-lead teacher in our School Age program. She joined our family in May of 2019 for the summer and then left in the fall to finish up her student teaching. She re-joined our team in November of 2019. She has a bachelor's degree in elementary education. "An essential part of teaching is to create a space for students where they feel comfortable to express their strengths and weaknesses, and at the same time be comfortable to grow and be challenged in order to benefit their hearts and minds towards learning.

Miss Amber

Miss Jodi, Lead Teacher Miss Jodi is the Lead Teacher in our School Age Kids Club. She joined our team in May 2017 and has been in the Early Childhood field since 2010. She is finishing up her Associates of Applied Science degree from Waubonsee Community College in December 2017. "Children are my passion. I strongly feel that all children deserve a safe, caring and proper education to foster all areas of their development. I enjoy the expression on a child's face when something I am teaching them clicks in their bright little minds! (: "

Miss Jodi

Miss Mychaela Miki, Assistant Teacher Miss Miki is the assistant teacher in our infant classroom. She joined our family in March of 2019. She came to us from another Goddard School and has been working in the field since 2018. "I believe children learn more in a fun relaxed environment. Keeping things fun grabs their attention while they are learning."

Miss Mychaela Miki

Miss Melissa, Assistant Teacher Miss Melissa is a teacher qualified floater on our younger side of the building. She began working for our team in October 2015. She obtained an Associates degree in Culinary Arts, a Bachelor's Degree in Business and a Masters Degree in Human Resources. She has been in the Early Childhood Field since 2014. "I believe children are a gift, I love reading, building, playing with them and teaching them manners, stretching their brains and exercising with them."

Miss Melissa

Miss Lauren, Assistant Teacher Miss Lauren is the Assistant teacher in our Elephant classroom. She has been in the field of Early Childhood Education since April 2011 when she joined The Goddard School. Ms. Lauren is currently pursuing a degree in Early childhood Education.

Miss Lauren

Miss Katie, Assistant Teacher Miss Katie is a teacher qualified floater in all of our classrooms. She joined our team in July of 2018. She is currently a Nurse for District 129 and comes to us in the afternoons. She has a MSN in Nursing and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Public Heath. She has been an early childhood educator since 2013. Her goal is to make a positive difference in children's lives through ensuring safety and promoting a variety of learning experiences. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her Family and friends. She also enjoys working as an RN specializing in allergies and asthma.

Miss Katie

Miss Lisa, Assistant Teacher Mrs. Lisa is a teacher qualified floater. She joined the Goddard family in January of 2019. She went to The College of Dupage and studied Elementary Education. She believes children are capable and eager to learn. Encouraging them to learn and providing them with a safe space for learning is important.

Miss Lisa

Miss Nicoleta , Assistant Teacher Miss Nikki is a floating assistant teacher that works in all of our classrooms. She only works in the afternoons as she is a health assistant for School District 129 in the mornings. She has worked in the elementary schools since 2005. "I feel good being able to equip children with the skills to be motivated and independent learners. It's also important for all children to feel valued and express themselves".

Miss Nicoleta

Miss Devin, Assistant Teacher Miss Devin is a part-time teacher qualified floater on our Pre-school side. She is pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education form Waubonsee Community College. She comes to us with over 14 years experience. She "I Strongly believe that children need to be spoken to with respect and care."

Miss Devin

Miss Linda, Assistant Teacher Mrs. Linda is a Teacher Qualified Floater for the whole school. She joined our team in August of 2016. I was born and raised in Metuchen, New Jersey. I am the oldest of three children, having a younger brother and sister.
I graduated from Cedar Crest College in Allentown, Pa where I double majored in four years. I attended Rutgers University during the summers to fit the extra courses needed in. My plan was to be a child advocacy lawyer. I majored in Sociology, Social Welfare and Elementary Ed with a minor in Psych.
I ended up forgetting about law school when I got my first teaching job, teaching sixth grade in Pennington, NJ.; right out of college. It has been my good fortune to have lived and taught in many places. Some of these include Virginia, Georgetown, Guadalajara Mexico, Nantucket Island, Pennsylvania, Barrington Rhode Island and the Jersey shore. I have taught Get Set, PreK, 4th-8th grades as well as managed my now ex-husband’s dental practice. Along the way I have had the opportunity to make and keep many new friends.
I love learning and have 22 credits in Special Education at the Masters level but have decided not to pursue it any further. Travel is a real joy of mine and I just love exploring something new. The Mediterranean countries are my favorites!
I am delighted to be living in Geneva and being able to call it my home. It reminds me of New England which I dearly miss. The absolute best part is that I am closer to my son and his family. I just love walking in and having my grandson smile when he sees me!

Miss Linda

Miss Kim, Resource Ms. Kim is our school's Chef and bus driver. She has been in the field of Early Childhood Education since January 2013 when she joined The Goddard School.

Miss Kim

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