6 Things To Look For in a Kindergarten Readiness Program

by Lee Scott, Goddard School Educational Advisory Board Member
Kindergarten students creating art on classroom wall

Kindergarten is an important, fun and rewarding step in a child’s educational journey, but starting kindergarten can be intimidating to a child who isn’t prepared for it. That is why it’s important to choose a preschool or pre-k program that fully prepares your child for kindergarten. A well-rounded kindergarten readiness program should accomplish the following: 

  • Build your child’s confidence through playful learning activities; 
  • Promote communication between the home and the preschool, which helps to establish a home-school connection. A strong home-school connection helps children have greater success academically, behaviorally and socially; 
  • Be taught by a credentialed teacher; 
  • Transition your child into a more structured schedule; 
  • Encourage your child to focus, manage time well and complete assigned tasks, which may include homework; 
  • Help you and your child adjust to kindergarten requirements, such as  completing work in a timely manner, being on time and attending school every day. 
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