Three Cute Craft Ideas for Fathers

Father and daughter color a picture on the floor of their home

When you hear the term Father’s Day, what is the first thing you think of? Does “new tie” come to mind? That is one of the most common gifts and has become a traditional purchase around Father’s Day. Instead of going with the same old gift though, enlist the help of your favorite artist – your preschooler! Dad will be more excited to have a hand-crafted gift from his little pride and joy rather than a store-bought present. Here are three cute DIY gift ideas for Dad.  

1. Pencil holder  

Gather a clean can or jar and some construction paper. Assist your child in cutting the construction paper to fit around the can and then help him glue the paper to the can. After the glue has dried, ask your child to draw pictures or place stickers on the can, encouraging his creativity. This is a great gift for Dad’s desk at work or at home.  

2. Stick photo frame  

For this activity, you will need wooden craft sticks and a lively photo of your little one with Dad. Glue the sticks in the shape of a square (this step should be assisted by an adult), leaving a large enough space for the photo in the center. Once the glue has dried, encourage your child to decorate the frame with stickers or a message such as “I love you, Dad!” Then tape the photo face-down to the back side of the frame and it is complete!  

3. Create a book about Dad  

On blank sheets of paper, write a statement about Dad on each page and ask your child to fill in the blanks. Depending on age, you can help your child with the writing portion of this step. Encourage your child to draw a picture that goes with the sentence on each page.  

Statements can include:  

  • “This is what my dad looks like”  
  • “The greatest thing about my dad is ________.”  
  • “My dad is best at _______.”  
  • “My dad’s favorite food is ______.”  
  • “My favorite thing to do with my dad is _______.”  
  • Bind the pages with staples or use a hole punch and bind the pages together by lacing ribbon through the holes.  


*An adult should oversee all activities. Activities may not be appropriate for all ages.  

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