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Our expertly trained and experienced teachers and staff blend the highest standards in early childhood education and development with nurturing care to help your child have fun while growing physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  •  Robbin


    Robbin and Rick Wells live on an organic farm where they raised their two children. Both are involved in McKinney community outreach and philanthropy, passionate about hospitality and education, and proud to be a part of The Goddard School family. Robbin received a bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University, a master’s in journalism from the University of North Texas, and a master’s in early childhood education from Texas Woman's University, where she is in the doctoral program for child development and early education. Robbin spent 25 years in customer service, sales, and marketing and served as a Trustee on the Lovejoy ISD School Board 2012-2019. Rick runs Wells Group McKinney, owner of Rick’s Chophouse, Harvest Seasonal Kitchen, and The Grand Hotel. Robbin and Rick launched The Seed Project Foundation in 2015 to help fund small ideas with big goals to promote sustainability in our community. Its donation farm, McKinney Roots, feeds thousands in our community each year.
  • Ms Christina

    Ms Christina

    Director of Education and Admissions
    Ms. Christina is the Director of Education and Admissions at our Goddard School. Ms. Christina joined our school when it opened in August 2019! She relocated to Texas in 2018 from California and noticed a new Goddard School opening around the corner from her home. She joined us after 8 years in early childhood with KinderCare in Mission Viejo, California. She has two young children and is thrilled to be continuing her early childhood management with our Goddard School. In 2009, Ms. Christina earned her Master of educational counseling. She was an NCAA Division II volleyball Letterman and loves the outdoors and sports still today. Ms. Christina is dedicated, resourceful, and goal driven. Our families love her engagement and customer service. Our teachers believe in her abilities and thrive on her positive energy. We are lucky to have Ms. Christina on our leadership team!
  • Ms Morgan

    Ms Morgan

    Assistant Director, Education
    Ms. Morgan is our Assistant Director of Education. Ms. Morgan prides herself in knowing every child and family at our school. She joined our company in 2015, first as the Lead Teacher in our toddler program, helping our little walkers explore the world and absorb as many words and phrases as possible as they learn to express themselves with words and through sign language. She led the Get Set class for a couple years before joining our University Drive location as lead resource teacher, opening the classrooms as we grew larger, managing the opening team, and reviewing lesson plans before stepping in as our Assistant Director. She graduated from McKinney High where she completed a program called “Ready, Set, Teach” and joined our Craig Ranch location in 2015. She earned her Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate in 2017 and has over 10 years experience working with children. Ms. Morgan’s bubbly, loving, and energetic personality is a true asset to the families in our care.
  • Ms Bailee

    Ms Bailee

    Assistant Director, Operations
    Ms. Bailee is our Assistant Director of Operations (& FUN). Ms. Bailee was raised in east Texas and earned her associate degree in early childhood with a minor in business in 2016. She returned to our company in 2020 after building her resume and starting her family anchored by a daughter she adores. With Ms. Bailee in charge of operations and leading our closing office team, our families are in loving hands. In her spare time, Ms. Bailee likes to "oil up" with her Young Living business and also runs a custom t-shirt company. Her favorite curriculum is language arts and dramatic play; she wants children to know they can dream outside of the box and explore. Life is an adventure with Ms. Bailee, and we're happy to have her on our team.
  • Ms Kristin

    Ms Kristin

    Resource Team
    Ms. Kristin is a Co-Lead Teacher on our Resource Team. Ms. Kristin helped us open our school in 2019 after several years in early childhood education. She is in her final semesters of college and is excited to be so close to earning her degree in education. You always see Ms. Kristin with a smile and can count on her laughter to lighten a room. She believes children are determined learners who need guidance and an opportunity to explore the world around them through play.
  • Ms Yogi

    Ms Yogi

    Infant Team
    Ms. Yogi is a Co-Lead Teacher on our Infant Team! Ms. Yogi has been in Early Childhood Education since 2008. She started out as a sub for public schools before joining the preschool world. Ms. Yogi was on our Craig Ranch team in 2010 and has deep ties in our Goddard community. She was born and raised in London, England, and moved to Texas 21 years ago. Ms. Yogi also runs her own bakery business designed for all dietary needs, and we are happy to support her passion. We are so lucky to have her knowledge and experience on our team to teach some of our youngest learners!
  • Ms Becky

    Ms Becky

    Infant Team
    Ms. Becky is a Co-Lead Teacher on our Infant Team! Ms. Becky holds an associate's degree in early childhood education and has more than 14 years in-class experience. She has worked with infants and toddlers, but her heart truly lives in the infant classroom. She lives in McKinney with her husband and two children and joined the McKinney Goddard team in 2010. Our families love Ms. Becky and know she's one of the most experienced infant teachers in McKinney. We are lucky to have her on our team.
  • Ms Becky

    Ms Becky

    Infant Team
    Ms. Becky is a Co-Lead Teacher on our Infant Team. Ms. Becky joins us with over 30 years of experience working with young children, it truly is where her heart is. She attended college at Eastern Illinois University where she earned her bachelor of science in education. Ms. Becky also finds joy in writing, specifically poetry. Now that her children are growing up she found herself missing the little stages and taking care of babies. We are so happy she found her way here to help the smallest of Goddard students.
  • Ms Kiyo

    Ms Kiyo

    Infant Team
    Ms. Kiyo is a Co-Lead Teacher on our Infant Team! Ms. Kiyo joined our infant team in 2021 after earning her Child Development Associate (CDA) and spending five years leading an infant classroom in Allen. She was raised in Japan and came to the USA in 1998; she's been married for 23 years and has two boys. She loves to paint, do Zumba, and decorate cookies and cakes. Her early childhood passion is with our littlest of learners, nurturing them and helping them grow during those first few critical months of brain development. She helps open and oversee both of our infant classrooms. She truly is an asset to our entire team!
  • Ms Temberlin

    Ms Temberlin

    Infant Team
    Ms. Temberlin is a Co-Lead teacher on our Infant Team. Ms. Temberlin joins us with an enthusiastic attitude for early childhood education. She has always loved working with children of all ages, but her heart lies with the youngest of them. Temberlin is originally from Guam, she grew up in Oklahoma, and now has found her home in McKinney! She currently is attending school at Collin College here in McKinney. In her free time she loves to dabble in photography and watching a good movie. Her favorite part about working with children is watching them learn, connect things, and grow in all areas. We are so happy Temberlin joined our team!
  • Ms Sheena

    Ms Sheena

    Infant Team
    Ms. Sheena is a Co-Lead Teacher on our Infant Team! Ms. Sheena earned her bachelor's in human services and began her career in early childhood soon thereafter. She is from Chicago but moved to Texas as soon as she could to get out of the cold! Ms. Sheena loves reading, but her passion is nurturing infants. She keeps our First Steps class vibrant and fun. She loves to dance and laugh with them, and her favorite thing is observing them develop their own little personalities and talking. With two adult children and three wonderful grandchildren, Ms. Sheena surrounds herself with love seven days a week! Her favorite books are by Dr. Seuss. Our babies are in loving hands with Ms. Sheena, and we are so thankful she found her way to us!
  • Ms Jennifer

    Ms Jennifer

    Toddler Team
    Ms. Jennifer is the Lead Teacher of our Toddler Team. Ms. Jennifer relocated to McKinney in 2018 and joined our school part-time to continue her work with early childhood. She taught 3-year-olds in Missouri City, Texas, for 16 years at Methodist Day School before staying home more than a decade with her own children. Ms. Jennifer's teaching philosophy emphasizes social skills and connecting with each child happily and compassionately. She joined us part-time as we grew our enrollment and quickly became a lead in our toddler program. You will find Ms. Jennifer right in the middle of any activity with the children, often times joining them on the floor or running on the playground. We are incredibly lucky to have Ms. Jennifer on our team helping to shape the foundation of learning for these students!
  • Ms Kristina

    Ms Kristina

    Toddler Team
    Ms. Kristina is a Co-Lead teacher on our Toddler Team. She is a native Texan growing up in Plano and moving to McKinney with her husband and two children who are now in elementary school. Ms. Kristina has more than eight years of experience in early childhood and will begin classes soon to earn her Child Development Associates (CDA). Ms. Kristina is always excited for the next adventure with the toddlers and is always ready to get messy and have fun!
  • Ms Bailey

    Ms Bailey

    Toddler Team
    Ms. Bailey L. is a Co-Lead Teacher on our Toddler Team. Ms. Bailey joined our school shortly after moving to Texas in 2021. She earned her bachelor degree in communication from San Diego State University while enjoying volunteer work with local park foundations and libraries. Ms. Bailey's passion for children comes from a love of learning and desire to nurture young minds through early childhood education. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, reading, and streaming her favorite dramas. Her favorite children's authors are Todd Parr and Dr. Seuss. We love Ms. Bailey and her California sunshine!
  • Ms Caitlin

    Ms Caitlin

    Toddler Team
    Ms. Caitlin is a Co-Lead Teacher on our Toddler Team! Ms. Caitlin graduated from Leonard High School, earned her associate's degree in arts from Collin College, and is a full-time student on track to get her bachelor's degree in business. She is from a small country town and lives with her family on their chicken farm. Ms. Caitlin has a very big family and being at a family-oriented school means a lot to her. Her shining personality and never-ending smiles are appreciated and loved at our school.
  • Ms Whitney

    Ms Whitney

    Toddler Team
    Ms. Whitney is a Co-Lead Teacher on our Toddler Team. Ms. Whitney worked with our Craig Ranch location for three years prior to having a beautiful baby girl. She rejoined our Get Set team in 2019 and specializes in getting children ready for preschool. From potty-training to fine motor skills and cognitive development, Ms. Whitney is always working on the social-emotional needs of each child while helping them get ready for reading and writing. Her smile is bigger than Texas, and the only place more loving than her classroom might be your arms!
  • Ms Nia

    Ms Nia

    Toddler Team
    Ms. Nia is Co-Lead Teacher on our Toddler Team. She graduated high school at the young age of 16 and attended Southern University. Ms. Nia decided quickly that she enjoyed teaching the most and just wanted to get some hands-on experience working as a preschool teacher. She now has more than five years of experience in early childhood education and could not be happier with her decision. Ms. Nia grew up with both grandmothers working in childcare for more than 25 years, so she found out how naturally it comes to her. She is excited to be in this busy Get Set class and guide our children as they prepare for preschool.
  • Ms Angela

    Ms Angela

    Toddler Team
    Ms. Angela is a Co-Lead Teacher on our Toddler Team. Ms. Angela returned to our school in 2022 after spending a year in the early childhood program of a public school where she honed her curriculum and classroom management skills. We are thrilled she found her way back to our school where her nurturing nature can gently guide our little learners through their social-emotional and developmental milestones. Ms. Angela's favorite book is Llama Llama Red Pajama, and she approaches every day with joy and smiles. She believes children absorb your energy and works hard to raise spirits and encourage a love for learning.
  • Ms Rosa

    Ms Rosa

    Preschool Team
    Ms. Rosa is a Co-Lead Teacher on our Preschool Team. Ms. Rosa joined our school in early 2022. She has more than 10 years of experience teaching preschool and prekindergarten. Ms. Rosa taught private prekindergarten during the pandemic to children who successfully transitioned to public kindergarten, a testament to her training and abilities to build a supportive, thriving learning environment. Ms. Rosa is one of 15 children, all born and raised in McKinney. She graduated McKinney High School in 2009 and threw herself into early childhood soon thereafter. Her favorite children's author is Dr. Seuss, and in her spare time she loves to hang out with her son and attend activities at her church. We are thrilled to have Ms. Rosa and her experience on our team!
  • Ms Nayeli

    Ms Nayeli

    Preschool Team
    Ms. Nayeli is a Co-Lead teacher on our Preschool Team! Ms. Nayeli joined our school in 2021 and is a bilingual resource to our entire school. She graduated from Little Elm High School, and prior to joining us, Ms. Nayeli was a Zone Leader with a local after-school program and earned her early childhood certificate there working with mix-aged groups. Ms. Nayeli found her home in Preschool 1 with our three-year-olds, who find themselves happy, loved, and having fun every day!
  • Ms Bailey

    Ms Bailey

    Preschool Team
    Ms. Bailey S. is a Co-Lead teacher on our Preschool Team! Ms. Bailey joined us with an amazing attitude and is consistently excited to be here helping children learn and grow. She earned her associate's degree of art and plans to go back to school to earn her bachelor's degree. Ms. Bailey knows her heart is with young children. She loves to help encourage curiosity and fully believes the process is always more important than the product. Ms. Bailey loves to get messy and have fun while teaching the children as they prepare for prekindergarten. Ms. Bailey's fun personality is such a great touch for the children in her care!
  • Ms Jessica

    Ms Jessica

    Preschool Team
    Ms. Jessica is a Co-Lead teacher on our Preschool Team. Ms. Jessica joined us after taking a break from teaching to raise her two children. Early childhood education is her passion, and she thrives in the classroom on her creativity and outside-the-box-thinking and lesson planning. Ms. Jessica and her family have lived in many different states and they are happy to finally have planted their roots in Celina. She attended the University of Oklahoma (Boomer!) where she got her degree in psychology and arts, and also has her LVN credentials. Ms. Jessica loves to travel and go on any adventure she can find being in the great outdoors with her family is her happy place!
  • Ms Gladys

    Ms Gladys

    Prekindergarten Team
    Ms. Gladys is a Co-Lead Teacher on our Prekindergarten Team. Ms. Gladys earned her associates degree in science but decided to use her love for nursing and nurturing with children. Ms. Gladys worked 10 years with children with special abilities before joining our school in 2021. She moved from Miami to McKinney with her family before the pandemic and loves our friendly city. In her free time, Ms. Gladys loves to go fishing with her family and read with her little girls; her favorite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Ms. Gladys believes every child is different and deserves to be unique in their own way and agrees that our job is to cultivate their genius and joy.
  • Ms Lottie

    Ms Lottie

    Prekindergarten Team
    Ms. Lottie is a Co-Lead Teacher on our Prekindergarten Team! Ms. Lottie joins us with more than six years of experience in the preschool world. She has worked with the majority of age groups but her heart lies with the older side. Ms. Lottie is currently attending Collin College working towards a degree in early childhood education. Her long-term goal is to be an elementary school teacher! Ms. Lottie loves all things art, and loves watching children enjoy the process of creation. She believes the process is way more important than the product, especially at these critical ages of learning. We are so excited to have Ms. Lottie on our team!
  • Ms Heather

    Ms Heather

    Jr. Kindergarten Team
    Ms. Heather is a Co-Lead Teacher in our Prekindergarten program. Ms. Heather joined our opening team in 2019 and helps our children get ready for Kindergarten. Prior to earning her associates of science from Collin College, Ms. Heather grew up in McKinney but lived in west Texas where she honed her customer service and teamwork skills. Ms. Heather is teaching in early childhood while she continues her education in kinesiology and psychology at UNT. Ms. Heather's favorite role is providing guidance and educational plans for all types of students to help them reach their potential on their early childhood journey. We're glad she's on this journey with us!
  • Ms Danielle

    Ms Danielle

    Jr. Kindergarten Team
    Ms. Danielle is a Co-Lead Teacher on our Prekindergarten Team. Ms. Danielle has experience with all age groups and holds a Child Development Associate (CDA) with several years of experience working with young children. She joined us in 2016 and is a perfect fit for working with children of all ages as she is energetic, loving, and fun. She has a passion for art, and we enjoy her creative abilities and unique ideas she brings to life in our classrooms.
  • Ms Cassie

    Ms Cassie

    Kindergarten Prep
    Ms. Cassie is a Lead Teacher on our Prekindergarten Team. Ms. Cassie has loved caring for and working with children for as long as she can remember. In fact, as a young girl she was given a shirt that said "Official Baby Holder"! Ms. Cassie earned her associate's degree in Child Development in 2014 from Collin College. She has been a mother's helper, a nanny, assisted with homeschooling, and has worked in toddler classrooms for several years. She loves working with young children, watching how they play, seeing their imagination run, and making learning fun. We're confident our kids feel special in any room Ms. Cassie is in!
  • Ms Faith

    Ms Faith

    Kids Club Team
    Ms. Faith is a Co-Lead Teacher on our Kids Club Team. Ms. Faith is pursuing her degree in human resources management at Texas Women's University and has been working in this industry for more than five years. Ms. Faith knew from an early age she wanted to work with children. She is the youngest of five kids, loves bees, plays the clarinet, and is passionate about nature and animals. What a perfect match for our oldest kiddos as they take charge and step into their leadership roles within our school. Ms. Faith's favorite flower is the sunflower, which is perfect because she radiates sunshine at our school every day!
  • Ms Kadence

    Ms Kadence

    Kids Club Team
    Ms. Kadence is a Co-Lead Teacher on our Kids Club Team. Ms. Kadence has always had a huge heart for children, and she was a nanny for more than four years. In high school, she was the vice president of their Teacher Association of Future Educators (TAFE) club! She is currently attending college majoring in business. Ms. Kadence is passionate about conservation and leads our gardening program. She moved to Texas six years ago from Oregon and loves our Goddard School team.
  • Ms Kenzie

    Ms Kenzie

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Kenzie is a Resource Teacher on our team! Ms. Kenzie joined us in 2022 as a resource teacher on our Toddler team and now supports the entire school. She graduated from Celina High School, and spent the summer nannying before joining us. Ms. Kenzie has had a passion for working with children for as long as she can remember, so she is using her experience here to kick off her college years and decide her major. We are so happy to have her on our team!
  • Ms Taylor

    Ms Taylor

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Taylor D. is a Resource Teacher on our team. Ms. Taylor works on a team that is agile and serves the needs of our youngest children and classrooms. She is majoring in kinesiology at TWU to become a physical therapist. She has five siblings, played competitive golf in high school, and tries to travel somewhere new each year. Her mom works in pediatrics and helped her realize her love for children and encouraged her to explore ways to build a career around children. Ms. Taylor is a ray of afternoon sunshine and brings her smiles and love to our children each day.
  • Ms Trushti

    Ms Trushti

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Trushti is a floating Resource Teacher on our Toddler team! Ms. Trushti joins us with so much excitement to build on her career in Early Childhood Education. She has always loved working with children and knew was going to make a career out of it someday. Trushti just recently graduated from UTD with a degree in psychology and child learning development. She is so excited to be here at Goddard and gain some real life, hands on, experience here. Her favorite thing about working with children is that they always keep her laughing and smiling, and she loves to watch them grow and develop into their own person. We are so happy Ms. Trushti on our Goddard team.
  • Ms Gabriella

    Ms Gabriella

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Gabriella is a floating Resource Teacher on our Toddler Team. Ms. Gabriella (or Ms. Gaby as she prefers!) joins us with an enthusiastic attitude for early childhood education. She currently is a student at McKinney Boyd High School. Ms. Gaby has worked with children through babysitting over the years and most recently being apart of MBHS Child Guidance program where she volunteers with the preschool located on campus. She found her way to our Goddard family in hopes to gain more experience and get her foot in the door as she pursues her education in early childhood education. We are so excited to be on this educational journey with Ms. Gaby!
  • Ms Sophie

    Ms Sophie

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Sophie is a floating Resource Teacher on our team! Ms. Sophie joins us with excitement to learn and grow in the early childhood field. She currently is a student at McKinney Boyd High School and plans to pursue her degree in early childhood education at Texas A&M University once she graduates high school. Ms. Sophie has lived in McKinney her whole life with her family and her three cats! She loves to play pickle ball with friends and enjoys watching sports on the weekends. She is very passionate about children and their education during these early years. We are so happy to be apart of Ms. Sophie's educational journey!
  • Ms Jade

    Ms Jade

    Resource Teacher
    Jade is a seasonal floating resource teacher at our school during holiday breaks and summer time as she pursues a career in pediatric physical therapy. Jade recently graduated college and finished her collegiate softball career. She always loved working with kids and watching them learn and grow -- her Mom is Ms. Jennifer, so we know she comes by early education naturally! Jade is pursuing her masters degree at Texas Woman's University, and we're happy to have her on our team as she continues her studies.
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