Our Teachers

Our teachers blend the highest education standards with nurturing care to help foster well-rounded child development.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  •  Mike & Megan

    Mike & Megan

    We are extremely proud to have recently opened The Goddard School in Spring House, Pennsylvania. We live in Maple Glen with our children Cael, Connor, Danny, and Brooke. We moved to the Philadelphia area as onsite owners of The Goddard School in Horsham where Cael and Connor were both proud Goddard graduates. Megan is joined at our Spring House school each day by Danny in the Get Set room and Brooke in the Pre-Toddler room — they love it, and we love being with them every day! Our family believes strongly in the education program the Goddard School offers and the health and safety assurance it provides. Our mission is to offer families the absolute best school setting for early childhood development and care. As we consistently strive to be the best, we welcome your feedback and your concerns. We are so grateful to be part of your child’s learning and development, and we appreciate your trust.
  • Ms Meredith

    Ms Meredith

    Director of Operations
    Ms. Meredith joined our Opening Team in 2023. Her son is a graduate of Goddard Horsham and her time as a Goddard Mom gives her a unique perspective while helping families. She holds a Bachelors Degree from Millersville University in Elementary Education with a focus on Science Education and is excited to share her love of STEAM with our students. Through her corporate career she gained valuable experience in personal and professional development which will help us grow a team of passionate and nurturing teachers. As our Director of Operations, Meredith is your primary point of contact for questions related to enrollment, medications, policies and procedures, and much more. She comes to us with her Goddard Director Development Training complete and with experience leading an operating school. Meredith loves the Life Lesson Library curriculum from Goddard as she believes there is a book for every reader. She cannot wait to hear what your little reader's favorite book is!
  • Ms Kelly

    Ms Kelly

    Director of Education
    Ms. Kelly joined our team in 2023, after working as a public school teacher for over a decade. Kelly has experience teaching students ranging in age from 2-14 years old in general education and special education settings. Ms. Kelly led professional development sessions for her peer teachers to ensure that what was happening in the classroom best served the needs of students and their families. She earned a Masters in Early Childhood Education from West Chester University, as she believes that a strong education starts with a solid foundation. As Director of Education, Kelly is responsible for ensuring that your child's experience is inclusive, engaging, well-rounded, and fun. Every child is different, and she will work closely with our teaching staff to ensure that each student is getting exactly what they need in order to succeed and grow into a passionate, lifelong learner. Kelly's daughter joins her at school each day in our Older Preschool Classroom!
  •  You


    NEW Lead Teacher!
    We would love to have you join our faculty as a Lead Teacher! Our school opened in September, 2023 and we will continue to grow and support nearly 150 local families. Our faculty is at the center of everything we do. This brand new building in Spring House, PA features a dedicated space for teachers to relax and plan in, and we prioritize scheduling, professional & personal development, and an inclusive family environment. Want to learn more? Check out our Job Listings above!
  • Ms Kathryn

    Ms Kathryn

    Infant Lead Teacher
    Ms. Kate was very excited to join our Infant Room in 2024! She moved to the Ambler area as an adult from her roots in Rhode Island and lives locally with her three children. Her youngest, Rosie, joins her each day in our Get Set Room. Kate has worked with students of all ages from Infants through 12th Grade! Most recently she was a Toddler Teacher and then Assistant Director before becoming a full time stay-at-home mom. She is thrilled to have found a supportive home at Goddard to continue her professional and personal development. Kate started her education with a Bachelors of Arts in Fine Arts, with a concentration in Art Therapy and Psychology. She recently achieved her Masters in Holistic Leadership and is currently pursuing a second Masters in Education. We are honored to benefit from her passion to her growth!
  • Ms Mary

    Ms Mary

    Infants Lead Teacher
    Ms Mary has watched The Goddard School of Spring House being built from the ground up, and as a Founding Faculty Member she has the privilege of shaping the education and care from the inside. Mary comes from a family of educators and has been teaching for many years from Infants through 12th grade and even English as a Second Language. With her vast experiences, Mary brings her love of reading, traveling, and nurturing to our youngest learners. As a Lead Infant Teacher, she implements an educational platform for students to explore and learn while getting the personalized attention and care to ensure they feel safe and loved at all times. Mary has almost completed her Master’s Degree in Education from Carin University and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Education and English. Mary enjoys spending time with her siblings, nieces and nephews, and even her great-nieces and nephews!
  • Ms Maureen

    Ms Maureen

    First Steps Lead Teacher
    Ms Maureen was our very first Founding Faculty Member at The Goddard School of Spring House. After spending time raising her 7 children into young adults, she is excited to return to the childcare setting. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Education from DeSales University. Maureen spent the early portion of her career in Elementary and Preschools. She quickly fell in love with Infants and we are fortunate to have her as our Lead First Steps Teacher supporting older infants as they transition throughout the school. She loves to see how her children continue to grow and make an impact on the world. She spends all of her spare time supporting and cheering for them and invites them home whenever they can join her. You’ll find her cheering for the Phillies and Eagles all season long and counts down to March Madness, so make sure to let her know if you’re a fan!
  • Ms Carly

    Ms Carly

    First Steps Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Carly joins our team as a Founding Faculty Member and a Founding Family, as her two younger children join her at Spring House each day while her oldest is at Kindergarten. They recently returned to the Ambler area, and Carly is excited to return to the classroom where she previously has taught Infants, One-, and Two-Year-Olds. Carly studied Early Childhood Education at Montgomery County Community College and will be continuing her studies as she obtains her Child Development Associate the Spring of 2024!
  • Ms Le'Shaun

    Ms Le'Shaun

    Toddler Lead Teacher
    Ms Le’Shaun (lay-shaun) is excited to be a Founding Faculty Member at The Goddard School of Spring House. She has worked in childcare for over 15 years and is continuing to work towards her degree in education. She is hoping to graduate from The University of Arizona’s Global Campus soon! Working with Toddlers, Le’Shaun loves to see their daily progress and growth with larger developmental milestones and smaller social-emotional opportunities. She knows there is nothing more rewarding than the look of excitement in a toddler’s eye when they realize they’ve done something new! Her two-year-old son joins her at school each day. When they aren’t at Goddard, they will often be crafting together and inviting family over to spend time laughing and baking. One day, Le’Shaun hopes to be certified in American Sign Language and a Speech Therapist!
  • Ms Samantha

    Ms Samantha

    Toddler Lead Teacher
    Ms. Sam has had many different teaching experiences throughout her live, and comes from a family of educators of all ages. She is thrilled to join the childcare setting for the first time and bring her infectious positivity to our Founding Faculty Member team. Sam has been a pillar of her Sunday School for over a decade, working with families and students weekly and building lifelong relationships. While attending Kutztown University, Sam received her BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design. You will see her skills at work throughout the school, and her teaching extends to showing fellow faculty members new creative technologies. Sam is excited to learn more about the Montgomery County area as she recently moved here from Lancaster. She loves to spend time with her cats working on creative designs for her Etsy Studio, as well as creating gifts of love for her close friends and family. Sam is working to earn her Child Development Associate in the Spring of 2024!
  • Ms Alexandra

    Ms Alexandra

    Toddler Lead Teacher
    Ms Alex has worked with women and children throughout her career and after hearing wonderful things about The Goddard School she, and her daughter, joined our Spring House team as a Founding Faculty Member and Family. Alex loves having an opportunity to work near her daughter. Alex has always been interested in education. She has had the opportunity to provide support and care for mothers in recovery and her time there invoked her passion for supporting their children as well. As a Toddler Room Teacher, Alex is able to provide personalized care for the children and also explore her interests in the creative arts and art therapy. In the Spring of 2024, Alex is continuing her education and learning more about teaching by earning her Child Development Associate. She is glad to have the supportive community at The Goddard School to help her with this transition and personal growth!
  • Ms Hannah

    Ms Hannah

    Toddler Assistant Teacher
    We were excited to add Ms. Hannah to our Infant & Toddler team in 2024! After working in management and service, Hannah was looking for a new career that would allow her to make a more direct impact. She fell in love with Early Childhood Education and gained valuable experience working with the Montessori methods. Hannah is currently completing her Bachelor's from Chestnut Hill College in Early Childhood Education with a focus in Montessori. She is very excited to learn from our classrooms and faculty while completing her final few semesters. Ms. Hannah's passion is with the youngest students, and she loves seeing them learn a new word, crawl and walk for the first time, and begin to develop their own love of learning. Hannah lives locally with her husband. They moved to the Philadelphia area from Florida recently and are excited to join our community at The Goddard School!
  • Ms Melonia

    Ms Melonia

    Toddler Lead Teacher
    Ms Mel has over twenty years of experience teaching in the Early Childhood space. By joining The Goddard School of Spring House as a Founding Faculty Member she brings a wealth of experience to a fresh start to benefit our students and teachers alike. She has earned her Associate’s Degree in Liberal Studies from Montco and is exploring her options to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Education in the future. She loves to spend time with students, and outside of work, exploring nature and spending time with the Earth. As a Lead Toddler Teacher, Mel has plenty of opportunities to explore and loves to help answer the question “why” all day long! Mel has a very close family and her two school-aged boys keep her busy! They can often be found at a local park or playground. As a lifelong local resident, she knows all of the fun places to visit!
  • Ms Kathleen

    Ms Kathleen

    Toddler Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Kathleen joined our Toddler Team shortly after we opened and has loved watching out two-year-olds transition into the next phase of their journey. Kathleen was very excited to begin working for The Goddard School after spending more than 15 years in other Early Childhood Education settings and as a Camp Counselor. Her past experiences and calming personality make her the perfect teacher for students who are new to a childcare setting and looking for a safe and nurturing grownup to trust. Kathleen is continuing her education in the Spring of 2024 by earning her Child Development Associate. She loves that The Goddard School focuses on learning through play, as that is how she learns best too!
  • Ms Chloe

    Ms Chloe

    Get Set Lead Teacher
    Ms Chlöe loves the spontaneous and creative instincts of children. She is so happy to have found The Goddard School at Spring House and joined the team prior to opening as a Founding Faculty Member. Growing up as the oldest of 8 siblings, she is a wonderful team player and addition to our Toddler Team. Chlöe has continued higher education in childcare and is finalizing her Child Development Associate. As a busy mom to two young boys, she models hard work and passion on a daily basis. Chlöe is fluent in American Sign Language and uses it to help communicate with her younger, non-verbal students. Her family of explorers is always up for something new! They love to find new places to investigate or lay in the grass and see why they can find in nature.
  • Ms Carole

    Ms Carole

    Get Set Assistant Teacher
    Ms Carole is a born caregiver. As a Mother of two grown children and after her career as a Nurse, she was thrilled to find a local opportunity to explore childcare. As a Founding Faculty Member at The Goddard School of Spring House, Carole supports our Get Set classroom as the students transition from our Toddler to our Preschool programs. Carole was drawn to The Goddard School by the opportunity to build relationships with children, their parents, and a new faculty. She loves to watch Toddlers learn and grow, and finds at least one moment a day to really laugh with the students. Carole has her LPN and spent her first career as a Nurse in local nursing homes and as a hospice intake coordinator. Outside of school, Carole can be found with her dogs, her neighbors dogs, or any dog she comes across. Her husband and children are so happy she has found a new passion and purpose for her lifelong calling of caregiving.
  • Ms Imani

    Ms Imani

    Get Set Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Imani joined our team in 2024 after spending time weekly in our school in the Fall supporting a local student. Through observing classrooms and our school community, she wanted to be a part of our growth and started with us in January! Imani has grown up in a caregiving household and has had many opportunity to support families. As an Assistant Teacher in our Get Set Classroom, Imani's calm demeanor and ability to have fun in any situation make her the perfect match for our two-year-olds as they transition classrooms. Ms. Imani also supports the Infant Classroom and loves building relationships with new families and their babies. Currently Imani is studying at Montgomery County Community College. She hopes to use her experiences at The Goddard School to help her in the future as she explores a career in Social Work.
  • Ms Aliyah

    Ms Aliyah

    Preschool Lead Teacher
    Ms Aliyah has always dreamed of teaching in her own classroom and is honored to have an opportunity to do so for the first time as a Founding Faculty Member at The Goddard School of Spring House. She recently graduated with her Bachelors Degree in Education from Arcadia and is already hard at work to earn her Masters Degree in Literacy Studies from there as well. Aliyah is excited to build our new team, and brings her experiences from student teaching, mentoring, and tutoring to everything she does. She loves to help students grow creatively and wants to help empower them to be forces of nature in the world. By leaving a loving and lasting impact with her students, Aliyah hopes to see their growth continue well into the future. In addition to teaching, Aliyah would like to create a baking business in the future and get additional Pastry Arts training. She loves to bake for others and spends time with her mother, godchildren, and friends as much as she can.
  • Mr Shane

    Mr Shane

    Preschool Assistant Teacher
    Mr. Shane is a born educator who is beginning his teaching journey as a Founding Faculty Member. He remembers fondly the incredible teachers who shaped him throughout his years and has loved opportunities to mentor others and instruct art classes locally. Shane is incredibly collaborative and brings true dedication and teamwork to everything he does. As an Assistant Preschool Teacher, he takes any opportunity to work with students to express their thoughts and emotions as they explore the world and become more confident in themselves. He is not afraid to get messy with art and he also loves to explore digital art forms and music. Shane looks forward to his continued growth in education and also planning for his future. He enjoyed his education at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia after graduating from Upper Dublin High School. He is always looking for travel recommendations around the world, and wants to own a home for his future family!
  • Ms Terra

    Ms Terra

    Preschool Lead Teacher
    Ms. Terra is returning to The Goddard School community by joining the Preschool classrooms in Spring House in 2024! She has been educating, mentoring, and molding little minds since 2011 after growing up in the Ambler area and nannying for 6 years. Prior to coming to The Goddard School, she was a lead Pre-K teacher, building greeter, and front desk manager at another child care facility. She recently finished my Bachelors in Early Childhood Education from Chestnut Hill College and officially graduates in May 2024! Terra considers it her duty and pleasure to keep your children safe and academically engaged. She believes in teaching our young minds life skills including manners, self-help and independence, natural consequences, and how to find joy in each day through play, exploration, imagination, and enthusiasm! We are so excited to have her on our team!
  • Ms Yana

    Ms Yana

    Pre-K Lead Teacher
    Ms Yana (yawn-nah) has been teaching for more than a decade, and has had opportunity to teach in South Korea, Thailand, Russia, and throughout the United States. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree while at home in Australia and recently completed her Master of Arts in Education from Relay Graduate School in New York. Her growth continues as she joins our Founding Faculty as the Lead Pre-K Teacher. With a variety of experiences, Yana was searching for a new teaching opportunity that allowed her to continue building relationships with her students and families that also allowed her to spend more time with her family. Her three-year-old son joins her at school and she loves seeing his growth at The Goddard School. Yana loves to imagine with her students and explore how they interpret the world. In fact, one day she would love to write a children’s book! Her family loves to read, cook, and bake together and they like to explore the local restaurant scene!
  • Mr Brady

    Mr Brady

    Pre-K Assistant Teacher
    Mr. Brady joins our Founding Faculty at The Goddard School of Spring House as the Assistant Pre-K Teacher. With many years of experience as a nanny for local families, he is excited for the opportunity to broaden his impact in a childcare setting. Through his time at The Please Touch Museum, he understands the importance of nurturing inquiry in young learners. Brady loves to perform, and has been in many local musical productions in addition to the shows in the Tri-State area his band showcases in. You are sure to see his theatrical side come out as he offers many Dramatic Play opportunities to them during the day. Mr. Brady is very excited to earn his Preschool Level Child Development Associate in the Spring of 2024!
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