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Our teachers blend the highest education standards with nurturing care to help foster well-rounded child development.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  •  Michelle


    Miss Michelle graduated from Kutztown University and is the director here at The Goddard School. Michelle feels that one can learn something new each and every day in a preschool setting. She also loves learning about how a preschool is operated on a daily basis. She believes children learn best through hands on learning experiences. In her free time, you can find Miss Michelle hiking, fishing and jumping rocks at St. Peters village. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends.
  •  Ambyre


    Assistant Director
    Miss Ambyre is the Assistant Director here at the Goddard School. She loves educating and learning right alongside the children. She enjoys watching the children learn and teaching them new things. Miss Ambyre believes children learn best when they are given a fun, safe environment where they are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them.
  •  Madison


    Lead Teacher - Honey bees
    A member of our Goddard family since 2023. Miss Maddi is earning her associate degree at Reading Area Community College studying Health Science. She has five years of experience in childcare and took Early Childhood Education classes throughout her high school years. She picked teaching because she loves helping children learn new things. She loves to see kids progress and reach their milestones. Her favorite children’s Book is, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.
  •  Amber


    Assistant Teacher - Honeybees
    A member of our Goddard family since 2023. Miss Amber is the assistant in the Honeybee's classroom. She has had the joy of help raising her niece for the past three years. She has learned that watching and helping the little ones develop is a rewarding experience and wants to include that in her career. Right now, Miss Amber is working on getting her CDA so that she can go back to school and get her associates. Over the past years she found that working with children is her passion. Eventually she sees herself running her own classroom. Her Favorite childhood book is, Goodnight Moon.
  •  Chloe


    Assistant Teacher - Honey Bees
    Miss Chloe is the assistant teacher in our Honey Bees classroom. Miss Chloe has been in numerous preschool classes throughout high school at BASH. Miss Chloe thinks that children learn best with a hands-on experience. In Miss Chloe’s free time, she likes to spend time with her kitten and loves art.
  •  Ashley


    Lead Teacher - Playful Penguins
    A member of our Goddard family since 2022. Ms. Ashley has been in the childcare field since 2018. She has worked with infants through 24 months since being in a professional setting. Ms. Ashley has a teaching license in the technical trades but, her love for teaching is with littles! Ms. Ashley loves to watch the children learn as they continue to grow. Her favorite children's book is I am a Bunny.
  •  Vanessa


    Lead Teacher- Barnyard Buddies
    Miss Vanessa has been a member of our Goddard family since 2023. Miss Vanessa has worked in childcare for six years and will be graduating this May of 2024 with her Associates in Early Education from Montgomery County Community College. She has been a flex staff here at Goddard and worked in most rooms from the younger side to the older side. Her future goal is to stay here at Goddard and one day lead a class. She is excited to pursue her career in Early Education and ready to teach young minds to learn through play. Miss Vanessa’s favorite children’s book is “Oh the Places You Go!” by Dr. Seuss.
  •  Angeleen


    Assistant Teacher- Barnyard Buddies
    A member of our Goddard family since 2022. Miss Angeleen is our assistant teacher in Barnyard Buddies. She's in the process of obtaining her CDA and is looking to continuing her growth in early childhood education. She has experience with helping raise her 5 siblings even though she is one of 8 and has enjoyed helping them grow. Miss Angeleen helps with activities and shares new ideas for our Barnyard Buddies class. Miss Angeleen feels it is best to learn from our own emotions and every day is a new experience. Miss Angeleen enjoys seeing her students grow and feels it's rewarding to have the opportunity on seeing how each and every student thrive in their own ways. Her favorite children's book is, Bears on Wheels.
  •  Alison


    Co-Lead Teacher - Happy Hoppers
    A member of our Goddard family since 2021. Miss Alison graduated from Montgomery County Community College in 2020 with an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education. Before Goddard, she spent three summers as a camp counselor, which is where Miss Alison developed her passion for working with kids. She believes that children learn best through experiences and praising good behaviors. Miss Alison wants to help all those who enter her classroom to become the best versions of themselves. Her favorite children's book is, Guess How Much I Love You.
  •  Kaitlyn


    Colead Teacher- Happy Hoppers
    A member of our Goddard family since 2022. She graduated from West Chester University in Fall 2023 with her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. Miss Kaitlyn used to babysit before coming to Goddard. Miss Kaitlyn started as a part of our flex staff at Goddard and is now our colead in Happy Hoppers. Miss Kaitlyn hopes to one day have her own classroom in an elementary school. She looks forward to her future as a teacher and helping children learn and grow. Miss Kaitlyn’s favorite childhood book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.
  •  Hannah


    Colead Teacher - Jungle Cubs
    A member of our Goddard family since 2023. Miss Hannah has previously worked in a childcare setting for 2 years as the two-year-old teacher and also worked at another child center for 2 years. She has come to Goddard school to pursue her career as a teacher. Miss. Hannah believes that children learn best through meaningful hands-on experience. She is also currently pursuing her CDA credential in Infant- Toddler development. Her favorite children's book is, The Little Blue Truck.
  •  Jason


    Colead Teacher- Jungle Cubs
    A member of our Goddard Family since 2021. Mr. Jason attends Kutztown University and majors in history with plans to one day become a history teacher. Mr Jason has worked with ages 2-8 and loves learning about their interests. He believes that reading to his students is key and loves the interactions reading time brings out. Her favorite children’s book is, Pete the Cat.
  •  Jackie


    Lead Teacher- Kind Kangroos
    A member of the Goddard family since January of 2019. Miss Jackie has 15 years of experience in childcare and has completed her CDA. She has worked with all age groups, and for the last several years has been lead teacher of the Happy Hoppers and Kind Kangaroos. Miss Jackie believes that children learn best in supportive environments and that education should also be fun. Her goals are to ensure that every child receives the individual attention they deserve. Her favorite children's book is, Love You Forever.
  •  Sarah


    Assistant Teacher - Kind Kangaroos
    A member of our Goddard family since 2023. Miss Sarah has former experience nannying over the years, caring for children as young as a few weeks as well as school age children. Sarah has always wanted to work in childcare. She developed a love for teaching and caring for children at a young age, while helping her mother who had a few babysitting jobs at the time. Sarah loves to bring music into the classroom and believes music is very helpful when teaching and learning. Her favorite children's book is, Pinkalicious.
  •  Sarah


    Lead Teacher - Salty Sea Turtles
    A member of our Goddard family since 2020. Miss Sarah attended Kutztown University to study elementary education and special education. She also has her Pennsylvania state teaching certificate for grades pre-k through fourth grade. Her clinical experiences include third grade general education and kindergarten/first learning support in Reading School District as well as student teaching in southern Lehigh School District. Her favorite children's book would be the Mr. Putter and Tabby books and the Henry and Mudge books
  •  Monica


    Lead Teacher - Charming Cheetahs
    A member of our Goddard family since 2022. Miss Monica has her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development that she received from California State University Dominguez Hill. It is also where she worked on campus for 2 years in a toddler classroom as an assistant teacher. She moved to Pennsylvania in 2022 and began working as a lead teacher at Goddard. Miss Monica strongly believes that children learn best with hands-on activities in a safe and caring environment. Her favorite children’s book is, Everyone Poops.
  •  Kailyn


    Assistant Teacher - Charming Cheetahs
    A member of our Goddard family since 2022. Miss Kailyn been working as a childcare teacher for 4 years. She worked at another center before joining Goddard. She obtained her CDA (Child Development Associate) Credential back in 2021 and is currently in the process of getting my Associate in Education. She believes that children learn best with hands on experience in a safe environment with guidance along the way. Her favorite children's book is, Corduroy.
  •  Angelina


    Lead Teacher- Evergreen Elk
    A member of our Goddard family since 2022. Miss Angie has been working with children since 2015. She feels children learn best when they are listened to. She also thinks they learn through play. She's currently enrolled to obtain her CDA. Teaching has become even more important to her now that she has her own baby. Teaching is something she loves doing because she is not only teaching the children, but they are also teaching her new things. Her favorite children's book is The Kissing Hand.
  •  Daniel


    Assistant Teacher - Flex
    A member of the Godard family since 2021. Mr Daniel believes the best learning is one where the children are encouraged to try things out and not be afraid to make mistakes. Having watched a lot of children move up through the school into the oldest classrooms is one of his favorite parts of the job. Knowing that he helped them learn and have fun along the way is one of the most rewarding parts of his job. One of his fondest memories is teaching a group of students how to play Chess. His favorite children's book is Dargon Rider.
  •  Mariama


    Flex Teacher- Honeybees
    Miss Mariama is one of our flex teachers. She is happily married and has a daughter. Miss Mariama loves children and enjoys taking care of them as well as helping them to grow. Miss Mariama loves spending time with family and friends in her spare time.
  •  Cheyenne


    Flex Teacher
    A member of our Goddard family since 2023.Miss Cheyenne has enjoyed working with preschoolers for the past three years during high school at BASH. She has come to the Goddard School to gain more experience and knowledge about little ones, before she goes off to become a preschool teacher. Miss Cheyenne is currently enrolled in Montgomery County Community College, majoring in Early Childhood Education and minoring in Special Education. Miss Cheyenne thinks that children learn best in a safe environment while actively engaging with their peers. She also believes that it is best for children to learn using their cognitive and interpersonal skills. Her favorite Children’s book is, It’s Okay to Be Different.
  •  Christa


    Miss Christa is one of our teachers here at the Goddard School. She graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in December 2021. She has a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Sciences with a double major in Psychology and Art. Miss Christa believes learning is not linear, children learn in many different ways and at their own pace. Miss Christa enjoys watching the wonder of learning in children’s eyes. She believes that the best environment for children to learn is where they're given the freedom to explore the world with supervision. In her free time, you’ll find Miss Christa exploring the outdoors. Or just relaxing in a hammock reading a good book.
  •  Dawn


    Flex Teacher
    A member of our Goddard Family since 2019. Miss Dawn graduated with a bachelor's degree in education from Temple University in 2003 and has been working in the childcare industry for over 20 years. She is part of the Flex staff and gets to work in all the classrooms with all of the children. She loves seeing all of their smiling faces everyday. Her favorite children’s book is, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  •  Hayley


    FLEX Teacher
    Miss Hayley is part of the flex teachers at Goddard. Although Miss Hayley is new to our Flex Staff, she was with us as an assistant & lead teacher previously for a few years. Miss Hayley loves incorporating new and exciting lessons. She loves engaging with the children and getting to watch them learn new things. Outside of Goddard, Miss Hayley loves being a mom and being outside.
  •  Angelina


    Assistant Teacher - SALTY SEA TURTLES
    A Member of our Goddard family since 2024. Miss Ang is new to childcare but has experience in babysitting family friends and family members for the past 6 years. She is also a 2023 Boyertown High School graduate and has taken early childhood education classes during her time there. She feels it is important that a child learns as they grow based on the love and respect they are provided with. In the future, Miss Ang sees herself working in Social Work or Human Services. Preschool is Miss Ang’s favorite age to teach because this is the age where they start to see their personalities develop. Her favorite children's book is, Princess and the Pea.
  •  Madison


    Flex Teacher
    A member of our Goddard family since 2022. Miss Madison is currently attending Kutztown University working towards a bachelor's degree in both Special Education and Early Elementary Education. She has enjoyed gaining real classroom experience in addition to her babysitting experience. She believes students work best when in a kind, safe, and loving environment. Her favorite children's book: is, Pinkalicious.
  •  Morgan


    Assistant Teacher
    A member of our Goddard family since 2023. Miss Morgan has worked with kids since she was 15 and has found a deep passion in teaching and shaping the younger minds of the generation. Her experience ranges from working as a teacher in a preschool, to also being paraprofessional in life skills for the school district. She is well versed in childcare as well as behavior management. She hopes to one day find a career in working in behavioral therapy, and special education for kids who may learn differently than others. Morgan believes that the bonds that are created with students are once in a lifetime, every teacher is a bridge in which they invite the students to cross in order to one day create their own bridge into the world. Her favorite children's book is, Love You Forever.
  •  Gillian


    Assistant Teacher
    Miss Gill is a member of our FLEX Staff here at Goddard. She is currently in her third year of college at Cabrini University, studying Early Childhood Education with Special Education. Miss Gill began working with us at the start of 2020. She believes that children learn best by having constant support and love both inside & outside of the classroom. Miss Gill loves seeing the kids grow at every different age level. Her favorite childhood book is Oh the Places You'll Go.
  •  Katerine


    Flex Teacher
    Miss Kat has previously volunteered in local elementary school for 2 years before coming to Goddard. She came to Goddard to learn more about childcare and how to create bonds with students. Kat is currently enrolled in Cheyney University where she is majoring in Education. She believes that every child has the ability to learn with the right guidance.
  •  Nicole


    Assistant Teacher
    A member of our Goddard family since 2024, Nicole chose to work with us to gain experience in a school setting. She is currently going to school for psychology and social work and plans to work with children in the future. One day Nicole hopes to become some form of school social worker. She wants to focus on pre-K and elementary age students. Nicole believes Goddard will give her a better understanding of how to help children in the future. Her Favorite Children’s Book is Green Eggs and Ham.
  •  Ashley


    Assistant Teacher
    A member of our Goddard family since 2024. Miss Ashley has previously worked in a childcare setting for 2 years working with all age groups. Miss Ashley would like to get her CDA and continue her education with an associate degree. Miss Ashley believes children learn at their own pace and are all unique in their own ways. Her favorite children’s book is, A Bad Case of Stripes.
  •  Emma


    Assistant Teacher
    A member of our Goddard family since 2024. Miss Emma is currently working towards her Bachelor's degree in Chemistry at Bloomsburg University after her 2023 graduation from BASH. She has worked in a nanny position with three young children varying in age from infant to 7 years. Miss Emma has been employed as a nanny for the same family for 5 years and continues to enjoy working with children. She is now bringing her experience over the past years to join the Goddard School in hopes to continue to broaden her knowledge within the childcare field. Miss Emma feels that having this type of working experience is important and aspires to help children in their growth before her future endeavors in the science community. She believes children have the ability to learn best through hands-on education and the significance of guided exploration. Her favorite children’s book is, Are You My Mother by P. D. Eastman.
  •  Reagan


    Assistant Teacher
    A member of our Goddard family since 2024, Miss Reagan went to Berks Career & Technology Center for Early Childhood education and spent 3 years working in the Head-start program. She believes that children learn best when they are doing hands on activities with other classmates and teachers in the room. Miss Reagan will be going to college in the fall at RACC and transferring after two years to Kutztown for Psychology to become a Counselor. Her favorite childhood book is the Pout Pout Fish.
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