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Our expertly trained and experienced teachers and staff blend the highest standards in early childhood education and development with nurturing care to help your child have fun while growing physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  • Mr Jay

    Mr Jay

    Education: Jay holds a B.A. from Duke University, where he majored in Economics and Public Policy. He also holds a J.D. from Duke University School of Law. Experience: After 21 years of practicing law in Atlanta, Georgia, and Washington, D.C., Jay decided it was time for a change. Becoming the Owner of The Goddard School® located in Sandy Springs allowed him the opportunity to combine one of his loves -- children -- with one of his dreams -- running his own business. Jay's top priority is making sure the parents take comfort in knowing their children are being nurtured, educated, loved, and, above all else, protected. Jay is actively involved in the classrooms and the day-to-day operations of the school. Having three of his children, Jay recognizes the need and demand for a quality alternative to standard childcare. Affiliations: Jay is a past Vice President and former Member of the Board of Directors of the Georgia Child Care Association.
  • Ms Thonja

    Ms Thonja

    Operations/Human Resources
    Education: Thonja holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She has received her Director Certification from Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, and she holds a Technical Certificate of Credit from Atlanta Technical College in Early Childhood Care Program Administration. Knowing things change constantly in the childcare field, Thonja has continued her education. Experience: In 2007, after spending nine years in the legal profession, Thonja started her childcare career as an after-school teacher for 25 students. Shortly thereafter, she was asked to assume the role of Assistant Director. While serving as Assistant Director, Thonja fell in love with the administrative aspect of childcare. Thonja joined the Goddard family in May 2008 and taught in the classroom for a few weeks before being promoted to the Director of Education.
  • Mrs Noemi

    Mrs Noemi

    Education: Mrs. Noemi attended Antelope Valley High School in California. She is currently working on her Child Development Associate Credential. Experience: Mrs. Noemi has two children. She stayed home with them for four years before joining The Goddard School in Sandy Springs in July 2010. She enjoys being a part of the Goddard family! During this time, she has worked with all age groups from infants, toddlers, preschool, and school-aged children. She has taught Spanish to students ages one and up. Mrs. Noemi has been a dependable guide and trainer for new faculty at our school. Philosophy on Teaching: Mrs. Noemi states, "Children are our future. Therefore, a teacher should take their time and teach them what they need for life. My philosophy is that children are unique and have different learning styles. I can make a difference by providing the children with a loving and safe learning environment."
  • Mrs Diana

    Mrs Diana

    Director of Admissions
    Education: Ms. Diana graduated from Woodstock High School in Woodstock, Georgia. Experience: Ms. Diana had taught in Infants and Toddlers as well as raising three children of her own. She has been with the Goddard family since October 2010. Philosophy on Teaching: Ms. Diana’s philosophy on teaching is to make educational activities fun by playing games to keep the children interested.
  • Ms Rubi

    Ms Rubi

    Administrator- Resource
    Ms. Rubi pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at Georgia State University. She also received her Technical Certificate of Credit in Early Childhood Care and Education Basics from Southern Technical College. Ms. Rubi has been with the Goddard family since May 2014. She has worked with an array of age groups since 2011. She completed an internship at a childcare center in East Point, Georgia. After her internship ended, she was offered a full-time position at that childcare center. Ms. Rubi became a lead Toddler teacher and has loved working with children. Ms. Rubi believes that every child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere where they can grow emotionally, intellectually, and physically.
  • Ms Amy

    Ms Amy

    Administrator- Resource
    Ms. Amy received an Associate of Arts Degree from Florida Junior College and currently has her Child Development Associate Credential. Before working at Goddard, Ms. Amy worked at Saint John Children’s Development Center for twenty- three years and worked at Crème de la Crème for about four years. Ms. Amy believes it is important to foster a sense of fun and creativity in children to create a desire for learning. Ms. Amy also believes it is important always to maintain control of the classroom because children need constant direction to form learning habits.
  • Miss Paris

    Miss Paris

    Infant 1
    Ms. Paris graduated from James Madison High School. She has three-plus years of experience as a nanny. Ms. Paris believes that children grow and learn through the help of their teachers. She also mentions that she enjoys watching them achieve their milestone.
  • Ms Elimary

    Ms Elimary

    Infant 2
    Ms. Elimary attended Unidad Educativa Instituto "San Jose" Hermanas Dominicas in Venezuela and obtained her high school degree. She then received her Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management and Education. She has more than 13 years working with children. She has experience working with various age groups. Ms. Elimary worked at a primary, middle, and community college in Venezuela. She also worked for the municipality as a chronicler. Ms. Elimary believes engaging with students in an ongoing process of self-exploration is imperative. Love and respect always be pedagogical practices. She enables students to recognize that their needs, desires, and wants are motivated for learning.
  • Mrs Maria Isabel

    Mrs Maria Isabel

    First Steps
    Mrs. Maria Isabel obtained her Bachelor of Science from E.U. San Pablo School and obtained her law degree from the University of Zulia. She says her best experience has been with her daughters because they taught her to develop patience that she was unaware of before. With them, she learned that before teaching children to read, you have to help them learn about love, empathy, and kindness. Mrs. Maria Isabel believes that education requires values, patience, and love.
  • Ms Dana

    Ms Dana

    Young Toddlers
    Ms. Dana has received an Associate Degree in General Studies from East Georgia State College in Swainsboro, Georgia. She graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. Ms. Dana gained experience with children as a student worker at East Georgia State College, where she worked for The CHOICE Program. She continued to grow in her studies and entered into the education field as a Substitute Teacher K-12 for Emanuel County Board of Education. Ms. Dana believes that education breeds confidence, and confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace. Her goal is to support children in feeling confident in learning in an independent, structured, loving, and fun environment.
  • Miss Amie

    Miss Amie

    Young Toddlers
    Ms. Amie graduated from Benjamin Banneker High School. She is currently attending Georgia State University and pursuing a degree in Biology. Ms. Amie has been with the Goddard School as a summer camp counselor. Her experience has encouraged her to become a full-time assistant teacher in the young toddler classroom. Ms. Amie believes that every student has the potential to achieve by giving the proper educational strategies, materials, and assistance. She also mentions that it is the responsibility of the teacher to motivate students to work hard and pursue academic advancement.
  • Mrs Esmeralda

    Mrs Esmeralda

    Young Toddlers
    Ms. Esmeralda graduated from Colegio Williams San Rafael in Mexico City. Ms. Esmeralda has gained experience from working with children at Kipp Woodson School in Atlanta for two years. She also has three children of her own. Ms. Esmeralda believes a classroom should be a safe place for children to express themselves and where they come to learn and grow into wonderful human beings.
  • Ms Dora

    Ms Dora

    Young Toddlers
    Education: Ms. Dora graduated from Coretta Scott King High School in 2022. Experience: Ms. Dora gained experience with children by working in Kids Time. She also has babysat for numerous families. Philosophy on Teaching: Ms. Dora believes that children are capable of more than what we give them credit for. When given structure, positive encouragement, and opportunity, children can grow to be the best of their abilities. All they truly need is love and support!
  • Mrs Mayra

    Mrs Mayra

    Education: Mrs. Mayra received an Associate of Arts in Social Communication and Journalism. Experience: Mrs. Mayra taught dance and art to children from 3-7 years old in Colombia for two years and is a mother to a one-year-old. Mrs. Mayra is excited about teaching Toddlers this school year. Philosophy on Teaching: To provide a safe, comfortable, stimulating, fun, and educational environment, provide early intervention and support for knowledge of various activities and experiences to enrich learning and promote individual growth.
  • Ms Jacquelin

    Ms Jacquelin

    Education: Ms. Jackie graduated from Riverwood High School in 2020 and is currently pursuing her Child Development Associate Credential (CDA). Experience: Ms. Jackie has gained her experience from working in another childcare faculty for two years with ages infants to pre-kindergarten. Philosophy on Teaching: Ms. Jackie believes that children are capable of more than what we give them credit for. It's important to embrace a learning environment that allows them to feel comfortable and safe to express themselves and explore their full potential.
  • Ms Jamilah

    Ms Jamilah

    Get Set
    Education: Ms. Jamilah received her Associate of Applied Science in Human and Social Services. Experience: Ms. Jamilah worked as a registered behavior technician for children with autism. The experience has taught her that learning is a spectrum and that every child learns differently. Philosophy On Teaching: Ms. Jamilah believes that students should learn through experience. She will aim to create experiences in the classroom that are authentic as possible to mimic real-life applications of knowledge. All while having fun!
  • Ms Marian

    Ms Marian

    Co-Lead Teacher: Get Set
    Ms. Marian attended Thomas R. Proctor High School. She graduated with a regent’s diploma and is working on receiving her Child Development Associate Credentials (CDA). Her experience comes from having a big family, from babysitting her siblings to her cousins. She then led to babysitting for friends and neighbors. While living in New York, she worked at Upstate Cerebral Palsy, an agency specializing in children & adults with special needs. There, she gained experience working with special needs kids whose ages ranged from 10 to 21 years old. Ms. Marian then moved to Atlanta. In 2021, she became part of the Goddard family. She believes patience and hard work can lead children onto the right path. She mentions that teaching is a learning process for teachers, students, and parents. Ms. Marian aims to bring a positive attitude and an open mind to her classroom.
  • Ms Maureen

    Ms Maureen

    Early Preschool
    Ms. Maureen holds an Associate's degree in Criminal Justice from the Community College of Philadelphia. She also holds a Bachelor's degree in Justice from The American University, Washington, DC, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. Ms. Maureen has over 26 years of experience in early childhood development. She operated her own in-home daycare in Alpharetta, Georgia, from 1989 to 2001. Ms. Maureen believes that children learn best through play and positive role models. By coordinating work at home and in school, students will receive a superior education.
  • Ms Jiselle

    Ms Jiselle

    Co-Lead Teacher: Early Preschool
    Education: Ms. Jiselle received her Technical Certificate of Credit in Early Childhood Education from Southern Crescent Technical College. Ms. Jiselle is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing at Georgia State University. Experience: Ms. Jiselle worked as an Assistant Preschool teacher at another childcare center from 2011-2013. She became a co-lead teacher in the Pre-K classroom from 2013-2014 and taught Spanish in the Pre-K Classroom. She has been with The Goddard School since April 2014. Philosophy on Teaching: Ms. Jiselle believes that learning occurs when children are in a safe, happy, and positive environment.
  • Ms Kristin

    Ms Kristin

    Preschool 1
    Ms. Kristin graduated from the University of Georgia. She has experience with children by nannying, tutoring, and being a school photographer. Ms. Kristin's philosophy on teaching is to be gentle, kind, and curious.
  • Mrs Vickie

    Mrs Vickie

    Preschool 2
    Education: Mrs. Vickie obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Communications from the University of Noreste Tampico in Tamaulipas, Mexico. She is currently working on obtaining her Child Development Associate Credential. Experience: Mrs. Vickie worked previously as an assistant teacher in the Toddler classroom at Tabula Rasa in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and as a Civics and Ethics teacher at Colegio Mexico (a private middle and high school) in Mante Tamaulipas, Mexico. Ms. Vickie also has experience working in social media for Radiorama in Tampico in Tamaulipas, Mexico. Philosophy on Teaching: Mrs. Vickie seeks to motivate her students to reach their highest potential. Her goals are to create a pleasant, respectful, and honest environment for students to be eager to participate and learn. Ms. Vickie believes it is important to incorporate practical applications as part of her teaching strategy.
  • Ms Wakuna

    Ms Wakuna

    Co-Lead Teacher: Preschool 2
    Education: Ms. Wakuna attended City-As-School and obtained her high school diploma. She is currently pursuing her Child Development Associate Credential. Experience: Ms. Wakuna has 14 years of experience working as an early childhood educator and as a daycare Provider in Brooklyn, New York. Philosophy on Teaching: Ms. Wakuna believes that as an early childhood educator, she is responsible for providing young children with positive learning experiences. She strives to model respect, patience, and care for children and adults with whom she comes in contact. She also believes that it takes a village to raise a child.
  • Ms Alexandra

    Ms Alexandra

    Ms. Lexi has an Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Art with a Concentration in Art History. She grew up in a home that was also a family daycare. She learned how to change a diaper and take care of children at a very young age. Ms. Lexi also grew up as a competitive swimmer and swimming coach. Since becoming a mother, she has found a renewed passion for Early Childhood Education and has been teaching at a Preschool for over two years. She believes that educating our youth begins with compassion, kindness, and love. As a teacher, she prides herself on instilling these values while maintaining a consistent, structured, and fun environment.
  • Mrs Mansi

    Mrs Mansi

    Mrs. Mansi has obtained a Master of Technology. She has six-plus years of experience with children. Mrs. Mansi believes teaching is the best way to change the future and the world.
  • Ms Tamia

    Ms Tamia

    Ms. Tamia graduated from North Carolina Central University, with a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development and Family Relations. Ms. Tamia has five years of experience working with children in summer camps and after-school programs. Ms. Tamia thinks each child is unique and should be in a stimulating, loving, and nurturing environment that will allow them to explore their uniqueness while contributing to their mental, physical, social, and emotional growth.
  • Mrs Sylvia

    Mrs Sylvia

    Teacher Trainer
    Ms. Sylvia has a Child Development Associate Credential (CDA). She is fluent in Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, and proficient in French. Mrs. Sylvia studied Foreign Languages for two years at The University of Comenius in her native country of Slovakia. She is currently studying Spanish. Mrs. Sylvia has been working in early child development with young children, from infants to preschoolers, since 1996. In addition, she worked as a nanny for many years. Mrs. Sylvia has been with The Goddard School in Sandy Springs since 2010. She came to us with a wealth of experience. Mrs. Sylvia is dedicated and committed to caring for and educating young children. Mrs. Sylvia believes learning should begin early for students. To develop a lifelong love of learning, we encourage each child’s individual development through fun and playful activities.
  • Ms Estefany

    Ms Estefany

    Ms. Estefany graduated from Dunwoody High School in 2022. She has gained experience from taking early childcare courses in High School and caring for her baby cousins. Ms. Estefany has always been passionate about developing our future-specifically babies and toddlers. Her biggest accomplishment is developing close relationships with parents and customizing learning experiences for children by paying close attention to growth patterns. She has been regarded for her ability to connect with parents and children.
  • Ms Paige

    Ms Paige

    Ms. Paige graduated from John Dewey High School. She is currently attending Georgia State University and pursuing a Biology Degree. Ms. Paige worked for three years in an after-school program and as a camp counselor in the summer, interacting with children of various ages. She believes that a love for learning can be encouraged by creating a nurturing environment where children know they can make mistakes, explore, and ask questions.
  • Mr Vance

    Mr Vance

    Substitute Teacher
    Education: Mr. Vance received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science with a Minor in Creative Writing from Georgia State University. He then returned to Georgia State University to earn a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Experience: Mr. Vance spent one year working as a 5th-grade reading tutor for AmeriCorps. During his first year of graduate school, he was a student teacher for a 2nd-grade class. During his second year of graduate school, Mr. Vance began working for Dekalb County as a 1st-grade teacher for three years. He also spent one more year teaching Kindergarten for the county and then moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to teach 2nd-grade reading for a private charter school. Philosophy on Teaching: Mr. Vance believes that each child should be listened to and respected in the classroom. He states, “The ideal classroom creates many successes, facilitates new learning, and uses positive reinforcement to help children self-identify as well-behaved learners.”
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