Our Teachers

Our teachers blend the highest education standards with nurturing care to help foster well-rounded child development.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  •  Sarah


    Ms. Sarah has been a part Owner at The Goddard School in Walton Park since 2023. She began her career at our school in 2019 as the Director of Education. During her career with Goddard, which began in 2006, she has taught almost every age. She obtained her Child Development Associates in 2011. Ms. Sarah enjoys working with children because she values the imagination and heart that they have. Her favorite part about working with students and families is working towards building relationships with them, both educationally and personally. During her time away from school, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and two children who attend Goddard. Together they like spending time outside & traveling! She also enjoys reading and volunteering with different organizations in the community.
  • Mr Ted

    Mr Ted

    Mr. Ted is one of the owners here at The Goddard School in Walton Park! He has been a proud Goddard Franchise since 2005. Mr. Ted has his Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from Hampden-Sydney College and his MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University. Mr. Ted can think of no other work environment that is more fun and rewarding than a Pre-School. He believes that young children are always happy and eager to learn. He feels that it is extremely gratifying to know he is providing a safe, happy, and educational program that allows parents to walk out of his school with peace of mind.
  •  Christina


    Ms. Christina has been with us since 2018. She earned her Associates degree at Brightpoint Community College and has spent her years with us teaching the Toddler and School-Age classrooms before joining our admin team. Christina believes that being able to connect with children and families makes this the most rewarding job in the world. She says, "I love the Goddard community here at Walton Park". In her spare time, Christina has passion for animal rescue and is on the Junior Council at Richmond Animal League. She also enjoys reading, crafting, and spending time with her family and friends!
  •  Debbie


    Ms. Debbie joined our school in 2017. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Family Life and Child Development at Radford University. Her natural passion for children began at an early age, as she is the oldest of 8! She has worked in public schools, as both a Kindergarten Assistant and as an Instructional Assistant, as well as teaching pre-school. She shared, “I always knew that my happy place would be working with children in some capacity. I’ve learned so much from their little minds over the years and am reminded daily how incredibly special each and every child is to us.” Ms. Debbie loves being by the water and enjoys playing tennis, running and practicing yoga in her free time.
  •  Blair


    Assistant Director
    Ms. Blair joined our school in 2021. We welcomed her as an Assistant Director in June of 2024! Since first joining us, she has gone from a part-time resource teacher to a full-time Pre-Kindergarten Lead teacher! She studied education at Longwood University for 4 years and is now finishing her degree through Arizona State. Ms. Blair says, "Teachers have the best job. We get to encourage, advocate, and inspire. Although I am the one teaching, I learn something new from my students every day. Every child that walks through my door holds a special place in my heart." When not teaching, you can find her attempting to grow plants in the garden with her husband, painting, or sitting on the couch with her dog and a good book!
  •  Whitney


    Infant Lead Teacher
    Ms. Whitney has been working in our Infant Room since 2017 and looks forward to the excitement each new day brings. She says, “I believe teachers love sharing knowledge. I especially enjoy helping children achieve milestones and adore watching them grow and develop over time.”
  •  O'Kary


    Infant Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Kay has worked with children in a childcare setting for over sixteen years. In 2008, she started working at The Goddard School with the infants. She loves working with infants because they depend on her to take care of them and she loves doing so. The infants keep a smile on her face and she tries hard to keep a smile on their face as well! Outside of work, she enjoys spending time her family, including her two children, her step-son, and her beautiful grandson.
  •  Krystin


    Infant Assistant Teacher
    Meet Ms. Krystin! She is a part of our amazing infant team. Ms. Krystin has worked with children for many years and began working at The Goddard School in 2016. She feels privileged to take care of infants and watch them grow as individuals. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family & friends and cooking.
  •  Tracy


    Assistant Infant Teacher
    Ms. Tracy joined our school in 2023 and is excited to be a part of the team! She loves the curiosity of children and watching how proud they are when they learn new things. Ms. Tracy is a big baseball fan and loves being close to the water!
  • Ms Samantha

    Ms Samantha

    Assistant Infant Teacher
    Ms. Samantha joined our school in 2023 after moving from the UK! She received her Associates degree in Business and Finance. She loves how rewarding it is to work in Early Childhood Education, especially because each day is different. "It is very rewarding. There's a child in all of us and every day is different. The things they say, the cuddles, the joy and the innocence." Outside of school, she enjoys spending time cooking and crafting!
  •  Diana


    Assistant First Steps Teacher
    Ms. Diana joined our school in 2023 to work in our First Steps classroom. She has a few years of experience in working with children and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology at St. Joseph’s University on Long Island, NY. She loves being a part of children's lives and watching them grow and meet their milestones. Outside of Goddard, she enjoys shopping, reading, and listening to music (especially Taylor Swift).
  •  Keely


    Pretoddler Lead Teacher
    Ms. Keely joined our school in August of 2020. She has gone from a part-time resource teacher to a full-time teacher in our First Steps classroom! Keely has earned her Early Childhood Development certificate from John Tyler. Ms. Keely loves knowing that she's making a difference in children's lives and that she's helping them to learn and grow. She recently got married and has a kitten named Milo. In her free time Keely loves reading, crafting, and hanging out with friends.
  •  Morgan


    Pretoddler Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Morgan joined our team in January of 2023. After receiving her Associates degree from Brightpoint Community College, she transferred to Virginia Commonwealth University and is currently working towards her Bachelors of Science in Psychology. When asked about why she loves working with children, she answered "I love being able to be a part of children’s growth and development and seeing them develop their own unique personalities and characteristics. I also love being able to have the opportunity to learn from them as well every single day." In her free time she loves to spend time with family, do escape rooms, read, and roller-skate!
  •  Astrid


    Toddler Lead Teacher
    Ms. Astrid joined our school in 2022 and is currently working towards obtaining her Child Development Associates. When we asked Ms. Astrid what her favorite part about working with children is, she said, "Aside from building personal relationships with the kids, watching them reach lots of their exciting milestones! From taking their first step to potty training to writing their own name! It’s just as exciting every time, and what makes it even more fun is being able to share the joy with the parents!" When not at school, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends being outside, heading to an amusement park or just hanging out in a hammock with a good book.
  •  Kanesha


    Preschool Lead Teacher
    Ms. Kanesha joined our team in 2022 as a Lead Preschool Teacher. She has her degree in Early Childhood Education and has been working with children since 2015. She loves working with kids because no two days are ever the same! In her time away from school, Ms. Kanesha enjoys spending time with her two boys and shopping.
  •  Sarah


    Preschool Lead Teacher
    Ms. Sarah earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Liberal Arts from Ferrum College. She has been working with young children for several years and loves working with them because she enjoys watching them grow and learn. She says she especially enjoys celebrating their accomplishments both big and small. When not at Goddard, Sarah loves to spend time with her husband, son, and dog! They love to go to sporting events or travel together.
  •  Fabiola


    Preschool Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Fabiola began working at our school in 2023. She graduated high school in 2020 and attended the Career and Technical Center's Early Childhood Education program. When asked what she loves about working children she said, "What I love about working with children is that at the same time we are teaching them, we also learn from them." In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son, decorating, and getting coffee!
  •  Aniya


    Preschool Lead Teacher
    Ms. Aniya joined our school in 2022 and is currently working as a Lead Preschool Teacher. She brings with her several years of experience, including working at another Goddard School. Ms. Aniya earned her Bachelors of Science from VCU, where she also played college rugby. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and going to local festivals!
  •  Juanita


    Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher
    Ms. Nita has worked with children in a childcare setting for over 35 years and in 1999 earned her Child Development Associate. "My Love for children has kept me in the childcare field. I believe that children are empty vessels in which I can pour knowledge and creativity into their lives at an early age to help them have a curiosity for learning." In her spare time she enjoys attending church, doing arts and craft projects and spending time with her family.
  •  Briana


    Assistant Pre-k Teacher
    Ms. Briana joined us in 2023 and is working as an Assistant Pre-Kindergarten Teacher. She loves being about to keep in touch with her silly side while also teaching the next generation to be kind and respectful to each other and themselves. When not at school, she loves to read and spend time exploring the outdoors.
  •  Anna


    Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
    Ms. Annie joined our school in 2023 as a Lead Teacher in one of our Pre-K classes. She has a Masters of Education and was previously a special education teacher at an elementary school in Minnesota. When asked about why she loves working with children she said, "I love building relationships and sharing the excitement of learning new things in a comfortable, supportive environment." In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, including her two children that also attend our school!
  •  Joshua


    Lead School Age Teacher
    Mr. Josh joined our team in 2022, bringing several years of experience! He first began his Goddard career in 2006 working at The Goddard School in Rivers Bend. Since then, he has earned his Bachelors in Psychology from VCU and is Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from South University. Mr. Josh says that seeing children physically, mentally, and socially develop and grow and develop the confidence within themselves to succeed is such an honor and a privilege that he treasures being a part of every single day.
  •  Delaney


    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Delaney joined us in the spring of 2022. She currently attends Longwood University where she is majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Children's Literature. Ms. Delaney loves being able to teacher students something new every day, and most of all, loves making them excited to learn! In her free time, she loves reading and writing and listening to music from the 60s & 70s.
  •  Kylie


    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Kylie joined our school in 2022 while also taking classes at a local community college. She loves working with children of all ages and can frequently be found bouncing between different classrooms helping out!
  • Ms Vivianna

    Ms Vivianna

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Vivianna joined our school in 2023 after graduating high school and will begin attending a local college in the fall. She loves watching the creative minds of children and enjoys experiencing their process of trying new things. In her free time, she enjoys expressing her creativity through art, everything from glass blowing to paintint!
  • Ms Brenae

    Ms Brenae

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Brenae joined us in 2023 after attending VCU for a degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Sociology. Working with kids has taught her a lot about compassion, patience, and curiosity. She loves that learning and teaching happens at all ages, all the time! When not at school, Ms. Brenae enjoys creating books and websites, while splitting her time between video games and her growing collection of unfinished crochet projects.
  •  Kara


    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Kara joined us in the spring of 2023 while attending her senior year in high school. She is also currently enrolled in Early Childhood Education at the local Career & Technical Center getting her Child Development Associates. Her favorite thing about working with children is how much their personalities show in everything they touch. In her time away from school, Ms. Kara enjoying baking, reading, and crocheting.
  •  Cameran


    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Cameran joined our school in 2023! She is currently taking classes at Brightpoint Community College and has a few years of experience working in Early Childhood Education. She really enjoys watching children grow and develop while they're in her classroom! Ms. Cameran played softball for 12 years, loves going to the beach, and cheering on the 49ers!
  •  Katelyn


    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Katelyn joined our school in the spring of 2023 during her senior year of high school. She is currently in the Early Childhood Education program at a local Career and Technical Center pursuing her Child Development Associates. Ms. Katelyn says, "I love watching kids grow into the young people that they become through their first words and steps. I also enjoy talking to the older kids about their hobbies and interests." In her free time, she enjoys spending time at the beach, shopping at flea markets and reading.
  •  Shailynn


    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Shailynn joined our school in 2023 after graduating high school. The thing she loves most about working with children are their big personalities! When she's not at school, Ms. Shailynn enjoying shopping and trying new foods.
  •  Jaidyn


    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Jaidyn joined us in 2023 after recently graduating high school and is currently majoring in dental hygiene at Old Dominion University When asked what she loves most about working with children, she says, "Children brighten my day when I see their happy faces. I love watching them achieve milestones and helping build on their foundational skills." When not spending time at school, Ms. Jaidyn enjoys traveling, shopping, and spending time with friends!
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