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Our expertly trained and experienced teachers and staff blend the highest standards in early childhood education and development with nurturing care to help your child have fun while growing physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  • Ms Tanny

    Ms Tanny

    Onsite Owner/ Managing Partner
    Ms. Tanny Rahman is the onsite owner of our Goddard School (Craig Ranch). Ms. Tanny is a managing partner with Rick and Robbin Wells and has been a member of our team since 2012. She also serves as our director of education and curriculum. Ms. Tanny received her Associate's Degree in early childhood education before earning her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (with a minor in education) in 2003 in New York. She moved to McKinney with her family in 2012 and has taught in several age groups at our school. Ms. Tanny became our school Director in 2017 to ensure all of the school's teaching staff are properly supported in their efforts to meet or exceed Goddard's stringent standards. She oversees all of the communications, education, and marketing plans and works with the school directors to improve operations and achieve the highest standards for our accredited program. With a passion for early childhood education, Ms. Tanny sprinkles fairy dust throughout our school on a daily basis. She is committed to elevating educational expectations and delivering a nurturing experience to all of our families.
  • Ms Robbin

    Ms Robbin

    Onsite Owner
    Robbin Wells is the onsite owner of The Goddard School of McKinney on University Drive. She and her husband Rick, who is co-owner, relocated from Dallas to Lucas in 2003 where they live on an organic farm, raising their two children who attended Lovejoy High School and the University of Oklahoma. Born in Denison where her family still lives, Robbin received a B.F.A. in public relations from Southern Methodist University, a Masters in Journalism from the University of North Texas, and a Masters in Early Childhood Education from Texas Woman's University, where she is enrolled in the doctoral program for child development and early education. Robbin spent 25 years in customer service, sales, and marketing. She served as a Trustee on the Lovejoy ISD School Board 2012 - 2019 and is Board Member of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce and Holy Family School. She is a former board member of Friends of WRR (101.1 FM), Attitudes & Attire, Fashion Group International, and the Public Relations Society of America. Rick hails from Antlers, Oklahoma, and received his B.B.A. from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. He is past president of The Samaritan Inn board of directors and McKinney Magazine. The son of a coach and small-business owner, Rick has been in the restaurant industry his entire life. Today he runs his McKinney-based Wells Hospitality Group, owner of Rick’s Chophouse, Harvest Seasonal Kitchen, and Sterling Events and Catering. Robbin and Rick launched The Seed Project Foundation in 2015 to help fund small ideas with big goals to promote sustainability in our community -- projects that improve the current quality of life without compromising future generations. Its donation farm, McKinney Roots, feeds thousands in our community each year. The Wells are both heavily involved in community outreach and philanthropy, passionate about hospitality and education, and proud to be a part of The Goddard School family.
  • Ms Dana

    Ms Dana

    Director of Operations
    Ms. Dana is the Director of our Goddard School (Craig Ranch). Ms. Dana joined us in January 2018 as a floating resource teacher and floor manager after 13 years in retail management and customer service. Following her dream to work with young children, Ms. Dana chose the early childhood environment to begin a new career doing what she loves. Ms. Dana has a B.A. in Psychology and minor in Child Development and Family Studies from the University of North Texas. Ms. Dana concentrates her time in operations as Ms. Tanny continues driving our curriculum and education. They partner in admissions and communications as a strong team leading our Craig Ranch school. We are delighted to have Ms. Dana's vibrant personality and can-do spirit at our school working with students of all ages and keeping us organized and families happy.
  • Ms Michelle

    Ms Michelle

    Assistant Director
    Ms. Michelle is the Assistant Director of our Goddard School (Craig Ranch). Ms. Michelle is a knowledgeable child care provider with more than 20 years of extensive experience supervising and guiding a variety of age groups with diverse backgrounds. She is completing coursework for her bachelor's degree and has a long-term interest in managing physical and emotional development of young learners in a loving manner. Ms. Michelle joined our team in 2017 and hit the ground running. Another fabulous team member greeting our parents daily and making sure our school is ready for another day. We are lucky to have Ms. Michelle on our leadership team!
  • Ms Anabel

    Ms Anabel

    Lead Teacher - Pre Kindergarten
    Ms. Anabel is a lead teacher in our Pre-K Program and floor manager at our school. Ms. Anabel joined our school in 2019 after six years in early childhood development in our community. She earned her Child Development Associate and is currently a Child Development major at Collin College. Ms. Anabel describes herself as a hands-on teacher who loves to listen to and react in a teachable moment. She believes it's her responsibility to create a fun, safe learning environment for all children, and we're happy to have her on our team.
  • Ms Alejandra

    Ms Alejandra

    Assistant Teacher- Pre Kindergarten
    Ms. Ally is an assistant teacher in our Pre-K program. Ms. Ally first joined the Goddard school in March of 2021 before relocating to Little Elm that summer. She connected with so many students during her time here and missed her Goddard family so much. She was very excited to move back to McKinney and re-join the team in June 2022. Ms. Ally became interested in early childhood education in high school while she was a student volunteer working to teach young ESL students. She believes children are our future and feel like sometimes she can learn as much from them as they learn from her. Ms. Ally was born in Honduras and moved to the United States with her family at age 8. She recently married the love of my life and look forward to the future with her husband and her golden retriever, Bella. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the beach and spending time with her family.
  • Ms Risa

    Ms Risa

    Assistant Teacher- Pre School
    Ms. Risa is an Assistant teacher in our Pre-School Program. Ms. Risa began studying child development while attending McKinney North High School where she participated in The "Ready, Set, Teach" Program. She hopes to continue her early childhood education at Collin College in the future. Ms. Risa joined our team in 2020 as a Floating Resource teacher and has come to know and love many of our families and watched so many of our students grow up from Infants to graduation. She believes children are a reflection of our future and to grow need adults to listen and help them understand their environment. We love her smile and are thrilled to have Ms. Risa on our team!
  • Ms Abigail

    Ms Abigail

    Lead Teacher - Pre School
    Ms. Abigail is as assistant teacher at our Pre-school program. She joined our team in April 2021 and has always enjoyed working with children. She initially starting her secondary education in nursing with pediatric oncology in mind. Abigail knew she wanted to make a difference in the lives of young children and watch them grow and thrive. After beginning her studies, she decided education was a better fit. In her free time, Abigail is learning how to knit!
  • Ms Ajanee

    Ms Ajanee

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Ajanee is an Assistant Teacher in our Pre School program. She joined the team in December 2022 shortly after relocating to Texas from Alaska, where she was born and raised. She comes with over one year of experience working with young children in a childcare setting along with a few years working as a caregiver in assisted living centers. Ms. Ajanee prides herself on making every child feel safe and loved while they are in their care. In her spare time, she loves to listen to music and hip hop dance. She has an Associate in Business Office Administration from Charter College in Anchorage. She says the biggest culture shock since moving to Texas...the traffic!
  • Ms Jazmin

    Ms Jazmin

    Lead Teacher - Get Set
    Ms. Jazmin is a lead teacher in our Toddler Program. She joined our Toddler-Get Set team as an assistant teacher in May 2021. She has had an interest in early childhood education since a young age and gained valuable experience while participating in the Ready, Set, Teach program at McKinney Boyd High School. She enjoys working with children and helping them develop a lifelong love of learning! In her free time, Jazmin loves to showcase her creative side through painting and photography. She came from a large family with 3 brothers, 2 sisters, and a 2-year-old husky named Coco. She looks forward to the unexpected learning experience that each day brings in a pre-school classroom!
  • Ms Jalauna

    Ms Jalauna

    Lead Teacher- Get Set
    Ms. Jalauna is a Lead Teacher in our Get Set Program. She joined The Goddard School in February 2023 with two years of experience in a Montessori setting working with students aged 18 months to 3 years old. The toddler age group is her jam! She believes that it is important to teach to the individual child, using their interests and personal experiences to make their learning relevant and fun. She has always loved teaching and when students have those ah ha learning moments it is the best feeling in the world! She graduated from McKinney High School, where she was involved in the PALS Program and worked with younger students with differing abilities. Ms. Jalauna has also completed basic coursework and studied health information management at Collin College. She is very creative and loves to express herself in artistic ways.
  • Ms Melissa

    Ms Melissa

    Lead Teacher -Toddlers
    Ms. Melissa is a Lead teacher in our Toddler Program. She joined our team in 2020 to work with our little learners and help them with the social skills needed for preschool. In her time at our school, she worked to earn her Child Development Associates (CDA) in 2021. She is passionate about teaching and a true nurturer. She develops great relationships with her students by connecting what they are interested in to their curricular goals. We are thankful to have Ms. Melissa as part of our Goddard Family!
  • Ms Olivia

    Ms Olivia

    Lead Teacher - Toddlers
    Ms. Olivia is a Lead Teacher in our Toddler Program. She joined the team in 2021 and earned an Associate of Arts in Teaching as well as an Associates of Arts in General Studies from Collin College later that year. She came to The Goddard School with several years of experience working with young children in a variety of settings including as a nanny and soccer coach. Ms. Olivia has a younger sister who is on the autism spectrum and she believes that an individualized approach to learning and understanding the needs of students and how they learn best is essential to providing a quality learning environment for young children. She grew up in Pennsylvania, where she participated in early childhood education courses offered by her high school in conjunction with the local technical college.
  • Ms Sarona

    Ms Sarona

    Assistant Teacher- Toddlers
    Ms. Sarona is an Assistant Teacher in our Toddler Program. She grew up in Gilbert, Arizona where she began working at a Goddard School before relocating to Texas and joining our team in 2022 shortly after getting married. Ms. Sarona enjoys watching young children learn, discover, and explore the world around them. She joined the Army Reserves a year after graduating high school and currently serves as a signal support specialist. Ms. Sarona is working to earn her associates degree in Science and hopes to one day be a surgical technician. In her free time, she likes to be active and enjoy martial arts and drawing.
  • Ms Hallie

    Ms Hallie

    Lead Teacher - First Steps
    Ms. Hallie is a lead teacher in our First Steps program. Ms. Hallie holds a Bachelor of Science in Child Development Brigham Young University- Idaho and joined our school in 2019. We are so proud to have this award winning teacher leading our Toddler Program! Ms. Hallie was named Goddard Systems 2021 Teacher of the Year out of over 800 nominees. Her early childhood experience started in high school and continued during her college years working with infant and toddlers at a center in Utah. Ms. Hallie believes children are natural learners and that teachers create the process, not the products, and children will thrive. She understands that even at such a young age, children are soaking in everything and as their teacher she strives to encourage them to keep discovering new things. She adopted her teaching style from Miss Frizzle..."Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!" 
  • Ms Anmaray

    Ms Anmaray

    Assistant Teacher - First Steps
    Ms. Anmaray is an assistant teacher in our First Step program. Ms. Anmaray joined our team in early 2020. She gained years of experience as a nanny and home school teacher for a family with three children and worked as an Infant/Toddler teacher at another preschool for several years. She enjoys watching our youngest students flourish, learn, and grow each and every day. Ms. Anmaray believes that every child brings something unique to the table when it comes to their education and every child's learning style is unique to who they are. She aims to assist each child in exploring their passions and interests in a fun and nurturing environment.
  • Ms Kayleen

    Ms Kayleen

    Lead Teacher - Infants
    Ms. Kayleen is the Lead Teacher in our Infant Classroom. She is originally from Illinois, where she earned a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education from Aurora University in and was a member of Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society. Ms. Kayleen joined the team in January 2022 with over 6 years of experience working with young children, many of those years as a Lead Infant teacher in a classroom setting or as a private nanny. She has always enjoyed teaching young minds and believes the greatest reward is seeing the spark in a child when they master a new skill and make connections while learning and having fun!
  • Ms Monica

    Ms Monica

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Monica part of our Floating Resource team. She joined our school in June 2022 and supports our Infant and Toddler teams. She enjoys being a teacher here at The Goddard School because she loves the opportunity to work with our youngest learners and help them thrive in a loving & nurturing environment. She has a baby girl who is the light of her life, and she strives to care for all her students as she would want someone to care for her daughter. Ms. Monica is a McKinney native and in her free time, she likes to try new restaurants and spend time with her family. One day Ms. Monica hopes to own small catering business specializing in mini pancakes and look forward to passing down her recipes to my daughter one day!
  • Ms Peggy

    Ms Peggy

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Peggy is a floating resource teacher at our school. Dr. Peggy joined our team August of 2022. She is excited to support the Goddard Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten teams with promoting emergent literacy, early math skills, and handwriting in the classroom. Ms. Peggy has more than 15 years of experience working with young children in different capacities. She managed a community garden in Spokane, WA where she started a children’s gardening program. Ms. Peggy is looks forward to leading the Goddard Gardening Program each school year with Farmer Rick and the Pre-K & Jr-K classrooms. She grew up on a farm in South Dakota, but have lived all over the US, including New England, the Southwest, & the Pacific Northwest as well as Dublin, Ireland. When her children were young, she had a menagerie including a mouse, hamster, guinea pigs, fish, turtle, dogs, cats, & a potbellied pig. Now days, she just has a lovely tabby cat named Fiona.
  •   Skye


    Resource Teacher
    Skye is a Floating Resource teacher at our school. Skye grew up in a family of teachers and have been involved in mentoring young children since middle school and joined the Goddard team as a Summer Intern in 2021 and been with us ever since. Skye came to Goddard with several years of experience working with students during Vacation Bible School at church as well as teaching Bible Study to 6th & 7th Grade students. Skye has a passion for aviation and even assisted in building and RV-12 while in high school. Skye earned a student pilots license few years ago and hopes to one day own a plane to soar the skies!
  • Ms Pamela

    Ms Pamela

    Lead Teacher - Kids Club
    Ms. Pam is the lead teacher in our Kids Club Program. Ms. Pam has two adult daughters and two grandsons, aged 4 and 8 years old. She became familiar with The Goddard School of McKinney when her oldest grandson attended the school. Ms. Pam has a passion for animals and loves spending time in the outdoors. She joined the team in 2021 with several years of experience interacting with young children and teaching them about birds of prey during educational programs I led as a volunteer for The Blackland Prairie Raptor Center. Ms. Pam also spent years working and caring for animals at The Heard Museum in McKinney.
  • Ms Sivaparvathi

    Ms Sivaparvathi

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Siva is part of our Floating Resource team. She joined us in 2022 and loves working at the Goddard School for the opportunity it provides to influence and shape the lives of young children and she values the personal reward and satisfaction that comes from being in this amazing field! In her spare time, she loves to take walks and enjoy the great outdoors. Ms. Siva has a Bachelors of Computer Science and a Masters of Computer Application from The University of Madras in India. Her kind, gentle nature and thorough work ethic are a positive addition to our team!
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