Meet Our Goddard Family

Our expertly trained and experienced teachers and staff blend the highest standards in early childhood education and development with nurturing care to help your child have fun while growing physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  • Ms Kate

    Ms Kate

    Ms. Kate is the proud co-owner of the Goddard School. She have been with The Goddard School since the days the door opened in 1998! She attended DeSales University for dance and following school, wrote a dance curriculum for all the Goddard schools in 2007. Ms. Kate is also the proud owner of Rock ‘n’ Tot Creative Dance Play which is one of the enrichment's your children will partake in daily at our school. With us being a family oriented business, we take great pride in assuring your children feel safe, secure and confident when they enter our "home away from home" feel each day. She maintains a current CPR/First Aide certificate. I look forward to getting to know you all. Welcome to our School!
  • Ms Allie

    Ms Allie

    Ms. Allie is happy to be co-owner of the Goddard School Montgomeryville! Ms. Allie has been with the school since it opened and was our Kindergarten teacher from 2011 through 2014. Ms. Allie graduated from East Stroudsburg University with a degree in Elementary Education and maintains her Pennsylvania teaching certificate. She also attended Gwynedd Mercy for her Masters Degree in Counseling and also holds a Director's Credential. She maintains a current CPR/First Aid Certificate. Her goal is to maintain a positive, nurturing environment where all students and families feel welcome!
  • Ms Ellen

    Ms Ellen

    Ellen is the proud Owner of The Goddard School of Montgomeryville which opened in February of 1998. She attributes much of her success to the outstanding commitment and love for children of her talented staff. Ellen Co-Owns the school with her husband Stan. Her two daughters Kate and Allie, have joined her in working at the school which makes it somewhat of a "family affair"!
  • Ms Colleen

    Ms Colleen

    Ms. Colleen is the Director of our school. Ms. Colleen has been the director since June 2007. She previously was a teacher in the school since 2005. Ms. Colleen graduated from Radford University with a degree in Human Development. She has a Private Academic Certificate and her Directors Credential. Ms. Colleen maintains a current CPR/First Aid Certificate. She is an excellent resource for all of our teachers and families alike here at the Goddard School! She cannot wait to get to know your families!
  • Ms Susan

    Ms Susan

    Office Manager
    Ms. Susan is the Operations Manager of our School. Susan has been with our school since September 1998 working first as a teacher until she moved into administration. She is excited to meet you and your family! Ms. Susan loves all of your children as if they were her own!
  • Ms Amy

    Ms Amy

    Lead Infant Teacher
    Ms. Amy Hansen is our Infant Room Lead Teacher! Ms. Amy comes to us with a degree in Psychology and many years experience working with young children. She also has two sons of her own at home. We are thrilled and excited to have Ms. Amy loving and caring for your most precious babies!
  • Ms Alexis

    Ms Alexis

    Assistant Teacher Infant
    Ms. Alexis Goodwin joined our Infant Room staff May 2022! Ms. Alexis has many year experience working with young children and has a daughter of her own! She is also expecting a baby boy in December! The infants love the snuggles and fun activities Ms. Lexi brings in the classroom everyday!
  • Ms Victoria

    Ms Victoria

    Assitant Infant Teacher
    Ms. Victoria joined our staff November 2019. She started as a floater and now is the Assistant Teacher in our Infant Classroom! Ms. Victoria has some credits towards Early Childhood Education and Psychology. Ms. Victoria absolutely adores your babies and gives them extra love and care throughout the day!
  • Ms Malika

    Ms Malika

    Lead Teacher Pretoddler
    Ms. Malika is the Lead Teacher in our Pre-Toddler Classroom. Ms. Malika has been with our school since January 1999. Ms Malika maintains her Child Development Associate's Degree and a current CPR/First Aid Certificate. Ms. Malika does a wonderful job transitioning your babies from a baby to a toddler with patience, excitement and much knowledge.
  • Ms Alaina

    Ms Alaina

    Assistant Pretoddler Teacher
    Ms. Alaina is the Assistant Teacher in the Pretoddler Classroom. She joined our school March 2016. Ms. Alaina is pursuing a degree in Social Work from Montgomery County Community College. Ms. Alaina loves your Pre-Toddlers with her whole heart and cherishes the many milestones they make under her care!
  • Ms Gemma

    Ms Gemma

    Assistant Teacher Pretoddler
    Ms. Gemma is the Assistant Teacher in the Pre-Toddler Classroom! Ms. Gemma joined our team March 2019. Ms. Gemma has a lot of experience working with young children and has a daughter of her own. She is very excited to love and nurture each and every one of your Pre-Toddlers!
  • Ms Jennifer

    Ms Jennifer

    Lead Toddler Room Teacher
    Ms. Jennifer is the Lead Teacher in the Toddler Classroom. Ms. Jen recently graduated from Penn Foster with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Jen has been with our school since August 2007. Ms. Jen maintains a current CPR/First Aid Certificate. She loves working with Toddlers because they are so sweet and full of possibilities!
  • Ms Danielle

    Ms Danielle

    Assistant Teacher Toddler
    Ms. Danielle is the Assistant Teacher in our Toddler Classroom. Ms. Danielle recently received her Child Development Associates Degree. Ms. Danielle has been with our school since September 2008. Ms. Danielle maintains a current CPR/First Aid Certificate. Ms. Danielle is always there to offer a hug and extra love to her toddlers!
  • Ms Samantha

    Ms Samantha

    Assistant Teacher Toddler
    Ms. Samantha Ronald joined our Goddard Team September 2022! She graduated from Towson University with a BA in Science and concentrated in Kinesiology. We are happy to have her in the mornings at our school so she can snuggle up and run around with our toddlers. In the afternoon, Sam is a cross country/track and field coach. Our toddlers are lucky to have a pole vaulter teach them how to run and jump over logs outside during play. They will improve their gross motor skills for sure with Sam! She is very excited to get to meet all the toddlers while watching them learn and grow with all the educational experience right in front of their eyes!
  • Ms Concepcion

    Ms Concepcion

    Get Set
    Ms. Concha is the Lead Teacher in our Get Set Classroom. Ms. Concha recently received her Child Development Associates Degree. Ms. Concha has been with us since June 2007. Ms. Concha maintains a current CPR/First Aid Certificate. Ms. Concha creates a fun classroom for her busy older toddlers where they can make self discoveries, improve their language skills and master the potty!
  • Ms Zoe

    Ms Zoe

    Assistant Teacher Get Set
    Zoe Malamed joined our school June 2021. Ms. Zoe has worked for a few years in child care and has a true passion for working with young children. Her patience and positive attitude make her an absolute perfect teacher for our older toddlers!
  • Ms Michelle

    Ms Michelle

    Lead Teacher Preschool
    Ms. Michelle is the Lead Teacher in the Preschool classroom. Ms. Michelle joined our school in December 2014. She has her degree in Early Childhood Education from Bloomsburg University. Ms. Michelle also has a current Teacher Certificate and is CPR/First Aid Certified. Ms. Michelle's Preschool classroom is a place of growth and discovery for all of your children!
  • Ms Helen

    Ms Helen

    Assistant Teacher Preschool
    Ms. Helen is the Assistant Teacher in our Prek I Classroom. Ms. Helen recently received her Child Development Certificate. Ms. Helen has been with our school since September 2000. Ms. Helen maintains a current CPR/First Aid Certificate. Ms. Helen truly gets to know your children and makes them feel like one of her own!
  • Ms Sheri

    Ms Sheri

    Lead Teacher-Prek1
    Ms. Sheri is the Lead Teacher in our Pre-K I Classroom. Ms. Sheri has a degree in Elementary Education from Millersville University and has her Private Academic Certificate. Ms. Sheri has been with our school since September 2008. She also maintains a current CPR/First Aid Certificate. Ms. Sheri builds confidence in her young learners and teaches them a world of knowledge while they are under her care.
  • Ms Jen

    Ms Jen

    Assistant Teacher Prek I
    Ms Jen is the Assistant Teacher in the Prek I classroom since January 2014. Ms. Jen has her Masters Degree in Education with a concentration in Elementary Education from Cabrini College and has a Teaching certification from Gwynedd Mercy University. She is currently certified in CPR and First Aid. Ms. Jen loves to see your children grow and develop and helps them along in the most loving way possible!
  • Ms Viju

    Ms Viju

    Assistant Teacher Prek I
    Ms. Viju Madne joined our Goddard Staff September 2022! Ms. Viju is a lovely lady that all the children have become attached to. Her smile and gentle spirit have brightened up the Prek1 classroom with Ms. Seri and Ms. Jen. She has received her Bachelor of Commerce in early childhood care and education. She was a drama teacher in Helen O’ Grady International and loves to narrate stories while trying to re-enact them. She believes drama helps children with their social skills. She loves to do arts and crafts and love to travel as well. She is excited join our team while providing a healthy and safe environment to the child!
  • Ms Susan

    Ms Susan

    Lead Teacher Prek Plus
    Ms Susan Capitano is the Lead Teacher in the Prek Plus classroom. Ms. Susan worked at our school for 15 years and stayed home with her two daughters for the past 5 years. She is excited to be back and working at our school. Ms. Susan has her Bachelors in Education from West Chester University. PreK Plus is a classroom where children become fully prepared for Kindergarten! Ms. Susan hopes to build confident learners and a love of learning within all of them.
  • Ms Janet

    Ms Janet

    Assistant Teacher Prek Plus
    Ms. Janet is the Assistant Teacher in our Prek Plus Classroom. Ms. Janet has been with our school since December 2004. Ms. Janet maintains a current CPR/First Aid Certificate. Ms. Janet helps Ms. Susan prepare your child for the exciting world of elementary school in a loving and positive way!
  • Ms Emily

    Ms Emily

    Lead Kindergarten Teacher
    Ms Emily Koenig is our lead teacher in the Kindergarten Classroom. She worked here previously as an assistant teacher several years ago, and we are happy to have her back with us! Ms. Emily has her Elementary Education Teaching Degree with a concentration in Reading from Kutztown University. She has 8 years teaching experience in second grade at Chester Community Charter School! Ms. Emily prepares her students for elementary school through balanced instruction that is both rigorous and fun!
  • Mr Michael

    Mr Michael

    Assistant Teacher Kindergarten
    Mr. Mike is our new assistant in the afternoons with our Kindergarten/ PreK Plus students. He graduated from Ursinus College in 2020 and concentrated in media and communications. Before starting at Goddard, he was a camp counselor and loves how children and so bright and curious. He loves to travel and has lived In Australia for six months. He is a big movie buff so go ahead and do some trivia with him; especially the Hobbit! He traveled to New Zealand to see the movie where they filmed the Lord of the Rings.

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