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Our expertly trained and experienced teachers and staff blend the highest standards in early childhood education and development with nurturing care to help your child have fun while growing physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  •  Mike & Megan

    Mike & Megan

    Onsite Owners
    We are extremely proud to be the onsite owners of the Goddard School in Horsham, Pennsylvania. We live in Maple Glen with our children Cael, Connor, Danny, and Brooke. Cael and Connor are both proud Goddard graduates. Danny is in the pre-toddler room and Brooke is in the infant room — they love it, and we love being with them every day! Our family believes strongly in the education program the Goddard School offers and the health and safety assurance it provides. Our mission is to offer families the absolute best school setting for early childhood development and care. As we consistently strive to be the best, we welcome your feedback and your concerns. We are so grateful to be part of your child’s learning and development, and we appreciate your trust.
  • Miss Kristen

    Miss Kristen

    Executive Director
    Miss Kristen graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, with a minor focused in Human Development and Family Studies. Miss Kristen has been a Director at The Goddard School since 2011. Miss Kristen is responsible for everything relating to education, curriculum and child development. She comes to The Goddard School with over 13 years of experience working with young children ranging in ages from infancy to school age. She believes that the children grow and flourish in a positive and engaging environment and that the role of early childhood educators is to guide the children through their discovery of the world around them by providing meaningful and fun experiences. Because communication is a key factor in the success of a child, Miss Kristen encourages an open line of communication between herself, the teachers and the parents.
  • Miss Annalise

    Miss Annalise

    Assistant Director
    Miss Annalise is a graduate of Millersville University with a Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education. Miss Annalise worked in Goddard schools in Tennessee and Pennsylvania for a total of three years. Annalise also worked in an elementary school setting as a substitute teacher and literacy aid for five years before rejoining the Goddard family. She believes all children learn best through play, and educators are there to help and guide children as they learn, grow, and make discoveries. It is important to provide children and their families with a safe, nurturing, and happy learning environment.
  • Miss Brooke

    Miss Brooke

    Infant Classroom
    Miss Brooke graduated from Albright College with a degree in Psychology and Elementary Education. She has been a teacher at The Goddard School since 2004 and has experience working with infants, preschool and older toddler classrooms. Miss Brooke believes that children, especially when they are young, are very eager to learn new things. She thinks that if information is presented in a creative and exciting way, the children will want to learn more. That eagerness will result in the children wanting to explore even more. This is a very powerful way to create a love of learning.
  • Miss Gianna

    Miss Gianna

    Infant Classroom
    Miss Gianna received her Child Development Associate's credential in 2012 as well as completed several courses in early childhood education through Temple University and Montgomery Community College. She has been a part of our teaching staff since 2006 and Miss Gianna has taught in the young toddler, older toddler and preschool classrooms throughout her years here at The Goddard School. Miss Gianna believes that all children learn differently and learn best in an interactive environment. She thinks children benefit from visual and hands-on learning as well as working in small groups. Teachers should always put forth as much effort as possible because children will learn better with someone who remains focused and dedicated to the profession.
  • Miss Kathleen

    Miss Kathleen

    Infant Classroom
    Prior to coming to the Goddard School, Miss Kathleen was a stay-at-home mom for 19 years to her three sons. She believes young children learn through play and should be nurtured and feel safe while enjoying an educational environment.
  • Miss Marissa

    Miss Marissa

    First Steps Teacher
    Miss Marissa has her Child Development Associate credential program focusing on Infant/Toddler. Prior to joining the First Steps classroom, Miss Marissa was the lead teacher in our Toddler program and has also been an assistant teacher in our Pre-kindergarten program. Miss Marissa feels that the most important thing a teacher can do is to build a meaningful relationship with each child by being nurturing, kind and patient. Understanding the importance of discovering and appreciating each child’s unique personality is key. She believes that education is one of the most important elements in each child’s life. The growth of young minds begins with play and exploration and that engaging children through a play based environment with hands-on learning activities and art is how children learn best.
  • Miss Mackenzie

    Miss Mackenzie

    Pre-Toddler Teacher
    Miss Mackenzie has over 5 years of experience in childcare. She has experience in many different age groups, but her favorite is the young toddlers. She has her CDA in Infant/Toddler and currently enrolled in school to achieve her Associate's Degree. Miss Mackenzie truly enjoys toddlerhood and believes each and every child is special! She loves learning who they are and not only seeing who they are outside, but who they are inside and what makes them truly unique. She believes that taking the time to learn and grow with them and create a bond goes a long way. One way she teaches is through patience, understanding and love every single moment of the day! Trusting your child with someone is one of the hardest things to do and she not only wants to support each child but support you as well! Communication and comfortability is something very important to her and you will see that throughout the days in the classroom!
  • Miss Jen

    Miss Jen

    Get Set Classroom
    Miss Jen has been a part of The Goddard School since February 1999. She graduated with honors from Temple University, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. In 2007 Miss Jen was named Teacher of the Year from over 300 Goddard Schools across the country. She finds great joy in planning and implementing fun, hands-on learning activities for the children to participate in daily and enjoys being around children and finds spending time with them very rewarding.
  • Miss Lexi

    Miss Lexi

    Get Set Teacher
    Miss Lexi graduated from Juniata College with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Prior to joining The Goddard School Horsham, she worked in the Toddler classrooms at The Goddard School located in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. Miss Lexi believes that every child can learn. Learning happens when children feel safe and secure in their environment and feel free to explore their surroundings to experiment on their own. Teachers are there to guide their creative minds and give children opportunities to try and fail in a safe, fun, way. Children learn through play, so it's our job as instructors to set up play experiences that allow children to express ideas and explore concepts on their own. Every child is different and has their own strengths and interests, it is our role to build personalized ladders for each child to help them child through the steps it takes for that child's education.
  • Miss Ashley

    Miss Ashley

    Pre-School Classroom
    Miss Ashley graduated from Rowan University where she received a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Sciences and minored in Early Childhood Education and Psychology. Prior to joining The Goddard School, she was a lead Pre-K teacher as well as a nanny for various age groups. Miss Ashley believes it is very important to give children a safe space when coming to school. She also believes every child's feelings are valid and that she is here to guide them in their developmental and educational growth.
  • Miss Beata

    Miss Beata

    Assistant Teacher-Pre-School
    Miss Beata is an assistant teacher at our school. She received her Child Development Associate's credential in 2017. She is also enrolled at Montgomery Community College where she is pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education. She has experience working with young children ranging in ages from 3 months to school age. Miss Beata also has experience working with children with special needs and autism. Miss Beata will be attending college to pursue her degree in the field of Human Services. Miss Beata believes that teachers should challenge their students and help them grow to their full potential in a safe and happy environment. She believes that each child is special and a teacher has the responsibility of recognizing her students’ uniqueness and building their self-esteem and confidence. Children should be engaged in hands on activities and allowed to play to discover their world around them.
  • Miss Kayla

    Miss Kayla

    Pre-Kindergarten Prep Lead Teacher
    Miss Kayla has her Child Development Credential in Preschool as well as she is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Education. She was a babysitter for ages ranging six months to eight years old for seven years. Miss Kayla believes building a positive and trusting relationship with each and every child can go a long way. She believes it is the responsibility as a teacher to provide a safe and caring environment for children to play, learn and grow in. Miss Kayla also believes when a child feels confident in themselves and their learning abilities, they can go above and beyond!
  • Miss Semmie

    Miss Semmie

    Pre-Kindergarten I Classroom
    Miss Semmie is a graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor of Science in Education for both Elementary and Early Childhood Education. Miss Semmie is bi-lingual speaking both English and Korean. She joined our school in 2011 with a great deal of teaching experience. Miss Semmie believes the ultimate goal of a teacher is to guide students in their learning experience. As a teacher, she will provide the students with the information and resources necessary for them to explore, to learn and to make their own experiences. Alongside the students growing as intellectuals, it is equally important for them to grow as individuals. Miss Semmie strongly believes that it is important to make available to the students opportunities that enable the ability to mature in all domain areas. She will offer guidance and a safe learning environment for all students. Building a sense of community in the classroom is very important to Miss Semmie.
  • Miss Jennifer

    Miss Jennifer

    Pre-Kindergarten I Assistant Teacher
    Miss Jenn is an assistant teacher in our Pre-Kindergarten I Classroom. She earned a Child's Development Associate Credential with a concentration in Preschool in 2022. Prior to coming to The Goddard School, she worked with middle school children in a local school district. Miss Jenn has also volunteered as a classroom aide in an elementary school as well as nannied with various age groups. Miss Jenn believes that patience is the key to teaching young children. All children learn at their own pace and in different ways. Miss Jenn believes that children reach their full potential when they are surrounded by a comforting and nurturing environment.
  • Miss Sara

    Miss Sara

    Lead Teacher-Pre-Kindergarten II
    Miss Sara went to Manatee Technical College in Bradenton, FL and received her CDA. She is currently attending Ashford University for her Bachelors degree. Miss Sara believes all children have the potential to be successful through all of their educational years, but that their will power begins in the child's younger years. As a teacher, it's Miss Sara's belief that she is the guide to help the children and instill their self confidence in their education. She thinks how a child is guided in their younger years will impact them in their future. She wants to be that guide, cheerleader, and motivator to help her students reach their full potential!
  • Miss Carolyn

    Miss Carolyn

    Kindergarten Teacher
    Miss Carolyn graduated Magna Cum Laude from Temple University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. Miss Carolyn joined our school in 2009 with a great passion to teach young children. Miss Carolyn shares her art talents in many ways throughout the school. She believes that in order for children to grow and learn they must feel safe and secure in their environment. Children need to know that it’s alright to make mistakes, take chances and feel free to be themselves. She believes that children are explorers and love to learn new ideas and concepts. By providing children with a creative and fun learning environment, Miss Carolyn feels that we are able to meet the needs of all children and accommodate multiple learning styles. A classroom must be a warm and caring environment where we can all learn from each other and contribute.
  • Miss Christina

    Miss Christina

    Assistant Teacher
    ASSISTANT TEACHER - Miss Christina holds a Child Development Associate credential in Early Childhood Education. She has been a member of the Goddard Team since 2004. She is very experienced in working with the Toddler age group and enjoys the natural curiosity and boundless energy they have at this age. Miss Christina strongly believes in the importance of providing a consistent, happy environment for children to grow and learn. She feels this environment can be created by providing children with opportunities to explore new activities, while making them feel safe and secure. Miss Christina enjoys spending time with every child creating a special bond with them. She strongly believes that a teacher’s most important job is to be there for both the children and parents.
  • Miss Joyce

    Miss Joyce

    Pre-School Classroom
    Miss Joyce completed her Child Development Associate degree in 2013. She has been a part of The Goddard School Team since 1999. During her time here she has worked with a variety of age groups ranging from infants through preschoolers. Miss Joyce enjoys spending quality time every day with each child in her classroom. She believes that all children are special and have something unique to offer this world.
  • Miss Mary

    Miss Mary

    Assistant Teacher
    Miss Mary holds a Child Development Associates in Early Childhood Education. She has been a part of our school since 1999 and has experience working with all of the age groups in the school. Miss Mary believes that each child is unique in his or her own little way. She tries to understand each child’s unique personality and feels that helps her to bond with them easily. Miss Mary thoroughly enjoys spending time each day with every child in her care.
  • Miss Sarah

    Miss Sarah

    Afternoon Assistant Teacher
    Miss Sarah is an assistant teacher in our Toddler Classroom. Prior to coming to The Goddard School, she taught dance to preschoolers at a summer camp. Miss Sarah believes that the most important part of teaching young children is encouraging them to try new things and to work together with their peers. Miss Sarah also believes that allowing children the opportunity to be creative is an important component of their growth and development.
  • Miss Intizor

    Miss Intizor

    Assistant Teacher-Pre Kindergarten Prep
    Miss Intizor is the assistant teacher in our Pre Kindergarten Prep Classroom. Miss Intizor has a Bachelor's Degree in Children's Studies from Brooklyn College. She also comes to our school with experience working at an after school program. Miss Intizor believes that every child should be treated as an individual. She prides herself on her calm demeanor and attentive teaching style to create a positive learning environment. She believes that the most important thing a teacher can do is be patient and understanding. She also believes that teachers should encourage children to be independent and explore but also be available to help when needed.
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