Freehold Reviews & Recognition

The love and commitment of our Goddard families inspires us every day. To help make each child’s learning experiences the best they can be, we are always happy to listen when parents share their expectations. Here’s what our families have to say.

  • The staff is friendly and caring. They provide a safe and fun learning experience for young learners.

    Hunter & Samantha's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • We love Goddard! Our son is old enough for kindergarten, yet we chose to stay another year. The friendly staff, fun activities, and educational gains are priceless. We are excited to see how he continues to grow over the next year.

    Dominic's Mother

    Kindergarten Classroom

  • We continue to appreciate how special Goddard is! Our son just loves his teachers and really enjoys going to school. The activities he does every day are fun and educational. I love the attention to detail from management to make sure everyone sticks to their high standards such as labeling items, making sure everyone has had a flu shot, and changing the security code frequently. Thank you for all that you do for our children!

    Jacob & Cameron's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • Goddard's high educational standards blended with the small business vibe from the wonderful owner and director of the Freehold location!

    Zoe's Mother

    Pre-K Classroom

  • The goddard school in freehold fees like an extension of family members (the administration and teachers) who truly care for and educate our children. We can feel how much love and care our children receive everyday when they come home.

    Lillian & Annabelle's Father

    Kindergarten Classroom

  • Both of my children attended the Goddard School and we couldn’t have been happier! They loved going to school and I loved knowing they were in a caring environment. Developmentally appropriate activities were provided and play was used as the main method of instruction. My kids were so excited for learning and that carried over in to their elementary school experiences.

    Nathan & Jacob's Mother

    Pre-K Classroom

  • Goddard is the best choice parents can make for their child. My son has been to a few other daycares in the area and they do not compare. My son is challenged daily and has learned a tremendous amount. He is happy and loves going to school and every teacher. I am also highly impressed with Heidi, the owner, who takes the time to learn not only every child's name but also every parent's name. Goddard makes you feel like family and it's worth every cent.

    Jameson's Mother

    Pre-K Classroom

  • Staff extremely professional and dedicated; caring teachers with a comfortable environment for our child. Couldn't be happier with the Goddard School and have recommended plenty of families to have the same experience as us!

    Brayden's Mother

    Toddler Classroom

  • The curriculum is well balanced with education and fun to keep children interested in learning. In addition the staff is very knowledgeable on all subjects. We love the fact that additional extra activities are also offered, providing us working parents with a scheduling benefit. ie; Ballet

    Eva's Mother

    Pre-K Classroom

  • Everything! This summer is my son's last summer at Goddard as he will be entering the 1st grade next year. If not for him outgrowing Goddard he would still attend.

    Larry's Mother

    Summer Program

  • Esp for older children, lots of learning, music and crafts activities (only so much you can do with infants and toddlers :) Admin are accessible and responsive and provide strong supervision of students and teachers. Safe and clean school. Teachers seem to enjoy their jobs - happy and interested in your kids - that means so much. My boys love/loved it there. Declan runs out the door to school every day (literally). Gannon was so prepared for K and still loves school.

    Gannon & Declan's Mother

    Infant Classroom

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