Our Teachers

Our teachers blend the highest education standards with nurturing care to help foster well-rounded child development.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  •  Tarika


    Before joining the Goddard family, the healthcare and IT industries had my heart as a standards representative. However, with the birth of my children came a passion for early childhood education, and that’s where my “heart” work began with The Goddard School. Guiding children to learn through play, explore their feelings, and express their wants, needs in a nurturing, enriched, five-star school carry out my passion for contributing to education. If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people. - Chinese Proverb
  •  Anne


    Educational Director
    Anne has close to 20 years of experience in the Director role and comes from Virginia. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from East Carolina University. She loves to read, enjoys working with children and is excited to be a part of the Goddard family.
  •  Amber


    Operations Director
    Ms. Amber graduated from Wingate University with her Bachelor's of Science in Human Services with a focus on Family Development. Ms. Amber’s career started at a nationally ranked music school, for children, in San Diego County. After Ms. Amber’s husband retired from the U.S Marine Corps, she moved back to NC and grew her family. Ms. Amber has spent the last 2 years at a local Montessori school as a director and is honored to now be a part of the Goddard management team. Ms. Amber has always had a passion for early childhood education and believes that the most important way to change the world for the better is to grow and teach the rising generation. In Ms. Amber’s free time, she loves making memories with her husband and 3 children. “And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.) KID, YOU'LL MOVE MOUNTAINS!" - Dr. Seuss
  •  Antonio


    Administrative Assistant
    All children earn the right to be themselves in the classroom as unafraid explores of the world around them. Each child thrives in their element of play and growth from those privileged enough to enhance their learning. I feel, children are the future, as a change maker, I choose to bless the world by teaching children to always be themselves and the world will open all its magical doors to them. “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” -Zig Ziglar
  •  Estephania


    Administrative Assistant
    Associate of Applied Science: Education & Training Providing students with the structure in a classroom that will allow them to effortlessly learn in a beautiful and positive environment sets the foundation for my teaching philosophy. I believe that children are generally carefree, honest, and precious little minds who begin each day with the light of one thousand suns in their hearts. “Change is the end result of all true learning.” – Leo Buscagli
  •  Shanita


    Preschool Teacher
    Hi, My name is Ms. Shanita. I have 20 years of experience working with children. I have my early childhood education credentials. I work with the preschool children. I love what I do.
  •  Katrina


    Infant Lead Teacher
    Hello, my name is Ms. Katrina. I have over 2 decades of experience working in early childhood and I have earned my Early Childhood Admin credentials from the state. I have dedicated my career to nurturing and supporting the youngest learners. My passion lies in creating a safe and stimulating environment where infants can thrive. I have been married for over 25 years and we have 4 adult children and 8 amazing grandchildren. I love to spend time with my family. In our classroom our motto is "nurturing young hearts today shapes the world's future tomorrow."
  •  Violeta


    Pre-K Teacher
    My teaching philosophy is built on seeing the students progressing everyday in the classroom. Children are generally seeking love, support, and guidance from their teachers. I feel rewarded daily from my interactions with students and their families. “The learning process continues until the day you die.” – Kirk Douglas
  •  LaTasha


    Preschool Lead Teacher
    I have been in the early childhood/early intervention field for over 30 years. I prefer to be called Tasha. I have a BS in Business Administration and I’m also a level 3 Director. I have three beautiful daughters and two handsome grandsons and one beautiful granddaughter. Working with kids has always been a passion of mine, since I was 5 years old. My dream is to own my own daycare, work with under privileged kids and have a safe home for teens.
  •  LeAnn


    Pre-K Lead Teacher
    Hello, My name is Ms. LeAnn. I have a bachelor's in Education. I have 1 1/2 years of experience in early childhood education. I love working with children to help them grow in their educational needs in a warm nurturing environment. "All children earn the right to be themselves in the classroom as unafraid explorers of the world around them." - Zig Zaglar
  •  Analieze


    Infant Teacher
    Hi, my name is Ms. Ana and I am a part of the infant community. I was an infant and Toddler teacher at a local Montessori school for 1 ½ years before coming to Goddard. I enjoy being at home, spending time with my family and going out. I am looking forward to growing with Goddard and making memories with my students.
  •  Jarelieze


    Preschool Teacher
    Hi, my name is Jarelieze and I'm a part of the Toddler community! I was a teacher at a local Montessori School for 1 ½ years before coming to Goddard. I have a certificate in introductory coursework in childcare, that I received while in high school. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and my Chihuahua Rocky. I enjoy traveling and sometimes just staying home. I look forward to growing with Goddard.
  •  Kayla


    Kitchen Manager and Support Staff
    Hi, I am Kayla, I have been in childcare for almost 10 years, and I just love working with them and the creativity that comes from their minds. I love reading, spending time with my puppy and our favorite color is pink.
  •  Madison


    Infant/Toddler Support Staff
    Hi, my name is Madison! I love working with children and have always known I wanted a career in Early Childhood Education. I am excited to grow with Goddard and make memories with my students.
  •  Adamary


    Preschool Support Staff
    Hello my name is Adamary. I love teaching children and have been in childcare for 5 years. We must care for the children in learning. I love meeting the children where they are at and being able to help them with their needs. I love traveling and being creative.
  •  Justice


    Toddler Teacher
    Hi, I'm Justice. I'm from Arizona originally. I moved here in 2022 and fell in love immediately! I've always had a passion for teaching and being a safe space for children. I also consider myself a very artistic and creative person. I love providing a creative outlet for the kids.
  •  Katharine


    Support Staff
    Hello! I am Miss Katharine, and I’m so excited to be part of the team here at The Goddard School of Huntersville! I’ve had many years of experience with children; ranging from babysitting, overnight nannying, and most recently working in childcare centers. I believe play is crucial for children, and that’s why fostering their natural curiosities is so fun and important to me. I love seeing how they learn and interact with the world, and how they change and grow into their own person through positive interactions and experiences. I am so grateful to be a part of your child’s journey!
  •  Aniya


    Support Staff
    My name is Aniya Lee. I am 19 years old, my birthday is September 30th. I am in my third year of college majoring in speech language pathology. I enjoy reading, painting and traveling. While at Goddard I hope I can make this a home away from home for every child I encounter.
  •  Nataliia


    Pre-Toddler Lead Teacher
    Hello. My name is Nataliia. I come from Ukraine. And although I recently came to the USA, I have been working with children for more than 7 years. I have work experience, both in a kindergarten and in a school. I went from an ordinary teacher to the director of a children's center. I also have a degree in preschool education. I got my bachelor's degree in 2015. Now I am starting a new life in a new country but as many years ago, I want to connect this life with raising children. I am passionate about my work and always want to share my knowledge and skills with children. I love and know how to organize interesting activities, experiments, dynamic games, and creative holidays. "Be ready to respond to the words of a child who needs you. Always listen and respond to the child who addresses you." - Maria Montessori.
  •  Joyce


    Infant Teacher
    Hi my name is Joy. I am from New York. I have been a Teacher Professional for over 35 years. I have attained my CDA, associates degree in business administration. I have been a positive role model and mentor. I love and enjoy working with children and watching them learn and grow.
  •  Jerica


    Toddler Lead Teacher
    I have been in Early Childhood Education for 5 years. I graduated with my Bachelor's of Science in Psychology with a minor in elementary education in 2019. I taught at a Montessori school for 2 years and while there, I received my Montessori certification for children 3-6 years old. I love teaching and being a part of creating the learning foundation for each child in my care. In my free time I enjoy reading, going hiking, horseback riding and spending time with my dogs and family. I look forward to working with your child and your family!
  •  Alexia


    Support Staff
    Hello, my name is Alexia James. I've had a love for children since a very young age. My goal has always been to work with children in my career. I am honored to start my childcare career with The Goddard School. I am thrilled to acquire the knowledge of children and their development in my journey of working in this establishment. A quote I intend to live by every day is "spread love everywhere you go."
  •  Celeste


    Infant Teacher
    Hi, my name is Celeste. I have a few years of experience in childcare. I am currently obtaining my associate degree in early childhood education. I'm very passionate about working and teaching children and to make a positive impact in their lives. I am excited to be a part of The Goddard Family
  •  Andrea


    Pre-K Teacher
    My name is Andrea Foy. I am from Georgia but live in North Carolina. I like to spend time with family, take trips, and go for walks. I've worked with children for 20+ years. What makes me most excited about working at The Goddard School is room for growth, the curriculum and the great treatment you receive from staff and management.
  •  Markeesha


    Pre-Toddler Teacher
    Hi, I'm Markeesha! As a woman with many names (wife, daughter, sister, auntie), one of my recent favorites is Teacher and Coach. I am a cheer coach for a local Youth Football League, and recently joined the team with the Goddard Family, I have 18+ years of experience within childcare. From volunteering at after school programs, starting my own babysitting services at a young age, working at a behavioral health center and being an auntie to 20+ nieces and nephews, my passion for children has always been embedded in me and has filled with so much joy/happiness through the years. I enjoy tapping into my inner child, along with ensuring the personal growth and development of each child I meet. Making an impact and touching young lives are very important to me, as children are our future. I look forward to leaving my mark and making a difference.
  •  Tynier


    Infant Teacher
    Hello, I am Ms. Tye. Children have always been my passion. I have been in childcare for many years. I am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in public health. Although I have plenty of experience in every childcare setting, the infant community is my main focus. I love to help them learn and watch them grow. "A person's a person, no matter how small" - Dr. Seuss
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