Cary (Lochmere) Reviews & Recognition

The love and commitment of our Goddard families inspires us every day. To help make each child’s learning experiences the best they can be, we are always happy to listen when parents share their expectations. Here’s what our families have to say.

  • 1. My kid is constantly improving her cognitive development skills! 2. Goddard school Lochmere Cary; teachers, administrators, parents/kids are one family! 3. Location!! For all these reasons and more, yes I do recommend Godard School Lochmere Cary. Thank you again for your devotion and professionalism towards my kid and us.

    Julia Lamiss's Father

    Preschool Classroom

  • The Goddard School of Cary (Lochmere) has been the best experience for us and our children. The staff truly love the kids and engage them in so many fun activities.

    Declan & Gracelynn Louise's Mother

    Toddler Classroom

  • We have absolutely loved our time at Lochmere. The teachers and staff are very passionate about the kids and our daughter continues to learn so much both academically and socially through the program.

    Evelyn Michelle's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • Friendly, attentive staff. Safe, clean and bright environment. My son is happy to go to school each day.

    John Michael 's Mother

    Toddler Classroom

  • - Experienced and friendly staff. - I have seen positive growth since my son started attending the Goddard school. - I believe they are doing a great job preparing my son for kindergarten.

    Jackson Theodore's Father

    Pre-K Classroom

  • The teachers are WONDERFUL, our children come home learning new things each week. Staff are friendly and our children are always excited to attend. We love Goddard School!

    Emery Quinn & Finley Taylor & Harper Wren's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • My child loves attending this school. The staff is always friendly, helpful, and communicative. The curriculum directors do a great job of making sure they kids are learning about all types of cultures. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here.

    Gianna Gabriella's Mother

    Toddler Classroom

  • We absolutely love Goddard! Everyone has been so helpful and accommodating that I cannot imagine sending out daughter anywhere else! I know that my daughter is loved and is growing both academically and socially

    Ayla Sophia's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • The teachers and the directors

    Kennedy's Mother

    Infant Classroom

  • We have been parents of children at the Goddard school for over 3 years now, and now have two children there. We have watched both of our children thrive there under the love and attention of their teachers, and we are constantly amazed by the things that they share with us that they learned at school.

    Ethan & Abigail's Mother

    Pre-K Classroom

  • Our family loves The Goddard School. Our daughter has been so joyful each day to go to “class” to she her friends, play and learn. She is always happy and clearly well cared for when we pick her up at the end of a busy day. The teachers, owners and directors are caring, loving and kind to not only our daughter but to us. Our daughter has and continues to learn so much. Knowing she is in good hands makes it a little easier to be away from her during the day. ??

    Juliana's Mother

    Toddler Classroom

  • The Goddard School is clean, responsive, and caring. I always feel like my kid is safe there.

    Hunter Daniel & Ava's Father

    Preschool Classroom

  • My child's teachers. Goddard's facilities. The diligence with which they've navigated COVID with everyone's health in mind. The diversity of the learning agenda. Daily (or almost daily) pictures via the Tadpoles app. Knowing our child is learning and developing 1000x better than if she stayed at home full-time with me or my spouse.

    Lillian Adeline's Father

    Toddler Classroom

  • Our girls are very happy at their new school and seem to be thriving in the environment.

    Addison & Collins Leigh's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • We love the Goddard School! We've been very happy with the teachers and staff so far, and our son seems to really like it there. We really appreciate everyone's thoughtfulness and genuine interest in our son, his well-being, and the overall school experience.

    Kiran's Mother

    Toddler Classroom

  • We LOVE the Goddard school. Our child is extremely happy every single day. We love the communication we get from the teachers and the lessons they plan. Our child is actively playing and also learning. We are so impressed with the teachers - they are the best! Our only suggestion would be to change some of the snack menu options to healthier choices (for example, not serving juice).

    James Samuel's Mother

    Toddler Classroom


The North Carolina Division of Child Development (DCD) issues star rated licenses to all eligible childcare centers. Facilities can receive one to five stars. A rating of one star means that a childcare program meets North Carolina’s minimum licensing standards for childcare. Programs that choose to voluntarily meet higher standards can apply for a two to five star license. The star rating scores in two quality components - Staff Education and Program Standards.

March 2022 - March 2025
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