Our Teachers

Our teachers blend the highest education standards with nurturing care to help foster well-rounded child development.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  • Ms Abby

    Ms Abby

    Abby Hendren is the Owner of The Goddard School – Lee’s Summit (Lakewood). She and her husband, Shane, have lived in Lee’s Summit for 10 years, and were both born and raised in the area. Abby is originally from St. Joseph, MO, and Shane is a local Blue Springs High School graduate. Their two children, Connor & Cody, will attend their Goddard School, and Abby can’t wait to open and provide a warm, welcoming environment for the families of their community. Abby & Shane met at Missouri State University and their love for outdoor adventures and all things Missouri, will be evident in the decor of the school. Abby has always been passionate about education and knows firsthand the importance, not only of early childhood education, but of the role children’s educators play in their development & learning experience. Abby grew up helping her mom, a now retired early childhood educator, in her classrooms and realized the impact a safe, nurturing environment has on children’s capacity to learn and to WANT to come to school. Abby is passionate about instilling a love for both learning and for school from the youngest age possible, and is incredibly excited to have the opportunity to provide the highest-quality preschool education within a warm and supportive environment.
  • Ms Mitzi

    Ms Mitzi

    Director of Education
    Ms. Mitzi is our Director of Education. She has her Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. She has been in the field of Early Education since 1990 and has thoroughly enjoyed teaching in the classroom environment, tutoring students in reading and math, as well as leading in administrative roles. Mitzi and her husband have two adult children who both thrived from the benefits of entering school at the ripe young ages of eight weeks. She has devoted her entire career in working with the very young, their families, and with the educators who love to teach these incredible little individuals. This mother and educator truly knows the benefits that Early Education provides, and the importance of having the absolute highest quality of care. Heck! It’s the child’s very first classroom, and the experience must be nothing less than extraordinary! Mitzi certainly knows her purpose and passion is for serving and uplifting people both big and little. This is what drives her each and every day to pop out of bed with a smile! She chose The Goddard School because of their strong reputation for excellence and how their panel of experts make sure that we are consistently putting the latest research and 21st century learning into action! In her spare time Mitzi loves to workout, run, eat and read (not necessarily in that order). And when the whole family is together she loves a competitive game night!
  • Ms Laura

    Ms Laura

    Director of Operations
    Ms. Laura is our Director of Operations. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Family Development from the University of Central Missouri. Ms. Laura has worked in childcare since 2013. She began as an aid in the Blue Springs School District’s before and after school program, while having a second job as a paraprofessional. In 2015, she became the Site Lead for the before and after school program. Ms. Laura has always had a passion for working with children and loves seeing their smiling faces every day! She chose The Goddard School because she believes in their hands-on approach and high quality standards. When Ms. Laura is not at school, she loves spending time with her husband, son and daughter, and their 3 dogs!
  • Ms Brandi

    Ms Brandi

    Health and Safety Specialist
    Ms. Brandi is our Chef/Health & Safety Specialist. Brandi worked for public school cafeterias for 10 years. The last 5 years, she worked as the cafeteria manager with a ServSafe certificate. She received her EMT license in 2009 and was a volunteer firefighter, who visited schools to teach about fire safety. Along with these credentials, she has been a paraprofessional for special needs children, which to this day left a powerful impact so rewarding, that it truly changed her heart to be even more compassionate towards all humans. Ms. Brandi chose a career with Goddard schools because she believes in the core values and the high health and safety standards that the school upholds.
  • Ms Alyssa

    Ms Alyssa

    Phonics Tutor/Faculty Support
    Ms. Alyssa has been in childcare since 2018. She is working towards getting her bachelor’s degree in business management at Northwest Missouri State University. Ms. Alyssa has always had a passion for working with children and has experience in all ages through both nannying and working in childcare facilities. She loves watching children learn and grow through their different stages. Ms. Alyssa’s favorite thing to do outside of work is to travel and exercise. Ms. Alyssa chose the Goddard School because of the warm welcoming environment and the amazing curriculum that is offered.
  • Ms Amanda

    Ms Amanda

    2's Teacher
    Ms. Amanda has an Associates in Arts and a Medical Assistant degree. She began her career in 2001 in early education. In 2005, she went into MA school and started her MA career in 2006. She worked in the medical field for 12 years and in 2018 she retried to her true passion, Early Education. Ms. Amanda is married and has 3 children Makayla, Isabel and Brayden. She also has a granddaughter, Everlee. In her spare time, Ms. Amanda loves to workout and spend as much time with family as she can. Ms. Amanda chose The Goddard School for the core values and the F.L.EX. framework.
  • Ms Amy

    Ms Amy

    2's Teacher
    Ms. Amy has been in child care since 2004. She went to M.C.C where she studied early childhood. Ms. Amy has known from a very young age that working with children is her passion. Ms. Amy is a mom of four. She has two girls with her husband and in 2021 they grew their family and adopted a son and daughter. She has always wanted a large family and adoption was the perfect way to complete their family. Ms. Amy's favorite part about working with children is seeing the world through their eyes. They remind her to remember the little things in life. Ms. Amy chose The Goddard School because of their focus on families as a whole.
  • Ms Brea

    Ms Brea

    Faculty Support
    Ms. Brea has been in childcare since 2007. Shortly after she graduated high school, she started working at a local daycare and she quickly realized that this was her passion. She has been a stay at home mom to her daughter, Brenna, a nanny and worked for the Blue Springs School District. In her free time, Ms. Brea enjoys spending time with her daughter. Ms. Brea chose The Goddard School because of their hands on learning approach. She believes that children learn best when they are able to explore their surroundings.
  • Ms Britney

    Ms Britney

    Toddler Teacher
    Ms. Britney recently graduated from high school and is new to the child care profession. She is eager to learn and build relationships with faculty and families. In her free time, Ms. Britney plays competition softball. She chose The Goddard School because of it's consistent 5 star rating.
  • Ms Brooklyn

    Ms Brooklyn

    Faculty Support
    Ms. Brooklyn has been in childcare since 2012. Before joining the Goddard family, she worked as a nanny. She received a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Santa Barbara in June of 2022. Shortly after graduation, she moved to Lee's Summit with her family. She plans to go back to school to become a physician's Assistant and her ultimate goal is to work in the medical field and do medical missions over seas where there is great need for medical care. Ms. Brooklyn has a passion for horses. When she moved to Lee's Summit, she began volunteering at a horse therapy organization for children who have a difficult time connecting with people. The high Goddard standards and principles encouraging early academic development attracted Ms. Brooklyn to this position.
  • Ms Elizabeth

    Ms Elizabeth

    Preschool Teacher
    Ms. Libby has been in childcare since 2014. She is currently working on her Associate Degree in Early Education. Ms. Libby’s favorite thing about working in childcare is being there for the children’s “I did it!” moments and watching them come out of their shells. In her spare time, Ms. Libby loves going on adventures with her dog, Autumn, or spending time with any of her several nieces and nephews. Ms. Libby’s favorite age to work with is the two-year-old’s because that is when their personalities begin to show, and they learn and grow so much at that age. Ms. Libby chose the Goddard School because of the core values as well as the supportive and appreciative administration team.
  • Ms Hailey

    Ms Hailey

    Phonics Tutor
    Ms. Hailey graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She is a mother of three children and she and her husband thoroughly love seeing each one of their children learn and grow in their own unique way. Ms. Hailey has tutored young students in both reading and math and is excited to implement a Reading Enrichment program here at the Goddard School of Lakewood! She loves doing crafts in her spare time and is looking forward to bringing that creativity into her classroom. Ms. Hailey chose Goddard for the individualized education and enrichment programs the school encourages their educators to pursue.
  • Ms Jenni

    Ms Jenni

    Faculty Support/ Cook
    Ms. Jenni has been in childcare since 2000. She started working in a childcare facility before starting her own in-home daycare in 2002 to be closer to her own children and nephews. In 2020, she left the childcare profession to take care of family. Ms. Jenni has been married since 1998 and has two daughters- Dakota and Kendra. When Ms. Jenni is not working, she helps her sister take care of their dad who has Alzheimer’s. In her spare time Ms. Jenni likes to go to the golf course with her husband, spend time with her daughters, and work on jigsaw puzzles. In 2021, Ms. Jenni attended her nephew’s Pre-K graduation at the Goddard School. Ms. Jenni was impressed at the difference the Goddard School had made in her nephew’s life and wanted to be a part of the wonderful school. Ms. Jenni chose the Goddard school because of the impact the enrichment programs, such as the phonics tutoring, had on her nephew’s education.
  • Ms Jessica

    Ms Jessica

    Pre-K Teacher
    Ms. Jessica received her degree in Early Childhood Education in 2005 from the University of Central Missouri. Ms. Jessica is married with two children, and both have had the pleasure of attending The Goddard School. In her free time, she enjoys camping, going to baseball games, concerts, and spending time with her family. Ms. Jessica has a passion for reading and being creative with art activities. She chose The Goddard School because of their amazing hands-on learning experience and enrichment programs. She has always loved working with children and teaching them using play-based learning!
  • Ms Ashley

    Ms Ashley

    2's Teacher
    Ms. Ashley has been in childcare since 2017. She has spent most of her time with toddlers, but enjoys working with all age groups. Ms. Ashley is newly married and has twin boys and is also a bonus mom to two boys. They hope to add another little one to the mix soon. She loves to stay active and have fun with her husband and kids. Ms. Ashley is an avid painter and has been doing it since she was six years old. Ms. Ashley chose The Goddard School because of the family like atmosphere and the fact that the owner and directors are on site every day.
  • Ms Kathleen

    Ms Kathleen

    Preschool Teacher
    Ms. Kat grew up in Kansas City and spent a lot of her summers camping, riding horses and sailing at the lake. Before starting her 18-year career in clerical work in the medical field, she was a nanny for a family with whom she traveled with. Ms. Kat is excited to be back working with children. Ms. Kat spends her time off traveling and watching her children play competitive sports. She really enjoys being part of The Goddard School because of their focus on social and emotional health and creative problem solving. She also loves to see how technology is always being implemented in the daily lessons.
  • Ms Kimberly

    Ms Kimberly

    Pre-K Teacher
    Ms. Kimberly has been in child care since 2007. She went to State Fair Community College where she studied Early Education. She started working in her small-town daycare center and has worked at several early education centers through out the years. Ms. Kimberly has experience as a nanny as well. She nannied for a family for 6 years and homeschooled their children before they went to Kindergarten. She chose The Goddard School because the staff are all very happy to teach and learn from each other. After seeing the safe and loving environment, she felt like both her and her daughter could both grow here.
  • Ms Micha

    Ms Micha

    Toddler Teacher
    Ms. Micha has worked with toddlers since 1995. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary/Early Childhood from The University of Central Missouri. She really enjoys working with toddlers and says they are her kind of people! She has no children of her own so working with toddlers everyday brings her great joy. Ms. Micha a lives in Raytown with her husband Jim. She believes in active, hands-on learning in the classroom which is why to chose to work with The Goddard School. She brings her patience, flexibility, creativity and energy to the classroom everyday. It is very exciting for her to be apart of their social, emotional and cognitive development. Ms. Micha believes that communication with parents is key and she is very eager to build a relationship with each family.
  • Ms Nazifa

    Ms Nazifa

    Pre-K Teacher
    Ms. Nazifa taught for twelve years in an elementary school located in Pakistan. Once she arrived in the United States in 2011, Ms. Nazifa taught at a local Montessori for four years. She loves being involved with kids and witnessing their abilities expand during their time together. She believes learning is vast and unlimited, it gives her contentment and satisfaction to teach! Ms. Nazifa chose the Goddard school because of all of the wonderful things she had heard. Ms. Nazifa felt that this was the place for her to grow and learn herself so that she could encourage the kids to learn and grow more as well.
  • Ms Pam

    Ms Pam

    Pre-K Teacher
    Ms. Pam has been in childcare since 2002. She has an Associates of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. While pursuing her education, Ms. Pam provided childcare in her home. Her experience as a mother of a special needs child has taught her that every day is different and special, so make the most of every moment. Some of Ms. Pam’s favorite things include reading, summertime, listening to her son’s band play music, cookouts, and spending time with family and friends. Ms. Pam chose the Goddard school because she prefers the hands-on learning experiences. She knows there are no two days that are the same; every day is a new learning experience.
  • Ms Kayla

    Ms Kayla

    Toddler Teacher
    Ms. Kayla has been in childcare since 2022. She graduated from the Blue Springs School District in 2020 and later began working as an aid in their before school program. Although she is undecided, she is currently taking courses through MCC, she plans to major in education or law. Ms. Kayla comes from a blended family and is the second oldest of 5. Her favorite city to visit is Galveston Texas because of the fun atmosphere and beautiful beaches. Ms. Kayla chose The Goddard School for the student empowerment approach and the immediate sense of safety and security she felt was provided for the children in the school.
  •  Tessa


    2's Teacher
    Ms. Tessa has been in childcare since 2018. She previously worked at a center in Omaha, NE where she fell in love with teaching. She attended the University of Kansas in 2017 and majored in nursing. Her plan is to return to school and pursue a degree in child psychology. Her love for kids comes from being an aunt to 6 nieces and nephews. She is the youngest of two older brothers and one sister. Ms. Tessa loves spending time with her dog sunny, family and friends. She swam competitively for 9 years and qualified for state 3 out of the 4 years in high school. Ms. Tessa loves coming up with fun interactive activities for the children to do. She chose The Goddard School because of the warm welcoming staff and the high standard of learning they provide.
  • Ms Tiffany

    Ms Tiffany

    Pre-K Teacher
    Ms. Tiffany has been a Pre-K teacher since 2003. She studied at Northwest Missouri State University where she received a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, and an Associate’s in Early childhood, SPED and Learning Disabilities. She worked in a MPP/SPED classroom for 6 years. Ms. Tiffany also spent many years coaching competitive basketball and is active in PTA. Ms. Tiffany is married to her husband Bryan. She has a daughter, a son, and a stepdaughter. She loves her dog and 2 cats and is a big fan of Kentucky basketball (Go, Big Blue!). She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and drinking coffee on her deck. Ms. Tiffany chose The Goddard School for their high standard in learning, Phonics tutoring, and their fantastic curriculum.
  • Ms Shelby

    Ms Shelby

    Lead Preschool Teacher
    Ms. Shelby has been a preschool teacher since 2016 as well as a nanny for. She plans on furthering her education and studying Child Psychology. Ms. Shelby does not have any children of her own yet but is raising her younger brother. She loves spending time and traveling with her family, watching her favorite sports teams, and doing outdoor activities. Ms. Shelby chose Goddard because of their hands on approach to learning through play, investigation, and discovery.
  • Ms Yancey

    Ms Yancey

    Infant Teacher
    Ms. Yancey has been in childcare since 2021. She has a background in the food industry, so she is used to a fast-paced environment. Ms. Yancey always wants to improve and make sure that tasks are being done right. She also makes sure that those around her are holding up the high Goddard standards. Even though Ms. Yancey is new to working in a licensed childcare facility, caring for children is not new to her. As she grew up, she spent a lot of time caring for her nieces and nephews. Ms. Yancey really enjoys working with infants and toddlers. She loves to watch their personalities grow. Although Ms. Yancey loves working with children, she hopes to work in the construction field one day with large machinery. Ms. Yancey chose The Goddard School because of their positive communication and collaboration between the teachers and children.
  • Ms Meara

    Ms Meara

    Faculty Support
    Ms. Meara has been in childcare since 2018. After graduation, she quickly found her passion in early childhood education. Throughout her teaching journey, she has learned and experienced so many amazing things. She loves taking the time to get to know each child in her classroom. Every one of her students are dear to her heart and have helped her grow as a teacher. In Ms. Meara's free time, she enjoys being outdoors, spending time with her family, running and cooking. She chose The Goddard School because of their hands on learning experience. She is so excited to be apart of the Goddard school!
  • Ms Isabel

    Ms Isabel

    Faculty Support
    Ms. Isabel has been working in childcare since 2018. Some teachers and students like to call her Ms. Izzi for short. She is currently pursuing her certification in Computer Aided Drafting. She is the oldest of seven and has five sisters and one brother. Ms. Isabel loves to spend her free time in the kitchen trying new recipes as well as having movie marathons to some of her favorite films. Ms. Isabel chose Goddard because of their amazing use of technology. She loves to see how technology is used in their hands on learning experience!
  • Ms Rebecca

    Ms Rebecca

    Preschool Teacher
    Ms. Rebecca has dedicated her career to working with children since 1987. She attended The English Nanny School in Cleveland, Ohio. She was a nanny in both Atlanta, Georgia and in the Kansas City area. Her passion for working with children facing challenges academically, socially, and physically as well as special needs related to genetic abnormalities grew and she worked in local school districts as a special education paraeducator/instructional assistant from 2004 to 2021. Ms. Rebecca has been married to her husband since 1996 and has two children- a daughter, Libby and a son, Brent. She enjoys camping, planning themed birthday parties and appreciates the challenge of winning board games, especially Scrabble and Boggle. As a young adult Ms. Rebecca’s dream job was to travel the world and photograph children in their natural innocence. She joined the Goddard team because of their continued interest in hands on learning and she likes the genuine, caring administration.
  • Ms Kathryn

    Ms Kathryn

    2's Teacher
    Ms. Kathy has been working with children since 2016 and has been at The Goddard School since 2021. She has experience working with infants up to elementary school age children. Ms. Kathy enjoys playing pickleball, golfing and shopping. She chose The Goddard School because of the family like atmosphere and the hands on learning experiences for all students. Parent communication is very important to Ms. Kathy because she loves to connect and build relationships with every family.
  • Ms Ione

    Ms Ione

    Pre-K Teacher
    Ms. Ione has been in child care since 2008. She is from the Philippines and lived on the 4th largest island called, Negros. She considered it a paradise, as she has fun memories from her younger years exploring the nature around it and its massive sugarcane plantation. She grew up in a family of teachers which inspired her to become one. She moved to Missouri and got married in 2018 to her wonderful husband. During her free time, she spends quality time with her daughter, Leeloo, and her step-daughter Hayden, along with her three dogs. She has a Bachelor's degree in History from the University of the Philippines-Diliman. She has worked as a Montessori teacher in the Philippines and Singapore. Ms. Ione chose Goddard because of its prestige and legacy in the world of education. Teaching is her passion and she aims to bring out the best in every child.
  • Ms Jordan

    Ms Jordan

    Preschool Teacher
    Ms. Jordan has been working with kids since 2015. She has a bachelors degree in education and training and Child Psychology from The University of Central Missouri. She has worked for daycares, private schools and communicative disorder schools. Ms. Jordan loves working with children and helping them grow. She believes that every child is special and unique and being able to help each child grow is the best job in the world! Ms. Jordan loves to travel, going to sporting games and going to the lake. She is the type of person to constantly be on the go with friends and family. She is married and has two boys.
  • Ms Hannah

    Ms Hannah

    Faculty Support
    Ms. Hannah has been working in childcare since the fall of 2020, and she is confident and passionate about her chosen career. When she is not at work, Ms. Hannah likes to spend her time being creative and artistic, or cuddling with her cat. Ms. Hannah was initially drawn to The Goddard School's consistent high standards and their reputation for excellence. Now that she is part of the team, she is excited to continue to grow with the school, its staff, and the students and families.
  • Ms Norah

    Ms Norah

    Faculty Support
    Ms. Norah is a recent high school graduate and is new to child care. She is excited to make connections with the children and watch them grow and learn. She quickly found her love for child care here at the Goddard School. She is an old soul and has a huge passion for music. She enjoys going on road trips and exploring new places. She also enjoys going to concerts and spending time with friends and family. She chose Goddard because of all the great things she heard and their hands on learning experience. Ms. Norah is excited to grow professionally while here at Goddard!
  • Ms Vicki

    Ms Vicki

    Brand Ambassador
    Ms. Vicki is our Brand Ambassador. As an avid road-tripper, hiker, and camper, Ms. Vicki embodies the spirit of The Goddard School – Lakewood. She’s an adventurer with an explorer’s spirit, and has a passion and talent for making our school a welcoming & nurturing environment. From our outside decor to indoor seasonal & holiday decorations, Ms. Vicki’s visions truly make our school feel like a home - warm, fun, and inviting! Ms. Vicki is the proud mom of three grown kids, watched her four grandchildren (plus bonus grandkids) for years, and is famous in our school for her “Grandma Vicki’s Banana Muffins” on our menu. She and her husband, Gene, can be found relaxing on their pontoon boat or cruising down Route 66 pulling a tear-drop trailer. Their adventures often result in even more unique and outdoorsy décor for our school!
  • Ms Mellany

    Ms Mellany

    Phonics Tutor
    Ms. Mellany has a degree in elementary education from UMKC. She first began working in early childhood in 1984. She recently retired from teaching in the Raytown school district where she worked in a variety of classroom settings from early childhood to middle school. Her last 23 years with the district were spent in the same elementary school. Her passion for teaching, building relationships and introducing children to the joy of learning led her to seek a post-retirement position in education. She is thrilled to be teaching at The Goddard School!
  • Ms Brooke

    Ms Brooke

    Infant Teacher
    Ms. Brooke has been in early child care since 2023. She graduated with a degree in secondary Education. She quickly found her passion for the younger toddlers and babies when she joined the Goddard team. She recently moved here from Nevada Missouri with her Fiancé. She chose Goddard because she has always wanted to work in early childhood and believed that Goddard was the best place to be because of their high standards.
  • Ms Ashlen

    Ms Ashlen

    Faculty Support
    Ms. Ashlen joined the Goddard School in 2023 and is currently a Senior in High School. She plans to go to College in the fall to major in Elementary Education. She chose Goddard because of the hands on learning experiences which she believes is so important for young learners.
  •  Sky


    Infant Teacher
    Ms. Sky has been working in childcare since 2016. She has experience working with infants and older children. She is currently going to school to become a Medical Billing and Coder. She loves spending her free time shopping and hanging out with friends and family. Ms. Sky chose the Goddard School because of the diversity and hands on learning experiences.
  • Ms Lexi

    Ms Lexi

    Faculty Support
    Ms. Lexi has been in childcare since 2022, but has had many baby sitting jobs before she started in early ed. Ms. Lexi played college basketball and went to school to become an Esthetician. She enjoys shopping, make up, fashion, and has been enjoying her journey to motherhood. She will welcome a son in December 2023! Ms. Lexi chose Goddard because she loved the work atmosphere and the learning atmosphere for the kids.
  •  Jodie


    Toddler Teacher
    Ms. Jodie joined the Goddard School in 2023. She has been in child care since 1983 and has an Associates Degree in Child Development and Early Childhood Education. She is married and has one daughter and three grandchildren. When she is not at work, you can find her spending time with her family, crafting or reading. Ms. Jodie chose the Goddard School because of their child lead curriculum with hands on experiences. Ms. Jodie's favorite quote is "Don't give up, I believe in you all. A person's a person no matter how small."-Dr. Seuss
  • Ms Julie

    Ms Julie

    Faculty Support
    Ms. Julie holds a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Missouri Western State University and a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction Degree from UCM. She has been in the education field since 1984. During her career she has been a classroom teacher, reading specialist, literacy coach and literacy consultant. Ms. Julie's classroom teaching experience spans grades k-5 with the majority spent in kindergarten, First and Second Grade. She also has experience with infants and toddlers as a nursey worker at her church, as well as being a parent and grandparent to 3 children and 3 grandchildren. She loves spending time with her family and watching Chiefs football. Ms. Julie is excited to be working at The Goddard School. She chose Goddard because of their great education team, top-notch curriculum that provides the children with creative hands-on learning experiences, and opportunities to discover and grow through learning.
  • Ms Casimera

    Ms Casimera

    Faculty Support
    Ms. Casi has been working in early childhood since 2016. She looks forward to furthering her education in child development and psychology. Ms. Casi is a mother to three girls and her hobbies include spending time with her family, water-coloring, being outdoors and advocating for mental health. Ms. Casi chose The Goddard School because of their focus on early education. She is excited to see her students learn and grow!
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