Our Teachers

Our teachers blend the highest education standards with nurturing care to help foster well-rounded child development.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  • Mrs Sheila

    Mrs Sheila

    Sheila is the owner of The Goddard School located in Chesterfield, Missouri. She has a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and Special Education from Southeast State University. She has earned a Master's degree in Elementary Administration from University of Missouri. Sheila has been a proud owner of a Goddard School for nineteen years.
  • Ms Jill

    Ms Jill

    Head Director
    Hello, my name is Jill Cronin and I am the Head Director of the Chesterfield Goddard School. I have a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Fontbonne University. As the school director, I take pride in striving for excellence and providing quality childcare, while promoting a fun and positive workplace for our staff. Prior to becoming a director, I worked as a classroom teacher for several years. My experience in the classroom has been a valuable tool in understanding both the needs of our students and our employees. My goal is to build strong relationships and create a sense of community within our school. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and our three dogs. I also dabble in interior decorating, love to travel, and enjoy watching and playing sports. CPR/First Aid certified.
  • Ms Katie

    Ms Katie

    Director/ HR
    Ms. Katie is head of hiring and training at The Goddard School. She has a degree in Occupational Therapy Assistant. She has been an early childhood teacher, occupational therapy assistant, a Wellness Director, a business manager, and a trainer. She is excited to get to know your family. CPR/First Aid certified.
  • Ms Nichole

    Ms Nichole

    Classroom Success Coach
    Hello, my name is Nichole. I work closely with classroom teachers to ensure high level of instruction and quality of care. I have 2 years of experience in early childhood education. I also have a Psychology degree with minor in Child Advocacy Studies. In my free time I love spending time with my family and friends! CPR/First Aid certified.
  • Ms Krista

    Ms Krista

    Office Manager
    Hi, my name is Krista and I am the Office Manager here at The Chesterfield Goddard School. I have an associate's degree in early care and education and have many years of experience as a nanny and working in the early childhood education field. I am married and have two children. In my free time, I love camping and hanging out with friends and family! I am a huge fan of the St. Louis Cardinals! CPR/First Aid certified.
  •  Sydney


    Administrative Assistant
    Hello! My name is Sydney, also known as Syd. I have a bachelor’s degree in communication science of disorders with emphasis in speech pathology. I earned this degree from Missouri State University. I have 10+ years of experience in the childcare field. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and 2 kiddos. We love to take walks and ride in our jeep! I hope to help the children at Goddard learn and grow while keeping them safe! CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Ms Natalie

    Ms Natalie

    Teacher- Infants (Chicks), 6 weeks-12 months
    Hi, my name is Natalie. I’m originally from Cali, Colombia and moved here over 24 years ago. I have worked with infants for the past 20 years. I have a bachelor's degree in child psychology, and I am currently working on my master's degree at Maryville University. I truly love working with children. I also find the development in their early years fascinating. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family. CPR/First Aid certified.
  • Ms Josephine

    Ms Josephine

    Teacher - Infants (Chicks), 6 Weeks - 12 Months
    My name is Josephine, but most people call me Joey. I have 8 year of experience in child care. Infants are my favorite age to work with. I love seeing them meet new milestones! I am so excited to teach your babies and watch them grow every day! CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Ms Cameron

    Ms Cameron

    Teacher- First Steps (Squirrels), 12 to 17-19 months
    Hi! My name is Cameron, but I prefer Cam! I have my associates degree in elementary education. I have been the classroom teacher in the Squirrels room for over a year now and I have loved every minute! I truly enjoy being part of the Goddard family. CPR/First Aid Certified.
  • Ms Jasmine

    Ms Jasmine

    Teacher-First Steps (Ducks), 12 months to 17-19 months
    Hi, I’m Jasmine, but everyone calls me Jas. I have five years of experience working in childcare. I am currently in school getting my degree in early education. I also have three years of experience as a Girl Scout troop leader. I love working with children and hope that I can help enhance their imagination and originality! In my free time, I enjoy doing arts & crafts and baking. CPPR/First Aid certified.
  • Ms Brianna

    Ms Brianna

    Teacher- First Steps (Ducks) 12 months to 17-19 months
    Hi, my name is Brianna, but everyone calls me Bri. I have over 3 years of experience working with children in a childcare setting. Helping the children learn and grow is my favorite part of my job. Outside of work, I enjoy time with my family and shopping with my best friend. I am currently enrolled in college, have my CNA Certificate. CPR/First Aid certified.
  • Ms Annabelle

    Ms Annabelle

    Teacher - Pre-Toddler (Guppies), 18 Months - 24 Months
    Hi, my name is Annabelle but I go by Annie. I grew up in Kansas and worked at a Goddard School there before moving here to Chesterfield. I now have 3 years experience in childcare! Besides working here, I am a ballet dancer with the St. Louis Ballet. I love working for The Goddard School and I am so happy to be here at the Chesterfield location!
  • Ms Mariana

    Ms Mariana

    Teacher-Pre-Toddler (Ladybugs), 17-19 months old to 2 years
    My name is Mariana, and I hold a bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in Spanish from SIUE. I have been working with kids since high school, and I am a very family-oriented individual. I have a close relationship with my two sisters and parents. I enjoy working with kids because of their creativity and intelligence. Every time I work with children, I learn something new, and it brings me immense joy!! CPR/First Aid certified.
  • Ms Anahi

    Ms Anahi

    Teacher - Pre-Toddler (Bunnies), 18 Months - 24 Months
    Hi I'm Anahi! I am currently working towards my associates degree in elementary education. I have my substitute license and this is my fourth year working in childcare. I love the one-year-olds! In my free time I enjoy quality time with family as well as relaxing and focusing on self-care. CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Ms Sydney

    Ms Sydney

    Teacher - Pre-Toddler (Bunnies), 18 Months - 24 Months
    My name is Sydney. I have two and a half years experience working in childcare through working at a daycare facility and babysitting. My family is very important to me and has always been supportive of my career goals. I am hoping to bring children happiness because they deserve it. I want them to feel like they are safe. CPR/First Aid Certified
  •  Jaidyn


    Teacher- Pre-Toddler (Guppies), 18 Months - 24 Months
    Hello! My name is Jaidyn. I graduated from North Point High School in 2023. I started babysitting when I was 13 and I have loved working with children ever since. I love shopping and spending time with family and friends in my free time. The main reason I love working with children is because I get the opportunity to help them learn and grow! CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Ms Leanne

    Ms Leanne

    Teacher-Toddlers (Caterpillars), 24-30 months old
    My name is Leanne. I have experience and have formal training as a behavior technician specializing in early intervention. I also plan to start working towards my CDA. I come from a large family and have five younger siblings, so being surrounded by children feels very natural to me. My favorite hobbies include reading, baking and cooking, hiking and camping – all of which I sort of inherited from my parents. I hope to bring lots of fun to my classroom as I foster the kiddo's independence and confidence. I always have such a blast with kids, and I love their imagination and sweetness more and more every day. CPR/First Aid certified.
  •  Victoria


    Teacher- Get Set (Frogs), 30 Months - 36 Months
    My name is Victoria, but friends and family call me Vicki. I have my bachelor's degree in early childhood education. I have 11 years of experience working in a childcare setting. I am married, but have no children at this time. I love reading books, enjoy the outdoors and spending time with family. My goal is to bring joy and create a love of learning within my students. My favorite part of teaching is seeing the kiddos light up when they learn something new!! CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Ms Amanda

    Ms Amanda

    Teacher- Bridge (Hummingbirds), 30 Months - 36 Months
    Hi, I’m Ms. Amanda. I am the mother of four beautiful children and I have been a two-year-old teacher for over two years. I love traveling, summer and old movies like “Gone with the Wind” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. I love working with two-year-olds because every day is a new adventure with them and you never know what crazy things they will say. CPR/First Aid Certified
  •  Hannah


    Teacher- Pre-Toddler (Ladybugs), 18 Months- 24 Months
    Hello! My name is Hannah, and I am so excited to meet you! I have been working with children fore 4 years. I am a part-time student pursuing a degree in early childhood education. I believe early childhood is such an important life stage and strive to create a nurturing, safe, and educational environment. My favorite thing in the world is my dog, Ruppert. He is a rescued senior chihuahua. CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Ms Passant

    Ms Passant

    Teacher - Preschool (Groundhogs), 3 Years - 4 Years Old
    Hello my name is Passant! I am the Groundhogs teacher. I have 3 years of experience teaching in early childhood education. I am currently working towards my CDA. In my free time I love spending time with my two children who love to play football... even inside the house! CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Ms Michelle

    Ms Michelle

    Teacher- Preschool (Raccoons), 3 Years - 4 Years Old
    Hello there! My name is Michelle. I graduated high school in 2018 at Parkway South High School. Since then, I have been working, and plan to go to esthetician school. I am on my 5th year of professionally working with ages 9 months to 5 years old in a daycare setting, and I have experience babysitting family and neighbors throughout high school. I fell in love with working with children, and it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. I am so lucky to be able to be apart of your child’s learning and growth! I can’t wait to meet you! CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Ms Bailey

    Ms Bailey

    Teacher- Pre-K (Room 1), 4 Years - 5 Years Old
    Hi, my name is Bailey. I have over five years of experience working in a professional childcare setting, and now I am working towards my CDA. I have also studied opera performance in both Kansas City and St. Louis. I have worked with children of all ages, newborn through elementary. I have 3 cats, Ollie, Charlie and Lilli that love to play! In my free time, you can find me playing with them or going to local concerts and shows. I hope I can bring a fun, safe environment, and new experiences to the children at Goddard! CPR/First Aid certified
  • Ms Jenna

    Ms Jenna

    Teacher - Pre-K (Room 3), 4 Years - 5 Years Old
    Hello, my name is Jenna! I taught Special Education for three years and now Pre-Kindergarten. I love to draw and paint! I love teaching because seeing the students reach their academic and personal goals means a lot to me! I hope to bring them comfort and joy as we grow together! CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Mr Jeff

    Mr Jeff

    Kindergarten Teacher-(Room 4), 5-6 years
    Hi, my name is Jeff. I have my bachelor's degree in elementary education and have worked for the last 20 years for the Special School District of St. Louis County. During that time, I spent 13 years at Green Trails Elementary and 6 years at Parkway West High School. I enjoy learning and hope to bring my passion for learning and natural curiosity to my students. After all, if you are not excited about learning, how can you expect to motivate your students?! CPR/First Aid certified.
  • Mr David

    Mr David

    Gym Teacher
    My name is David and I am extremely proud to be a part of The Goddard School of Chesterfield team. I have a bachelor's degree in Exceptional Learning and Development from Bethel University. I have five years of experience teaching physical education. I am married and we have two boys. CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Ms Tia

    Ms Tia

    Resource Teacher
    Hi, my name is Tia. I am the mother of 3 very energetic boys! They contribute to my love for early childhood education. I have two years experience in child care. I am currently going to college for Child and Family Development at STLCC. When I’m not doing school assignments or working, you can find me knee deep in a good young adult novel. CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Ms Khan

    Ms Khan

    Hi, my name is Ms. Khan. I work in the kitchen here at The Goddard School. I have over 15 years of experience as a chef and 10 years of experience teaching in early childhood education. I love to cook and spend time with my family. I love working in the kitchen and preparing meals for your children. Safe Serve Certification, CPR/First Aid Certified
  •  Madison


    Resource Teacher
    Hi! My name is Madison. I am currently a student at William Woods University. I am majoring in psychology and minoring in education. I have completed Peer Teaching training. I am the youngest of three siblings and come from a military family. I have a love for basketball and have played for 15 years, to include being a college athlete. I want to work with children because I want to have a positive impact on their lives and I look forward to the opportunity to learn and grown from them! CPR/First Aid Certified
  •  Autumn


    Resource Teacher
    Hello, my name is Autumn. I have been in early childcare education for a year. I have been a nanny for 12 years. I have always had a lot of kids around me rather be family or the church I grew up in. In my free time I love to bake different desserts for my family and friends on our monthly game nights. I love talking with children and see how their brains work and the different ways they think about things. CPR/First Aid Certified
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