Zionsville Reviews & Recognition

The love and commitment of our Goddard families inspires us every day. To help make each child’s learning experiences the best they can be, we are always happy to listen when parents share their expectations. Here’s what our families have to say.

  • From the ownership to every teacher....communications and continuously doing what's best for the kids and families

    Avery's Father

    Pre-K Classroom

  • My child has blossomed at Goddard. She loves it and has learned so much. The teachers and staff care, engage, and listen to our needs. Highly recommend Goddard!

    Violet's Mother

    Pre-K Classroom

  • We learn so much everyday and LOVE the caring and fun learning environment!

    Paige's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • The teachers in the Tiny Tiger Room are absolutely wonderful! They have made going back to work for me easy as I do not have to worry about my baby and know that he is in exceptional hands. I also like the warm and friendly environment of Goddard. Teachers in the other classrooms even know my son and the other babies in the case.

    Chaz's Mother

    Infant Classroom

  • The teachers are fantastic and really make the difference. I can tell they are really committed to helping our kids and genuinely care for them. I also love that I can see the activities from the day so we can reinforce at home.

    Will & Baby #2's Mother

    Toddler Classroom

  • The facilities are clean and secure. The rooms are set up perfectly for the kids and the teachers are good about teaching kids were things are so kids can learn to put things away. I can reinforce this behavior at home. The teachers genuinely care about my kids and are happy to talk with me about any concerns I have or efforts I'm making at home so they can reinforce those things at school (such as potty-training). Thank you so much for all your hard work running such an excellent school!

    Georgiana & Maggie's Mother

    Toddler Classroom

  • The staff is wonderful. Very caring and treat the children as their own.

    Bryce & Blake's Mother

    Infant Classroom

  • The teachers make their own lesson plans and we like the fact that several staff members have been at the school for several years.

    Max's Mother

    Junior-K Classroom

  • The staff and ownership are all extraordinary individuals. They are caring and kind and have the ability to motivate the kids to excel - both personally and academically. We are very fortunate to have the chance to for our girls to be there.

    Arleen & Elaina's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • I think the curriculum includes a nice balance of structured learning across many subjects, as well as exploration of various concepts and also fun, which I value just as much as the education for the ages my children are. Also, the teachers we have are wonderful!

    Luke & Samantha's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • The staff at Goddard Zionsville is like family. They love my kids and take care of them the way I would if I could be home with them. The curriculum is fun for kids while keeping them challenged at the same time.

    Luca & Mateo's Mother

    Pre-K Classroom

  • I like the personalized and tailored program for my child.

    Jackson's Mother

    Kindergarten Classroom

  • It's high quality all around, with a flexible, caring, and smart approach in the classrooms that gets results.

    Jackson & Coraline's Father

    Junior-K Classroom

  • All of the teachers at The Gaddard School know my son. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I feel like the school is a very important part of that village. When he arrives in the morning, he is thrilled to walk (or run) in and when he leaves in the evening he is worn out from a hard day of learning and play. I always feel comfortable that he is in great hands with teachers that love him.

    Porter & Elliott's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • High quality education provided with a personal touch. School administrators (Dea, Denae, Carrie) and Teachers (regardless of class room assignment) know my children's and my name. Teachers tailor curriculum to meet my children's individual needs and both of my boys are challenged in their classroom. I feel like I have a personal relationship with the teacher and staff and that they are equally invested in my children's learning and well being.

    Alexander & Maxim's Mother

    Toddler Classroom

  • Nice and friendly environment, for us the most important part is the personalized treatment that my son had received,he is not just one more child he is part of the Goddard's family he really feels like home. Regarding education they have lots of resources and qualified, loving, and patient teachers that had helped my son to thrive in all areas.

    Ely's Mother

    Pre-K Classroom

  • The staff is friendly, responsible, compassionate and the curriculum is creative. Our son is growing by leaps and bounds since being at Goddard. His vocabulary, sentence ability, etiquette and socialization have improved so much.

    Xavier & Olivia 's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • Teachers, staff really teach the children and follow the schedule and cirriculum, while each showing their own personality and individuality with the kids. They really care about the school, the children and their learning. The team is great.

    Max & Madison's Mother

    Kindergarten Classroom

  • Well structured and great employees. Goddard does a good job of keeping the parents informed as to how the children are progressing. Our children have thoroughly enjoyed their time at Goddard.

    Maryn & Avery's Father

    Before/After School Program

  • My daughters worked very well in the structured program offered by your school. They have grown socially and intellectually by leaps and bounds.

    Lucy & Lily's Mother

    Toddler Classroom

  • The Goddard School in Zionsville treats our children like their own. They recognize that each child is different and tailors the method of teaching accordingly.

    Hannah & Matthew's Father

    Preschool Classroom

  • The staff is wonderful, the organization is great and our son has thrived at Goddard over the past year. We look forward to continuing there for years to come.

    Kieran's Father

    Preschool Classroom

  • There are wonderful teachers in the Tiny Tiger room. These teachers have helped my child learn to crawl, stand, etc. And have also been able to assist me with any questions I might have.

    James's Mother

    Infant Classroom

  • The aspect that appealed to me most before enrolling my child was the teachers in the 1 year room had Worked at the center for several years together. Promoting educational experiences are important, but at 1 year of age Relationships and social emotional growth are key to learning.

    Claire's Mother

    Infant Classroom

  • Teachers and staff are very friendly and we see that our kid is always loved and cared for by everybody at Goddard school. We really appreciate that teachers are open to discussion about my child's need and we often ask them about his milestones.

    Samar 's Mother

    Toddler Classroom

  • We love the teachers, the program, and the owner! Dea is absolutely wonderful!!! She cares about the well-being of not only each student, but also her teachers, and it shows! We have recommended The Goddard School to several of our friends and neighbors because we love it so much!

    Stella's Mother

    Toddler Classroom


Paths to Quality is Indiana's voluntary quality rating system where providers demonstrate ongoing efforts to achieve higher standards of quality.

April 2021 - March 2023


National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accredits early childhood programs according to health, safety and education standards. The standards are intended to provide a reliable and accountable accreditation system to encourage the field of early childhood education to strive for a new level of excellence.

January 2016 - January 2017


Goddard’s Circle of Excellence Award recognizes franchisees that meet the highest standards set by GSI in the areas of health and safety, curriculum, overall quality, punctual reporting and business operations. Eligibility is limited to franchisees that score in the highest range in all of these categories.

January 2014 - January 2015


Every year The Zionsville Times Sentinel collects votes for the best business' in their community. This year, around 2,400 people votes were cast.

January 2014 - January 2015


Goddard’s Health & Safety Award is presented to the School with the highest average Health & Safety score.

January 2002 - January 2003
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