Our Teachers

Our teachers blend the highest education standards with nurturing care to help foster well-rounded child development.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  •  Katy


    Katy is the on-site owner and operator of the Goddard School of Noblesville. After completing her Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, Katy spent 10 years at the non-profit organization, Outside the Box, where she served as Executive Director until 2019. After seeing her daughter thrive at the Goddard School in Carmel (City Center), Katy wanted other children and families to have that same experience and decided to partner with the owner of the Carmel City Center School, Megan Greek, and expand the brand name in the Indianapolis area. Katy’s daughter, Winnie, was among the first class of students who graduated the Goddard School in 2021. Katy wants each child to fall in love with learning and to know how deeply they are cared for by the faculty who have the privilege of being a part of their lives during their time at Goddard. It is her goal that children will graduate with a passion for making a positive impact on the world and with the confidence to know how to do so.
  •  Abby


    Abby joined our Goddard team in July of 2021 and is our School Director! She is originally from Indianapolis and received a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Southern Indiana. She began her career as a kindergarten teacher. After teaching for a few years, she moved into an administrative role and has had the pleasure of being a director in the field of Early Childhood Education since 2006. She prides herself on her professional background that includes curriculum development, classroom management, and educator training. She resides here in Noblesville with her husband. She enjoys traveling, cheesy 80s movies, reading, and LAUGHING! She is thankful to work in Early Childhood Education because it enables her to create connections with children and their families and build relationships that encourage confidence, academic success, social development, and a life long love of learning!
  •  Allie


    Assistant Director
    Ms. Allie joined our team in 2021! She holds a Bachelor's Degree from Ball State University and is currently completing her Child Development Associate to even further her career in Early Childhood Education. Allie decided early in life that she would love being a teacher. She continued her passion for caring for others and facilitating learning by supporting kids and teens with Autism and other disabilities at Damar Services. Prior to joining our team she spent more than a decade supporting adults with disabilities in classroom settings at an organization called Outside the Box. Allie has worked as a lead teacher in our Pre-K and Toddler classrooms, moved into our Teacher Training Coach role, and is now a member of our administrative team! She believes teaching should be fun and elicit a joy of learning. Recognizing small victories and building self-worth so children can harness their own greatness is key!
  • Ms Emily

    Ms Emily

    Administrative Assistant
    Ms. Emily joins our Goddard family with over ten years of experience working with children in early childhood settings and the local school systems. She has her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and has worked with our very own Ms. Abby at several centers before finding her home at The Goddard School of Noblesville.
  • Ms Sam

    Ms Sam

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Sam is one of our founding teachers, having joined us in 2020! She comes to us from The Goddard School of Carmel – City Center, where she served as the Director of Education for nearly ten years. Ms. Sam received her bachelors degree in 2009 from Indiana University and she is a big fan of the Hoosiers! She has two wonderful children, Harry and Emmy. Ms. Sam loves watching children learn and grow. She believes children learn best from hands-on activities that they are interested in and she loves following the lead of the children in her classroom as they explore their passions.
  • Ms Janessa

    Ms Janessa

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Janessa is one of our founding teachers, joining us in June of 2020! She comes to our school as a Goddard veteran, having spent the last several years at The Goddard School in Arnold, MO in their toddler classroom. She has her Certificate in Early Childhood Education and recently moved to Muncie, IN from Missouri. Ms. Janessa has always known that she wanted to be a teacher. When she entered college she truly found her passion for working with children through observing in classrooms and having some amazing hands-on experiences. She grew up loving babysitting and nannying and now loves working in early childhood centers.
  • Ms Kayla

    Ms Kayla

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Kayla is one of our founding teachers, joining us at our opening in 2020! She comes to us after graduating Fishers High School in 2015. She recently completed her CDA and is working toward her Associates in Early Childhood. She has worked previously with children at the YMCA child care center and she enjoys making connections and forming relationships with the children she serves. Ms. Kayla has loved children for as long as she can remember. She truly believes that children are the wonders of the world and deserve to be loved. She believes every child has the capacity to be taught and to love learning.
  • Ms Madison

    Ms Madison

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Madison joined our team in 2020 and we are so lucky she is part of our Goddard School of Noblesville family. She has worked in center based care for the past several years and knew the moment she saw The Goddard School of Noblesville being built that she wanted to work here. She loves watching little ones learn and grow through play. Ms. Madison grew up in the Fishers/Noblesville area and graduated with her Associates in Early Childhood Education in 2018. She loves her role as a teacher where she has the opportunity to create a safe, positive environment for children to learn and grow. She knows her own goals have been reached when children leave her classroom knowing they are loved and accepted for who they are.
  • Ms Kaylee

    Ms Kaylee

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Kaylee joined the Goddard family in 2021! She grew up babysitting and developed a love of teaching and helping children grow. She is currently starting her journey into early childhood education and was so excited to complete her Child Development Associates in late 2022. Ms. Kaylee is excited to create a fun, positive environment that makes children enjoy learning!
  • Ms Mariam

    Ms Mariam

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Mariam joined our Goddard family in 2022. Ms. Mariam has her bachelors degree in Psychology and comes to us with over four years experience working in the field of early childhood education. She is currently working on her CDA. Her oldest is a graduate of Goddard and her youngest daughter attends school with her! Ms. Mariam loves spending her days with our tiniest learners. Her philosophy is to always teach with love and she loves that she gets to be a part of some of the earliest experience in her babies lives. She loves to push children in her care to try new things and to have fun while playing at school.
  • Ms Mara

    Ms Mara

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Mara is so excited to have recently completed her bachelors degree at Purdue Global in Early Childhood Administration. Ms. Mara's teaching philosophy focuses on the importance of play and intentional activities for our tiniest learners. She believes that communication is the key to learning and honors that educational philosophy using a curriculum system to teach students, specifically tailored to the inquiries, needs, and interests of her students. She believes deeply in the value of modification of resources and activities to fit the needs and preferences of the children in her care and highly values welcoming families, holding positive communication, and sharing information openly so that she is able to cultivate the best possible environment for everyone who is a part of her classroom family!
  • Ms Jaimie

    Ms Jaimie

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Jaimie is a graduate of North Central High School. Following high school she obtained her Associates Degree in Human Services with a dual focus in social work and drug and alcohol counseling. She has worked most of her career in disability services and is excited for her next step in teaching! Ms. Jaimie believes that creating a fun, nurturing environment is the best way for children to learn and she cannot wait to see the growth in her students!
  • Ms Mariam

    Ms Mariam

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Mariam comes to our school with over twelve years of teaching experience. She has her bachelors degree in history education and worked previously as a 4th grade teacher and then in the early childhood setting at the YMCA. Ms. Mariam recently completed her Infant/Toddler CDA to continue her professional development. Her children attend Goddard with her and she loves being able to see them every day at work. Ms. Mariam believes that children are amazing and are full of fun and joy. She believes that every child is unique and wants to create an environment full of love where they can learn through play.
  • Ms Elizabeth

    Ms Elizabeth

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Elizabeth is an Indiana native who spent many years in Arizona, where her three grown children live currently. She returned to the Carmel, IN area in 2012, where she currently resides with her husband and furry friend, Amity. Ms. Elizabeth has worked in the field of early childhood for many years and obtained her Child Development Associates (CDA) in 2021. An artist at heart, Ms. Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her family, sewing, drawing, painting and staying active in her community. She loves making connections with the children in her care and watching their minds grow!
  • Ms Emmy

    Ms Emmy

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Emmy is so excited to join the Goddard family! She is a graduate of Muncie Central High School and after her graduation she attended Ball State University and she is currently pursuing her Child Development Associates. After moving to Indianapolis, she worked for the non-profit Outside the Box (OTB) where she supported adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in continuing education. She served many roles at OTB over her 11 year tenure, most recently as the Associate Director. At OTB, Ms. Emmy met her husband Jon and they have two wonderful children together and she is thrilled her little ones, Milo and Penelope, will attend Goddard with her. Emmy believes deeply in teaching children the values of kindness and acceptance and she hopes that with the love and nurturing environment she provides, children in her care will develop the confidence they need to be their most unique selves.
  • Ms Mariam

    Ms Mariam

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Mariam joined our team right after our opening in 2020 and comes to us from our sister school in Carmel, where she worked in the infant and first steps classrooms for over two years. She lives in Noblesville and is so excited to be continuing her work in the Goddard family while being closer to home. Ms. Mariam has her degree in nursing, where she specialized in taking care of newborns and children. She worked for a pre-school in her home country of Alexandria, Egypt. She has two children of her own! Ms. Mariam's philosophy in learning and teaching is that thinking and talking leads to understanding and releasing positive energy and she brings that same loving, joyful energy to the children she supports in the classroom.
  • Ms Jena

    Ms Jena

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Jena joined our team in November of 2020 after spending the last several years working as a program facilitator at Outside the Box, an Indianapolis non-profit serving adults with disabilities. There, she facilitated programs focused on skill acquisition and development aimed at assisting program participants in identifying their goals and living their best lives. She has extensive experience in caring for young children and is looking forward to applying those skills to her new position as a teacher at The Goddard School. Ms. Jena believes in a 'hands-on' learning approach and loves to actively participate in the activities she plans with her kiddos. She believes children learn best when they are having fun and playing!
  • Ms Zohra

    Ms Zohra

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Zohra joined our team in 2021. She has a background in accounting and working with children. She has two children who attend our school and enjoys spending much of her time away from school with them and her husband! Ms. Zohra believes that all children deserve the very best love, care and attention and is so excited to provide that to them in her care.
  • Ms Josie

    Ms Josie

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Josie is a recent graduate of Wes-Del High school. She has been in the work force since her graduation in 2020 and has volunteered with an animal rescue group named Homer’s Helpers. Ms. Josie believes that teachers should create a fun, safe, and enriching learning environment in order for children to learn and grow. She can’t wait to help nurture the lives of our tiny learners!
  • Ms Jennavieve

    Ms Jennavieve

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Jennavieve joined the Goddard family in 2022, fresh out of high school! She grew up babysitting and was a cadet teacher where she developed a passion for working 1:1 with students on reading and print skills. She believes her job as a teacher is to help children in her care feel safe and she hopes to provide all of the resources that children in her care need to help them learn and grow. She hopes to foster independence and self confidence in the kiddos in her care!
  • Ms Sonya

    Ms Sonya

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Sonya is a transplant from northwest Indana and has been in the field of early childhood education for over ten years, having previously earned her certification in infant/toddler care. Her philosophy is to nurture children and open them up to new experiences through play as well as setting and working towards age-appropriate goals and milestones. She loves that children are eager to learn and explore their environments and loves being a part of that experience!
  • Ms Susan

    Ms Susan

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Susan joined our team in 2021! She graduated from Ball State University with an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education. She worked in a center based preschool setting prior to having two children of her own and has 30 years experience in both center and home based care. Ms. Susan has two adult children, Clayton and Madison, who also works here at the Goddard School! She has been married to her husband, Scott, for 29 years and believes children learn best through play. She enjoys watching children learn and grow through learning experiences, as they are sponges and absorb everything they see and hear. We are so lucky to have Ms. Susan and her expertise on our team!
  • Ms Seyma

    Ms Seyma

    Floating Teacher
    Ms. Seyma joined our Goddard family in 2022. She is currently working on her Associates in Early Childhood Education. She has been a volunteer teacher for various non-profit organizations and has experience working with diverse age groups. Her teaching philosophy focuses on providing a safe and nurturing environment where children can explore, observe and experiment with the world around them. She believes every child is special and every child is different.
  • Ms Alicia

    Ms Alicia

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Alicia is so excited to join the Goddard team with our tiniest learners. She has spent a good amount of her career in caregiving, providing home health services to those in need. She also worked as an aide in the elementary school setting, where she developed a deeper passion for teaching. Ms. Alicia knew she wanted to work with kids after having her own daughter, an energetic and sassy now 7 year old. Ms. Alicia believes the most important thing a teacher can do is lead with love and wants every child to feel at home in her care as she loves them just like her own.
  • Ms Brenda

    Ms Brenda

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Brenda joined our Goddard family in March of 2021! She has her bachelor's degree in education and has been an early childhood educator since 2013. Ms. Brenda lives with her husband, young son, daughter and fur baby in Noblesville and they enjoy Friday family movie night and playing different games together! Ms. Brenda strives to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment that cultivates a classroom community that is both diverse and inclusive. She believes that every child is a contributor to the overall culture and enrichment of the classroom and looks forward to getting to know each child's personality and what they will bring to the class.
  • Ms Fatou

    Ms Fatou

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Fatou joins the Goddard team after attending Gambia College. After she finished schooling, she returned to the same school where she then taught for eight years. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her classroom from her academic and practical background. Ms. Fatou is a wife and full time mother to her son, now a Goddard student! She has experience in babysitting her siblings and loves to tailor her teaching approach to meet the individual needs of her students. She believes each child is unique and has unique needs and we have the job as educators to individualize our teaching to best support their learning and growth.
  • Ms Reiss

    Ms Reiss

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Reiss is the oldest of 5 children and a 2021 graduate of Westfield High School. Following the completion of her diploma, Ms. Reiss has been working on her degree in fine art. She has over a year of experience in a child-care center and is excited to put that experience to work in the Goddard classrooms. Ms. Reiss believes that learning is facilitated best in a relaxed environment where children are able to learn at their own pace. She loves the idea of allowing a child’s interests and passions to guide their learning experience and believes that creates lasting lifelong learning for the children in her care.
  • Ms Zakia

    Ms Zakia

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Zakia originally hails from Algeria and is so excited to be a member of the Goddard team. She has a legal background along with her teaching degree and over six years of professional experience. Ms. Zakia also gained her Child Development Associates (CDA) and is excited to combine her professional and educational background into excellent care in the infant classrooms. Ms. Zakia also has two children of her own who attend Goddard with her. Ms. Zakia loves to create a fun, safe and healthy learning environment that is pleasant, welcoming and provides age-appropriate levels of stimulation and interaction for all of her little ones. Her focus is heavily weighted in understanding what children are feeling while being taught. She believes that by putting ourselves in our children’s shoes, we can empathize with their educational experience and be motivated to do all we can to help them learn and grow.
  • Mr Matt

    Mr Matt

    Mr. Matt joins our school with over 15 years of experience as a professional cook. He holds his degree in culinary arts and management. Some of his favorite positions he has held include being a cook at Disney World and working with young ones at church. Mr. Matt’s cooking philosophy is simple: Hot food = hot; Cold food = cold ;) Ever the jokester, Mr. Matt loves creating an environment of silliness and fun and believes that good food will create smiles and happiness for those who receive it!
  • Ms Barbara

    Ms Barbara

    Floating Teacher
    Ms. Barbara comes to our school with a degree in law, but she has always known that her true passion was working with children. She fell in love with teaching in her native Brazil, where she worked teaching toddlers the English language. After moving to the US, Ms. Barbara worked as a nanny for three different families, gaining experience with infants, toddlers and older children. Ms. Barbara believes deeply in gentle care. She wants all children to be respected and supported by her and all those they spend their time with, so that they are nurtured to become their true selves.
  • Ms Richa

    Ms Richa

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Richa joined the Goddard team in 2023 with a background in caregiving. She has worked in center based care both in her home country of India and in the states.Her educational background is in business and she earned her Masters in Business Administration in 2011. Ms. Richa has always been a natural caregiver and loves having children of her own. She is excited to take the knowledge she has learned and work to provide a structured, joyful environment to the children in her care.
  • Ms Laurel

    Ms Laurel

    Floating Teacher
    Ms. Laurel joined our team in June of 2021! She graduated from Carmel High School and is currently attending Western Kentucky University for special education, which has always been a passion of hers. She has experience as a teacher's aide, the Best Buddies program as well as babysitting. To sum up her teaching philosophy, she says it is important to her to have the opportunity not only have a positive impact on her student's lives but also to prepare them for the future!
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