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Our expertly trained and experienced teachers and staff blend the highest standards in early childhood education and development with nurturing care to help your child have fun while growing physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  •  Jane & Genia

    Jane & Genia

    Meet Jane & Genia, two local moms behind The Goddard School in Deerfield! Their passion for early childhood education inspired them to open Goddard as a high-quality alternative to daycare. With bachelor's degrees in Business and Psychology, and a master's degree in Education, Jane previously was a teacher and worked with a large social welfare not-for-profit organization. Genia holds a bachelor's and master's degree in History, and a teaching certificate in Early Childhood Education. Before joining forces with Jane, Genia spent 10 years in the not-for-profit industry, working with immigrant families on cultural integration. Together, Jane and Genia are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for children, offering healthy, nutritious meals, and a wide variety of enrichment classes. Jane lives in Highland Park with her husband, two children & labradoodle, Nika! Genia lives in Deerfield with her husband, three children & their fluffy cat, Motek!
  • Ms Rebecca

    Ms Rebecca

    Executive Director
    Ms. Rebecca holds a bachelor's degree in Child and Family Development from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Originally from North Carolina, she dedicated six years to teaching preschool and pre-K before transitioning into the roles of teacher mentor and assistant director. In August 2019, Ms. Rebecca relocated to Chicago and spent three years as the director of a Preschool in Lincoln Park before joining The Goddard School of Deerfield. Her true passion lies in creating a nurturing environment that supports the growth and development of children, families, and educators alike. When she's not fostering learning experiences, Ms. Rebecca enjoys exploring her culinary skills through cooking and baking, as well as cherishing quality time with her loved ones.
  • Ms Katie

    Ms Katie

    Director of Education
    Ms. Katie holds a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood with a minor in Sociology from Northern Michigan University. With over ten years of teaching experience, she has held various roles including assistant teacher, lead teacher, Assistant Director. Throughout her career, Ms. Katie has worked with children of all ages, from infants through pre-K. Passionate about early childhood education, Ms. Katie finds immense joy in witnessing each child's growth and development as they reach their full potential. Building meaningful relationships with families is an integral part of her teaching philosophy. In her free time, she cherishes moments spent with her husband and daughter, Ella. Together, they enjoy exploring the outdoors, traveling to Michigan to visit family, and cooking as a family activity.
  • Ms Haram

    Ms Haram

    Assistant Director
    Ms. Haram was born in Mexico and relocated to the United States in her teens. As a young adult, she quickly discovered her passion for teaching young children! While working at the Bunnell House Lab Preschool and another local School District in Alaska, she developed a deep love for nurturing and educating small children. Ms. Haram then pursued and completed her degree in Early Childhood Education at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She is happily married to her best friend and is the proud mother of three children, Kairi, Ean, and Lia. Known for her creative, energetic, and loving personality, Ms. Haram firmly believes that play, creativity, and imagination are the greatest tools for children's learning and development
  • Ms Nadia

    Ms Nadia

    Fine Arts Teacher
    Ms. Nadia earned her bachelor's degree in Performance and Music Education from The Ufa State Institute of Arts in Russia. With a lifelong dedication to working with children, she finds great joy in teaching music to young learners. Witnessing the excitement and enthusiasm children display as they learn and perform is what fuels her passion for teaching. Ms. Nadia firmly believes that music plays a crucial role in children's overall development. Her primary focus is to ensure that children have fun while learning through engaging activities such as singing songs, participating in dances, and exploring dramatic plays. Creating an enjoyable and enriching musical experience for her students is Ms. Nadia's top priority.
  • Ms Ingrid

    Ms Ingrid

    Spanish Teacher
    Ms. Ingrid is a native Spanish speaker who initially learned English while studying in Vancouver, Canada. She pursued a career as an English Teacher for ESL students after attending the University of Guanajuato in Mexico. Ms. Ingrid taught preschool, elementary, and high school in Mexico before moving to the United States. She worked as a bilingual nanny, specializing in bilingualism, and later became a bilingual teacher assistant in a middle school while studying at Fort Hays State University to become a Spanish Teacher. Ms. Ingrid's passion lies in helping students with her native language. In her free time, she enjoys reading, singing, and dancing, with her favorite children's books being "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch and "Corduroy" by Don Freeman.
  • Ms Courtney

    Ms Courtney

    Master Lead Teacher
    Ms. Courtney, originally from Glen Ellyn, Illinois, holds degrees in Culinary Arts and Culinary Science from the College of DuPage. After spending eight years in the culinary industry, she discovered her true calling and decided to pursue her passion for teaching children. For the past two years, Ms. Courtney has been dedicated to working with 2-3 year-olds and has found immense joy in the teaching profession. She thrives on creating engaging and enriching lesson plans that incorporate sensory activities, sparking a sense of wonder and curiosity in her classroom. Outside of her teaching role, Ms. Courtney indulges in her love for baking, cooking, and engaging in fun craft projects. She values quality time spent with her family, cherishing those moments together.
  • Ms Ellen

    Ms Ellen

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Ellen holds an Early Childhood Certificates from Oakton Community College with over 35 years of experience. Throughout her career, she has nurtured and taught infants, toddlers, and children with special needs. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Ms. Ellen finds fulfillment in her personal life. With almost 40 years of marriage to her wonderful husband, together, they have raised two accomplished daughters and their beloved dog, Romeo. Recognizing the importance of giving back, Ms. Ellen and her family actively volunteer for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, a cause close to their hearts. During her free time, Ms. Ellen indulges in various interests and activities. She loves shopping (especially for shoes!) watching movies, baking, cooking, and crafting, and especially spending quality time with her family!
  • Ms Alexis

    Ms Alexis

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Alexis grew up in Vernon Hills. She holds a bachelor's degree in Applied Educational Studies from National Louis University. Her lifelong passion for working with young children has been a driving force in her journey as an educator. Even during her high school years, Ms. Alexis dedicated her time and expertise to the preschool at Stevenson High School, laying the foundation for her career in early childhood education. Throughout her professional journey, Ms. Alexis has enriched the lives of children in various roles, including her time at the park district day camp in Buffalo Grove and as a current figure skating instructor! Her love for figure skating extends beyond the ice rink, as she cherishes every opportunity to spend quality time with her family and friends.
  • Ms Olivia

    Ms Olivia

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Olivia earned her associate's degree in Early Childhood Education in June of 2020. With a deep-rooted passion for empowering children to unlock their full potential and achieve their individual goals, she finds fulfillment in guiding and nurturing young minds. Ms. Olivia's affinity for toddlers is fueled by their infectious energy, playful nature, and innate curiosity. Ms. Olivia's affinity for toddlers is fueled by their infectious energy, playful nature, and innate curiosity. During her free time, Ms. Olivia enjoys cuddling up to her Pitbull and watching movies with her husband in the cozy confines of their home.
  • Ms Arsala

    Ms Arsala

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Arsala is originally from Pakistan, where she earned her master’s degree in Business. She also spent 8 years working in the classroom as a teacher with children of all ages and has taken additional coursework in Early Childhood Education from Oakton Community College. Ms. Arsala is passionate about working with children and is excited to bring her ideas to Goddard. She currently resides in Northbrook with her family.
  • Ms Sonali

    Ms Sonali

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Sonali, born and raised in Mumbai, embarked on her journey as a preschool teacher upon arriving in the United States. With a degree in science and a passion for early childhood education, she has dedicated herself to nurturing young minds. Beyond the classroom, Ms. Sonali channels her creativity into painting captivating landscapes using acrylics on canvas. In addition to her artistic skills, she enjoys reading and preparing delicious meals for her family and friends. Ms. Sonali's diverse background, commitment to professional growth, and genuine love for art and literature shape her holistic approach to teaching, creating an enriching environment for her preschool students.
  • Ms Emma

    Ms Emma

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Emma graduated from Columbia College Chicago, where she studied graphic design. However, after returning to the field of early childhood education two years ago, she discovered a new passion. With a long history of being a nanny and babysitter, she has always enjoyed working with children. Ms. Emma's goal is to support each student in developing their skills and fostering independence. During her free time, she finds joy in painting and cherishing moments with her family. Joining the Goddard family has filled Ms. Emma with excitement and anticipation for the wonderful journey ahead!
  • Ms Maria

    Ms Maria

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Maria holds a degree in Family and Child Studies, which she earned from Northern Illinois University in 2020. With eight years of diverse experience working with children, she has developed a deep understanding of their unique needs and interests. Ms. Maria's passion lies in working with young children, particularly preschool students, as she finds joy in their enthusiasm for learning and exploration. In her approach to education, Ms. Maria firmly believes in creating a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience for all students. She strives to incorporate engaging activities and interactive lessons that cater to the individual interests and strengths of each child.
  • Ms Taija Rae

    Ms Taija Rae

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Taija, brings her passion and expertise in childcare with over five years of experience across various age groups. She holds a CDA certification and is currently pursuing an associate's degree in Early Childhood Education, further deepening her knowledge and commitment to fostering children's growth. Ms. Taija finds joy in witnessing children's developmental milestones and takes great pride in being a guiding presence throughout their journey. When she's not in her teaching role, Ms. Taija delights in spending quality time with her family and channeling her creativity into various artistic endeavors. Her commitment to both personal and professional growth serves as a testament to her dedication to providing the best possible learning experiences for the children under her care.
  • Ms Marwah

    Ms Marwah

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Marwah, was born and raised in Iraq. She relocated to Qatar after she got married, and then settled in the United States. Ms. Marwah has a passion for teaching and working with children. With a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, she brings a unique perspective to her classroom. Ms. Marwah taught the Arabic language in a private school in Chicago and has volunteered in libraries and elementary schools. She strongly believes in providing a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family, cooking, and hanging out with friends.
  • Ms Brinagh

    Ms Brinagh

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Brinagh has always had a natural affinity for caring for children, a passion that she developed from a young age. Currently, she is pursuing a psychology degree at Roosevelt University in Chicago and is eager to delve deeper into the field of child psychology through further education. Ms. Brinagh finds great joy in understanding the inner workings of young minds and is thrilled to be a part of The Goddard School, where she can engage with intelligent and captivating children. Outside of her work, Ms. Brinagh finds enjoys reading, drawing, and painting. She firmly believes in fostering creativity and encourages everyone to explore the limitless possibilities of their imagination.
  • Ms Angelica

    Ms Angelica

    Lead Resource Teacher
    Ms. Angelica holds a Child Development Associates degree from Rasmussen College. With over 5 years of experience teaching infants and two-year-old children, as well as more than 10 years as a nanny, she is dedicated to nurturing young minds. During her high school years, she devoted three years to volunteering in a child development class and assisting in a special education classroom. In her leisure time, Ms. Angelica cherishes moments spent with her daughter and family, always seeking new adventures and experiences.
  • Ms Lynda

    Ms Lynda

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Lynda was raised in Chicago, but is originally from Vietnam and can fluently speak Vietnamese! Ms. Lynda's educational journey led her to Western Illinois University in Macomb, where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Health Science. During her time in college, she discovered her passion for working with young children and dedicated four years to gaining valuable experience in this field. Beyond her dedication to early childhood education, Ms. Lynda enjoys spending her free time traveling, event planning, and spending time with her family and friends!
  • Ms Tatiana

    Ms Tatiana

    Assistant Teacher
    Born and raised in Moldova, Ms. Tatiana's is a beloved educator, full of passion and compassion. Since 2018, she has been an integral part of preschools around the Northshore, where her love for teaching and nurturing shines through. Her affinity for children of all ages, combined with her own experience as a mother to two daughters and a proud grandmother of three, creates a unique connection that fosters a sense of safety and understanding. In her meticulously maintained classroom, Ms. Tatiana creates an environment where learning and love intertwine. Her dedication to creating a safe and enriching space for children is a reflection of her warm and nurturing personality. Her legacy is one of heartfelt care and a genuine commitment to shaping young minds.
  • Ms Jasmin

    Ms Jasmin

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Jasmin has completed numerous courses at the College of Lake County to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education. She hopes to return to school and gain more knowledge in the field. Jasmin has always been drawn to children because they are innocent, curious, sweet, and creative. She believes if children have role models willing to educate, guide, and motivate them continuously then it molds them to become a great individual in life. Aside from having the privilege to work with children, she loves spending time with her family and loved ones. She tries to stay active and take advantage of any free time to catch up on her favorite tv shows.
  • Ms Amy

    Ms Amy

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Amy, originally from Northbrook, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Illinois. She further pursued her education and obtained a Master's degree from National Louis. With a diverse teaching background spanning over a decade, Ms. Amy has successfully instructed Elementary and Middle School students in traditional classrooms, as well as provided private tutoring to students of all ages. Recently, she excelled as a virtual teacher, delivering engaging reading and math lessons via Zoom. Being a mother of three, including boy/girl twins, Ms. Amy cherishes quality time with her children. Her personal interests include walking, enjoying the outdoors, and indulging in reality TV shows.
  •  Philip


    Kitchen Manager
    Mr. Phil was born in Chicago and raised in Woodridge, IL. He holds degrees in Culinary Art and Hospitality, as well as Culinary Science, from the College of DuPage. Beginning his career in country clubs and restaurants, Mr. Phil honed his skills and gained confidence that allowed him to explore various sectors within the industry. However, it was when he became a kitchen manager at a preschool that he discovered his true passion. The sight of excited and smiling students greeting him as he delivered their meals brought Mr. Phil immense joy. Every day, he dedicated himself to providing the children with healthy, wholesome, and delicious food. Outside of work, Mr. Phil enjoys playing tabletop and board games with friends and family. He also finds solace in listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks, with favorites including The Wheel of Time and The Dresden Files series.
  • Ms Rani

    Ms Rani

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Rani, a Highland Park native and graduate of Deerfield High School, has dedicated the past decade to working with 3–5-year-olds. Her experience spans across various preschools, daycares, and camps, as well as serving as an Exhibit Guide at Kohl Children's Museum. With a belief that learning should be enjoyable and occur in a caring environment, Ms. Rani fosters a deep connection with children, who reciprocate their love for her. During her leisure time, she indulges in singing, musical theater, and reading, with a special fondness for reading to children.
  • Ms Joanna

    Ms Joanna

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Joanna, originally from Poland, relocated to the United States at the age of 19. Her journey in working with children began as a nanny, a role she wholeheartedly embraced for eight years. Ms. Joanna's unwavering passion for nurturing young minds led her to continuously support children in their exploration and discovery of the world around them. She firmly believes in celebrating each child's uniqueness and guiding them to learn and grow while embracing their individuality. As a student at the College of Lake County, Ms. Joanna earned her nursing assistant certificate, focusing primarily on biological sciences. Alongside being a devoted mother to her two grade school boys and stepdaughter, she indulges in her love for travel, immersing herself in diverse cultures, experimenting in the kitchen, and forming connections with new acquaintances.
  • Ms Susan

    Ms Susan

    Lead Resource Teacher
    Ms. Susan graduated from Roosevelt University with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She has a wealth of teaching experience, having taught Primary Education in the city for several years before focusing on her own family. Throughout the past decade, Ms. Susan has worked with various age groups, including PreK, Preschool, two-year-old transition classes, and Summer camps. She has also facilitated enrichment classes such as Art, Cooking, Imagination Station, and Words with Friends. During her leisure time, Ms. Susan enjoys power walking, playing canasta, and cherishing moments with her loved ones.
  • Ms Maria

    Ms Maria

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Maria brings a wealth of experience and passion to The Goddard School with over 10 years of dedicated childcare experience. Her journey in nurturing young minds began during her high school years in Chicago, where she had the privilege of caring for diverse families, from newborns to grade school children, including those with special needs. She finds joy in witnessing the remarkable progress and unique achievements of every child under her care. Ms. Maria is eager to be part of a vibrant community that shares her values and dedication to nurturing young minds. She embraces the chance to broaden her knowledge, deepen her experience, and make a positive impact on the lives of the children she has the privilege of guiding.
  • Ms Stephanie

    Ms Stephanie

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Stephanie is a dedicated educator who holds a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design and a Minor in Business Administration from Lakeland University. While studying, she discovered her passion for working with children through her experiences as a babysitter. As a teacher, Ms. Stephanie finds great fulfillment in building meaningful connections with her students and witnessing their holistic growth. She firmly believes in nurturing their physical, mental, and emotional development, and takes joy in seeing their progress and achievements. In her free time, Ms. Stephanie embraces an active lifestyle by engaging in regular workouts, playing Animal Crossing, and cultivating her creativity through the relaxing art of knitting.
  • Ms Dulce

    Ms Dulce

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Dulce pursued Early Childhood Education classes during her time in college. However, she made the decision to stay at home and prioritize caring for her own two-year-old daughter. Now, with a renewed passion for teaching, she is planning to return to school to complete her teaching degree and earn her bachelor's degree. With seven years of experience working with children, Dulce truly enjoys witnessing their growth and celebrating their accomplishments. She finds great joy in working with kids and is excited to continue making a positive impact on their lives.
  • Ms Michelle

    Ms Michelle

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Michelle is from Glenview, IL and can speak Russian fluently! She is a college student in the Chicagoland area pursuing architecture. Ms. Michelle found her love for children through babysitting and having a younger sister. In her free time, she likes to travel, try new things, and spend time with family!
  • Ms Lara

    Ms Lara

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Lara, originally from São Paulo, Brazil, made her way to the United States in 2019. With a bachelor's degree in Pharmacy and Biochemistry, she brings a unique perspective to her role. Prior to her relocation, Ms. Lara resided in Germany, where she dedicated several years to teaching the German language. However, her true passion lies in working with children, particularly the little ones! Ms. Lara firmly believes that a nurturing and loving environment enables children to achieve great things, fostering their learning and growth through playful experiences. When she's not busy in the classroom, you can find Ms. Lara indulging in her hobbies of baking, rock climbing, and camping. In her free time, she cherishes moments spent at the playground with her husband and two daughters, or engaging in their favorite board game, Rummikub.
  • Ms Evangelina

    Ms Evangelina

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Eva is a passionate teacher who grew up in Buffalo Grove, and graduated from Buffalo Grove High School. After discovering her love for working with children, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher by enrolling at Harper College. Her passion for teaching was ignited when her fiance's little brother Sammy was diagnosed with autism in 2018. Witnessing Sammy's journey and supporting him in achieving milestones became a pivotal moment in Ms. Eva's life. She found it immensely rewarding and fulfilling, which motivated her to help other children as well. Ms. Eva's goal is to provide support to children and help them accomplish their goals in life. In her free time, Ms. Eva enjoys going on adventures with her fiance, hiking, exploring new cuisines, visiting museums, and spending quality time with her adorable puppy, Obi Wan Kenobi.
  • Ms Allie

    Ms Allie

    Seasonal Resource Teacher
    Ms. Allie grew up in Arlington Heights and is currently pursuing a degree in Elementary Education with a reading endorsement. From an early age, she has been passionate about teaching and has actively pursued opportunities to gain experience in the field. With a diverse range of teaching experiences, Ms. Allie has had the privilege of working with children of all ages. From her involvement in Prospect High School's preschool program to her efforts as a student teacher in various elementary and middle schools, she has nurtured young minds and witnessed their growth firsthand. Alongside her love for working with young children, Ms. Allie enjoys quality time with friends and family and reading!
  • Ms Simia

    Ms Simia

    Seasonal Resource Teacher
    Ms. Simia was born in Richmond, Virginia but relocated to Chicago at age 5. Currently pursuing a degree in biomedical sciences with a focus on anatomy and physiology, she aspires to become an EMT and make her mark in the pre-med field. Known for her positive attitude and boundless energy, Ms. Simia has garnered a reputation as an exceptional summer camp counselor. She finds joy in outdoor activities, games, expressing herself through arts and drawing, eating ice cream, and participating in various sports. If not pursuing her studies, she would likely be traveling the globe. She is thrilled to embark on this new journey as she wholeheartedly embraces her role as an educator.
  • Ms Jamie

    Ms Jamie

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Jamie has had a passion for working with children since her time at Highland Park High School and shortly after enrolled in Early Childhood Education classes at the College of Lake County. With a future goal of obtaining a degree in Recreational Therapy, and over 6 years of experience working with two-year-olds through babysitting, nannying, and teaching roles, Ms. Jamie is committed to building strong connections with each child and family and creating a nurturing and inclusive environment through hands-on experiences and creative activities. In her free time, Ms. Jamie enjoys kayaking, boating, and nature photography. Quality time with friends and family holds a special place in her life, enriching her experiences and grounding her in a sense of community.
  • Ms Ryleigh

    Ms Ryleigh

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Ryleigh grew up in Morton Grove, where she started caring for children at a young age by babysitting for kids around the neighborhood and her younger cousins. After Ms. Ryleigh graduated high school she came to work at The Goddard school as an assistant teacher. She found her true passion which was working with young children. Ms. Ryleigh admires how unique and creative every child’s mind is. Knowing she is helping children grow, learn and explore is very rewarding to her. Ms. Ryleigh is currently finishing up her coursework in Early Childhood Education and plans to earn her CDA.
  • Ms Janice

    Ms Janice

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Janice Suero, a native of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, has a substantial background in childcare. Having recently relocated to Illinois, she is enthusiastic about her prospects for professional growth, with aspirations to evolve into a Lead Teacher role. She has a genuine passion for teaching and relishes the moments spent with our youngest learners, celebrating their small yet significant milestones and achievements! Ms. Janice recognizes the importance of effective communication and values open and clear dialogues with both parents and co-workers, recognizing that this enhances the experiences for all involved. Ms. Janice has two children and a dog named Lina, who she enjoys spending her free time with! Additionally, Ms. Janice's enjoys music, dancing, watching TV, and meditation.
  • Ms Sharo

    Ms Sharo

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Sharo, a former elementary school teacher, holds a Masters in Elementary Education from DePaul University. After a period of time away, she chose to return to the teaching profession. However, she quickly realized that her true passion lies in working with the youngest learners. Ms. Sharo's experience with children of all ages began during her teenage years, and as someone who values lifelong learning, she finds immense joy in witnessing scholars learn and flourish. With proficiency in "three and a half" languages, Ms. Sharo is a multilingual communicator. Additionally, she boasts a black belt in karate. Beyond her diverse interests, she is an avid fan of soccer, basketball, baseball, and football. During her leisure hours, Ms. Sharo enjoys outdoor activities alongside her husband and children. She delights in bike rides, park visits, trips to the zoo, and embarking on road trips.
  • Ms Stephanie

    Ms Stephanie

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Stephanie holds a bachelor's degree in Child Development from Northern Illinois University. She believes in creating a fun and loving learning environment while building trust with each child. Ms. Stephanie also values open communication with families to involve them in their child's growth and learning. She lives in Arlington Heights with her husband and their beloved new puppy, Coco, and recently got married on the breathtaking Big Island of Hawaii! With her experience as a Lead Teacher and her ever-present warm smile, she is wholeheartedly dedicated to making the learning experience a joyful one. Outside of work, she enjoys going to the gym and spending time with her loved ones. Whether it's quality time with her family or connecting with friends, she values these moments. She also enjoys cooking new recipes with her family!
  • Ms Hannah

    Ms Hannah

    Seasonal Resource Teacher
    Ms. Hannah, from Highland Park, IL, and is currently a junior at Illinois State University, diligently working towards her degree in Early Childhood Education with a Reading Endorsement. With a strong background in childcare, she spent three years as a summer camp counselor at the Park District of Highland Park and six years as a babysitter within the community. Ms. Hannah finds joy in engaging children through the magic of literature and exciting art projects. Beyond her professional endeavors, she enjoys baking, sewing, and painting.
  • Ms Madison

    Ms Madison

    Resource Teacher
    Ms. Maddy holds a degree in Business from the University of Phoenix, however, her true passion lies in early childhood education, which she further pursued through various courses at Carroll University. With a strong belief in the power of education, Ms. Maddy is committed to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where every child feels valued, respected, and empowered. She understands the importance of celebrating the diverse perspectives of her students and strives to ignite a love for learning in each one of them. Outside the classroom, Ms. Maddy enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones, whether it's making lasting memories, dancing at concerts, or immersing herself in captivating books. She also finds great joy in the company of her feline friend, Grandpa, who never fails to bring a smile to her face.
  • Ms Claire

    Ms Claire

    Seasonal Resource Teacher
     Ms. Claire is a babysitter and nanny from Wilmette, Illinois. She has worked as a nanny for two summers and as a babysitter for 6 years. Ms. Claire loves working with kids, especially doing arts and crafts! She has art experience and loves to help encourage children to be creative and have fun expressing themselves through art. She attends Butler University, majoring in Environmental Studies. In her free time, she likes to read, hike, crochet, and play with her black lab/hound mix Luna! 
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