Our Teachers

Our teachers blend the highest education standards with nurturing care to help foster well-rounded child development.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  • Ms Kellie

    Ms Kellie

    My goal is to instill a love of learning in a safe, caring environment. Here at The Goddard School we have the advantage of combining the best resources with high quality teachers in an environment specifically designed for young children. Working in the field of Early Childhood Education for over twenty years, I have learned the value of creating a positive atmosphere for your child to learn and grow. I believe in hiring dedicated, professional faculty that will help guide your child to be confident independent learners. I look forward to meeting you and sharing my philosophy of learning through play.
  • Ms Lynn

    Ms Lynn

    Ms. Lynn has worked for The Goddard School since 2002. She began as a teacher at the Brookfield location and later became Director there. Before beginning her career in education she attended Western Connecticut State University where she received degrees in both Psychology and Education. Ms. Lynn is excited to continue carrying out the Goddard philosophy here at the Danbury school.
  • Ms Elisha (Ellie)

    Ms Elisha (Ellie)

    Lead Teacher
    Hello, my name is Elisha, but I go by Ellie. I graduated Dean college with an associate and bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. I am originally from Atlanta Georgia but recently moved to the Brookfield area with my boyfriend. My family is from London England, so I have Dual Citizenship.  I wanted a career working with young children because they warm my heart, and it brings a smile to my face when children first look at bubbles or when they first learn to share with friends. I have worked with children in many centers as well as babysitting since I was 13. Waking up every day knowing that I will drive to teach young children life skills and sharing my skills with them, and other staff members is my biggest passion and I enjoy it every day. I am honored to begin my new journey here at The Goddard School and work alongside great staff.
  • Ms Christina

    Ms Christina

    Lead Teacher
    I am honored to be a part of The Goddard School of Danbury. I am a graduate from Mitchell College with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. I have been teaching in the field of Early Childhood for over twelve years now. My love for teaching stems from knowing I am making a difference in a child’s life. Outside of the classroom, I love running, going to the beach, and spending time with my family. I look forward to helping shape your students view on education, and teaching them that learning is fun!
  • Ms Grace

    Ms Grace

    Lead Teacher
    I am a graduate of Mitchell College with a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood studies. I am honored to be part of The Goddard School of Danbury. I am from neighboring Ridgefield Connecticut. I have always had a passion for working with young children as it brings so much joy to my life. I love seeing the children learn and grow. Outside of the classroom I enjoy running and spending time with family. I look forward to getting to know all The Goddard School children and families.
  • Ms Patricia

    Ms Patricia

    Toddler Team Lead
    I am honored to be a part of The Goddard School of Danbury. I have always found great pleasure in teaching and watching children learn and grow. I have worked in the early childhood education field for over 15 years. I received my Master’s degree from Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY. Not only am I a teacher at Goddard but also a parent here as well. In my free time I enjoy being a mom, scrapbooking and spending time with my family. I am excited to get to know all of The Goddard School families and look forward to a fun and educational experience together.
  • Ms Suzanne

    Ms Suzanne

    Kindergarten Teacher / Operations Support
    I am happy to say I am a resident of my hometown Danbury. I have been happily teaching for over twenty years. I had the joyful job of teaching Kindergarten at the Brookfield Goddard School for over thirteen years. Outside the classroom I enjoy working out, reading or spending time with my husband Eric and our two teenage children Julian and Cassandra-both Goddard Graduates! I look forward to bringing my years of experience to all of my students. I am excited to get to know all the wonderful Goddard families!
  • Ms Caroline

    Ms Caroline

    Assistant Teacher
    Hello! My Name is Caroline. I grew up locally in the Danbury area. I am enrolled at NVCC to study education, and have always been intrigued by how young minds process information. I have worked with children in a variety of capacities including as a nanny and a summer camp counselor for three years. Three whole summers on top of a mountain with no cell service and gorgeous views! I have a dog named Sophie, but most people call her noodle since she's so wiggly! I have two older Brothers Josh and Matt one is an engineer and the other is in the Army.  I love to water ski, and backpack (really anything outdoors). I have done two week long backpacking trips: one in the White Mountains, and the other on the Appalachian Trail going from Connecticut into Massachusetts. During these trips I learned about leadership, and how to be a team player which serve me well here at The Goddard School!
  • Ms Elizabeth

    Ms Elizabeth

    Assistant Teacher
    Hi my name is Elizabeth, I was born and raised in Danbury, CT and fluent in both English and Portuguese. I love working with young children and being able to watch them progress each day and grow. I have always had an interest in the Early Childhood field and I am so grateful that The Goddard School Family let me not only be a part of their family but, also given me the opportunity to explore this amazing experience as well! I love seeing the children become the best they can and being able to have a special bond with them.
  • Ms Gianna

    Ms Gianna

    Assistant Teacher
    Hello! My name is Gianna and I was born and raised in Lake Carmel, New York. My hobbies include spending time outdoors, spending time with mine and my boyfriend’s families. I have always loved spending time with young children and seeing the interesting ways young children’s minds work. I started babysitting when I was 15 years old for multiple families around Carmel. I attended college at Mount Saint Mary College and joined The Goddard School team in early 2022 to further my training and education in childcare and early childhood education. The time I’ve spent so far at Goddard has taught me so much, such as children learn in many different ways, and that having a supportive, kind teacher makes such a difference in a child’s life. It is very important to me, as an educator, to follow the examples and teach including all I have learned in my training and education in childcare. The best thing about being at The Goddard School of Danbury is the amazing, kind, supportive administrative
  • Ms Grecily

    Ms Grecily

    Classroom Teacher
    I am excited to be a part of The Goddard School family and I am ready to spend each day with your children learning more about them and furthering my knowledge of child development. Watching how children interact and play has always been so interesting to me . As a mother of twin girls I find myself in teachable moments more often than not and from those moments I emerge enlightened time and time again. In my free time I like to spend time with my own family especially my young daughters and go exploring in nature, at parks, and museums. 
  • Ms Nancy

    Ms Nancy

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Nancy has been working in the field of Early Childhood Education for over fifteen years, ranging from infants to preschool education. Since her early childhood, she has had a passion for working with children. What she likes most about working with children is sharing her love of learning with them. The best quality of teaching children is watching their development. Ms. Nancy has three young children and she enjoys spending quality time with her family.
  • Ms Francia

    Ms Francia

    Hi, my name is Francia! I am happy to be part of the Goddard School of Danbury’s team. I originally started working with children as a childcare provider and then later became an assistant teacher and worked at a special education school for seven years prior to joining The Goddard School. I have experienced the joy of seeing children learn and grow for many years and I am glad that I can continue to make a difference here at The Goddard School.
  • Ms Jessica

    Ms Jessica

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Jessica came to the Goddard School of Danbury from a Goddard School in Manhattan after relocating to Connecticut. She earned her degree from Kingsborough Community College in Early Childhood Education and has been working toward an additional degree focused on Psychology and Special Education. She has worked with children in multiple capacities since 2011. She has always had a passion to inspire the love of learning and is very creative. She believes strongly that children should have meaningful. hands-on experiences to help them develop.
  • Ms Maricel

    Ms Maricel

    Assistant Teacher
    Hello, my name is Maricel! I was born and raised in Danbury, CT. My family is from the Dominican Republic and I speak both Spanish and English. I like doing a lot of things such as; spending time outdoors with my dog Bella and my niece Sophie, arts & crafts, gaming, playing the ukulele, and I truly enjoy just having fun and trying out new adventures! I am so excited to start this new adventure at Goddard! Being a part of the children growing, learning, and having a fun time together while building a great bond with them is the best type of adventure. I’m thankful that The Goddard School has welcomed me into their school community and given me this great opportunity!  
  • Ms Melissa

    Ms Melissa

    Assistant Teacher
    Hello my name is Ms. Melissa, I was born in Danbury, CT but raised in Puebla, Mexico by my grandparents. At the age of six years old I came back to the USA and lived in Ridgefield, CT with my parents. I have a young daughter named Genesis, and two pet parakeet birds named Coco and Celeste! Ever since having my daughter it amazes me how children can be so brave, curious and loving. Working with children fills my heart with so much joy and coming in each day to The Goddard School, it is always so exciting to see what my students will learn. 
  • Ms Rina

    Ms Rina

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Rina joined The Goddard School in January 2023 as a part-time floating teacher while pursuing her degree at WCSU, this role included supporting all classrooms and age groups. In 2024 she joined Ms. Patty in Seahorses and took on a Full Time Assistant Teacher role. She loves all the smiles and snuggles she gets to share with the Seahorses on a daily basis.
  • Ms Theresa

    Ms Theresa

    Assistant Teacher
    I grew up with a special love of children and have always had a drive to work with them. My two sisters work in child care and inspired me to make my dream of working in child care a reality. I started working with infants in a child care center and was motivated to pursue my CDA to become educated with more ages and stages of early childhood development. I recently moved to Danbury from White Plains, where I grew up. I am a dancer and singer and love to get creative in the classroom!
  • Ms Marcela

    Ms Marcela

    Administrative Support
    I am honored to be a part of The Goddard School of Danbury faculty. About 9 years ago I fell in love with Education and have been using this passion as a tool for making a positive change in the world. I studied English and Portuguese Linguistics and Literature at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo in Brazil, my home country. Later on, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. In my journey in the Education field, I have taught age groups from Toddlers to 3rd Graders in international, bilingual and culturally diverse contexts. When I am not at school, I enjoy reading, practicing yoga, connecting with nature and art and travelling around the world. I can’t wait to meet the children and families from The Goddard School and learn from the experiences we will share.
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