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Assistant Teacher - Older Toddlers - Part Time

Posted: February 27, 2018

We are currently interviewing candidates for a second Assistant Teacher position in one of our Older Toddler classrooms.


Lead Teacher - Full Time

Posted: March 23, 2018

We are currently interviewing candidates for A Toddler Lead Teacher position. Experience, training and credentials are required. Pay is commensurate with experience. We also offer an excellent benefits package.


Naptime Assistant - Toddler through Pre-K Classrooms - Part Time

Posted: August 18, 2017

We are currently interviewing candidates for Naptime Assistant positions. Naptime Assistants must be high school graduates and will work from Noon until 3:00 pm up to five days a week.

Flexible schedules are possible.

Compensation is the NYS minimum hourly wage which is currently $9.70/hour and increases to $10.50/hour in January 2018.




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