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Lead Teacher - Full Time

Posted: January 12, 2018

Pre Toddler Lead Teacher: under 2 years class

After School Teacher (part time or full time): start time no later than 3 pm until at least 6 pm. During summer months, full time opportunity with kinder to 5th grade summer camp if interested. Excellent opportunity for those attending college locally. Must be at least 18 years old.

General Qualifications: must meet the qualifications of his/her state and those set forth in the National Standards for hiring (see, including the following:

Ability to hear the conversational voice, with or without a hearing aid
Ability to see and read newsprint, with or without corrective lenses
Ability to speak and be understood under normal circumstances
Ability to lift and carry children and other items weighing up to 50 pounds
Ability to use arms, hands, legs, and feet, with or without corrective devices; this includes the ability to evacuate the building during emergencies
Ability to handle crisis situations, especially where children are involved
Ability to respond immediately to emergency situations

Employment is contingent upon cleared DFPS, DPS, and FBI background checks




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