Meet Our Goddard Family

Our expertly trained and experienced teachers and staff blend the highest standards in early childhood education and development with nurturing care to help your child have fun while growing physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  • Ms Shweta

    Ms Shweta

    A Masters graduate from Teachers College, Columbia University and a dedicated mom of two Goddard Graduate children; I am a firm believer that quality education shapes not just the individuals but also a community. Born into a family of Educators, making learning a fun experience has always been my goal. I am excited and happy to be able to provide a safe, nurturing and fun learning experience to the children of our community.
  • Mr Tyler

    Mr Tyler

    Director - Operations
    Tyler has a Bachelor of Science in family resources and child development from the University of Hawaii. He is currently working on a Master’s in Early Childhood Education with emphasis in Administration. He has been in the field since 2006, working with families and children. In his spare time, Tyler enjoys being with friends and family, traveling, and watching various sports. Tyler believes learning should be fun, that each child is unique, and that they grow best in a positive learning environment.
  • Ms Tali

    Ms Tali

    Director - Education
    Tali has been working in childcare for the past 20 years. She was offered a job through her Child Development class she took in High school. Where she recognized she loved caring for younger children. While she worked here, she gained 18 years of experience. During the years she accumulated many clock hours and completing her CDA (Child Development Associate). She plans on furthering her education in the field. Tali has experience being on the management side as well, she was the Director at a Successful program in Kent for 8yrs. She also was a part of the Pilot program for Early Achiever's in the South King County area. Where she gained an abundance of knowledge. When Tali is not working she loves to spend time with her husband and 5 children. She is excited to be a part of such a community that is supportive and enriching as The Goddard School.
  • Ms Maria

    Ms Maria

    Administrative Assistant
    Maria is an administrative assistant. Maria has been in Early Childhood Education for 8 years, first as an owner and now assisting with school administrative processes. Maria is proud to be part of the administrative team that works together to maintain and exceed the school standards. She loves to see how children grow and develop every day through exploration and hands-on learning.
  • Ms Kimberly

    Ms Kimberly

    Lead Teacher - Infants
    Kimberly is a Lead Teacher. She graduated from Western Washington University in 2017. She went to college for Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. Kimberly started babysitting at the age of 12 years old. She continued working with children through Vacation Bible School, a variety of day camps, nannying, babysitting, childcare volunteer opportunities, and more. Kimberly worked in different preschools and childcare facilities while earning her degree. She is working at the Goddard School to follow her passion of working with children and helping them balance education and childhood in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Ms Lia

    Ms Lia

    Lead Teacher - First Steps
    Lia is a lead teacher. Lia has been working in the early childhood field for over 15 years. In high school, she worked with children and really developed a passion for it. She loves working with young age groups, especially Infant and Toddlers. Lia’s goal is to make sure you and your child feel safe while you are away, nurture all throughout the day, get messy and have fun! She believes that every child learns at their own pace and deserves only the best. Lia doesn’t have any children of her own yet, and she will always continue to love yours!!
  • Ms Margarita

    Ms Margarita

    Co-Lead Teacher - Toddler 1
    Margarita is a Co-Lead Teacher. She lived in California since she was 10 years old. After graduation from High School, since attended California State University Monterey Bay to pursue in majoring in Liberal Studies. In 2016, she decided to move to WA with her family. She has 4 children of her own ranging from 3-13 years of age. Shortly after living here, she started to work at a Daycare center as a Floater/Assistant Teacher. Being around young children really inspired her, so she earned her CDA (Child Development Associate) Certification in March 2019. Margarita would like to further her education in Early Child Development and obtain a bachelor’s degree.
  • Miss Ashley

    Miss Ashley

    Co-Lead Teacher - Toddler 2
    Ashley is a Lead Teacher. She has worked in childcare for over 7 years, starting as a babysitter at the age of 12. She first started teaching at the Young Chef’s Academy a year ago after graduating Tahoma High School and realized her passion for teaching. Before that, she was a referee for children sports, as well as a nanny. Ashley is taking classes at Green River College in order to obtain an AA in Early Childhood Development while working at our school. Her passion for kids came from having a big family, she comes from a family of six with three sisters, who are her favorite people in the world, and what her mother calls her built-in best friends. When she is not working, she enjoys gardening hiking and baking. She believes that the best way to teach is through songs, she also believes that the more language is incorporated into learning, the faster children’s brains will develop. She is really looking forward to help shape the life of your children and watch them grow!
  • Ms Kendra

    Ms Kendra

    Co-Lead Teacher - Toddler 2
    Kendra Wells is a Co-Lead Teacher. She grew up in Oregon and graduated from George Fox University. Ms. Kendra now lives in North Bend with her husband, son and small dog. She is working toward her CDA and is excited to be part of the Goddard team! Kendra loves being festive and is enthusiastic about all the songs, crafts and games associated with holidays. Finding the sparkle in the everyday is where she shines, and where she believes toddlers are natural experts. Her favorite moments are when a child lights up knowing they've been heard and understood.
  • Ms Agnes

    Ms Agnes

    Lead Teacher - Pre-School 1
    Agnes is a Lead Teacher. She graduated from Nursing School. She started babysitting at the age of 21 and has 3 years nanny experience. Agnes will work towards her CDA and wants to stay in the early childhood career field. Agnes feels that Goddard will give her the experience she needs to be able to complete her CDA and achieve her future goals. She is excited for the opportunity to be a part of the Goddard team and is ready to play, learn and grow with your children.
  • Miss Megan

    Miss Megan

    Lead Teacher - Pre-School 2
    Megan is a lead teacher. She has her AA degree from Green River College and took many teaching classes. She started babysitting in middle school and grew up helping taking care of her three little sisters and cousins. Throughout high school she helped with summer camps, refereed children’s sports, and baby sat for many families. Teaching and being around children have always been what she has wanted to do. Megan also really enjoys doing things outdoors including hiking, camping, gardening, and fishing. She also loves everything to do with music and plays the guitar and sings in her free time. She really enjoys being part of a good, hardworking, and family based team!
  • Miss Hunter

    Miss Hunter

    Lead Teacher - Pre-K 1
    Hunter is a Lead Teacher. Hunter has worked in childcare for more than 10 years and at our school since we opened 6+ years ago. Hunter graduated from Mount Si High School. Before high school, she started babysitting since she was 10 years old for her family. After High school, she was working at another childcare center until she heard that Goddard was opening here on the ridge. She applied and got the job! Hunter has lived in Snoqualmie Ridge most of her life until 3 years ago when she moved to the Maple Valley area. Working with children is her passion! To see them grow and develop their education is truly remarkable. I love to see them laugh and be their own person. Hunter is excited to help your children learn and get them ready for kindergarten!!
  • Miss Kelcie

    Miss Kelcie

    Lead Teacher - Get Set
    Kelcie is a Lead Teacher. She grew up on Whidbey Island. Kelcie always knew she wanted to work with children, but it wasn’t until college, where she found her true passion for early education. During her time at CWU, Kelcie worked at the on campus learning center, specifically with infants and toddlers. It was there that she fell in love with teaching & caring for young children. Kelcie graduated in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. In her opinion, the most rewarding part of the job is watching the children learn and develop new skills during her time with them. She believes that learning experiences in the early years of a child’s life have a big impact on their future. Kelcie is excited to work with your child and strives to provide a positive, loving, and enriching environment in her classroom!
  • Miss Chelsea

    Miss Chelsea

    Lead Teacher - Pre-K 2
    Chelsea is a Lead Teacher. She graduated from Highline College in Des Moines, WA with an Associates of Arts degree, Emphasis in Education. She is currently attending Central Washington University through online classes to pursue her bachelor’s in education. Chelsea has worked with children since 2007; she started babysitting her little sister, and as the years progressed, she gained more experience taking care of children that included her nieces, nephews and young cousins. Prior to working with the Goddard school, she has worked with elementary students that ranged from ages 6-12 years of age. No matter what age group, Chelsea has a passion for working with children because it brings joy in her life.She was inspired to work in the education field from her 1st grade teacher with the words of wisdom such as “I chose to become a teacher because I wanted to give back to my community that raised me to be who I am”. She is ready to learn, grow and discover new things with your child
  • Ms Sydney

    Ms Sydney

    Lead Teacher
    Sydney is a Lead Teacher. She graduated from Tahoma High School, where she did Running start. Ms. Sydney took child development classes in both high school and college. She plans to continue taking classes towards earning her teacher certificate. Sydney has been babysitting for 6 years and is excited to be a part of the Goddard team and believes that this experience will help her to accomplish her goals. Sydney is ready and excited to learn and play with your children.
  • Ms Sophia

    Ms Sophia

    Assistant Teacher - Infants
    Sophie is an Assistant teacher. She graduated from Lindbergh High School in 2020 and went on to study at Green River Community College in Auburn. She originally wanted to join law enforcement and go into forensics but ultimately decided childcare is where her heart and mind is happiest. She took a child development course in high school and enjoyed learning new things about children every day and even got to take care of a robotic baby for a weekend. She loves working with kids and has babysat multiple of her cousins over the years since she was 14. Sophie does not have kids of her own and is excited for the day she will become a wonderful mother, but until then she will love each and every one of your kiddos. Outside of work, Sophie enjoys being at home with her 4 cats, reading, and hanging out with her friends and family. She can't wait to further her knowledge and career by joining our school and hopes to be a part of this team for many more years to come.
  • Ms Lakeshia

    Ms Lakeshia

    Assistant Teacher - First Steps
    Lakeshia (Keshia) is an Assistant Teacher. She is a mother to a toddler boy, who is the center of her world! Keshia has worked with young children for a few years at a local childcare center. She also has experience working at a cosmetology field, but her heart was pulled to be around young children. During her free time, Keshia stays active and enjoys walking dogs. She is looking forward to making a positive impact on the new lives of your child by setting up a building block, to make a happy and successful transition into adulthood and beyond. Keshia is looking forward to furthering her education in Early Childhood while working at the Goddard School.
  • Ms Susmita

    Ms Susmita

    Assistant Teacher - Get Set
    Susmita (Mita) is an Assistant Teacher. Ms. Mita graduated from India and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application. During her college years she tutored kids of Elementary Schools. Ms. Mita loves teaching children and strongly believes that learning can be fun in many creative ways. She is a mother of 2 beautiful girls. Now that they are all out of the early childhood stage, Ms. Mita is excited to continue working with young children; being around children inspires her to pursue her dream of becoming an early childhood educator. Ms. Mita is excited to be part of the Goddard Team and pursue her dreams.
  • Mr Hayden

    Mr Hayden

    Assistant Teacher Pre-School 1
    Hayden is an Assistant teacher. He graduated from Tahoma High School in 2021. Hayden started babysitting his little brothers at the age of 13. Hayden is working towards being an electrician. He is excited for the opportunity to be a part of the Goddard team and is ready to play, learn and grow with your children.
  • Ms Vaishnavi

    Ms Vaishnavi

    Assistant Teacher- Preschool 2
    Vaishnavi is an assistant teacher. She has a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering from India Ms.Vaish started tutoring kids from her neighborhood when she was 14. She worked as a preschool teacher for two years in India and in Washington state before joining our school. Vaish moved to Washington state with her husband more than 10 years ago. She is a mom of two boys who attend schools in the Snoqualmie school district. In her free time, she enjoys playing basketball, pencil sketching, and trying new recipes from cookbooks. Vaish loves being with kids and watching them learn and grow in a nurturing environment.
  • Ms Morgan

    Ms Morgan

    Assistant Teacher - Pre-K 1
    Morgan is an Assistant Teacher. She grew up in the Seattle area and she has lived here her whole life. She started babysitting at the age of 14. After graduating from Skyline High School, she started her first teaching job in 2013 and has enjoyed working with young children ever since. Morgan earned her CDA credential in 2019 and is looking forward to more learning opportunities in childhood education. She is excited to be a part of the Goddard team and get to know each and every child while helping and watching them learn and grow.
  • Miss Tania

    Miss Tania

    Assistant Teacher - Pre-K 2
    Tania Delgado is an Assistant Teacher. Tania recently graduated from the University of Washington-Seattle with a bachelor’s in education, Communities and Organizations and Spanish. Tania has one older brother, and her hometown is Wapato, WA. Tania has been passionate about education since an early age. All her role models are also in the education field such as her mom, aunts and close friends. Tania believes education is ever lasting and does not want to stop learning. In her free time, she likes to crochet and trying new coffee shops.
  • Ms Nancy

    Ms Nancy

    Nancy is an Assistant Teacher / Resource. She has been here at the school since 2016. Nancy graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Degree in Elementary Education. She worked for 28 years at the Masonic Children's Home in Elizabethtown, PA. Nancy parented hundreds of children age 5-19. She believes that children learn by playing, watching and listening to the world around them. Nancy also believes in positive role modeling. She is excited to be working with younger children.
  • Ms Chong (Janet)

    Ms Chong (Janet)

    Janet is a Resource Teacher. She has a multinational background and is fluent in multiple languages. Janet received her bachelor’s degree in law while attending Centennial College in Canada. She then moved to WA with her husband and started working at a Montessori school in Bellevue. While working at the Montessori school, she completed her Basic Childcare Training through the state of WA and is continuing her annual training requirement. Janet has been working in the early childhood field for three years, and she loves working with young children. Janet believes every child is unique and smart. She prioritizes building positive, supportive relationships between children and teachers. She is excited and proud to join the talented team at the Goddard School in Snoqualmie.
  • Mrs Lisa

    Mrs Lisa

    Lisa is an Assistant Teacher/Resource. She earned her degree in Liberal Arts & Science in New York. Ms. Lisa has 13 years of experience in childhood education and was a Lead Preschool and Pre-K teacher in Virginia and New York. Lisa is married to her High School sweetheart of 33 years and has 1 son and 2 daughters who they are extremely proud of everyday. During her free time, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, and camping in beautiful Washington. Lisa is looking forward to getting to know all the children here at the Goddard School!
  • Miss Kim

    Miss Kim

    Kim is an Assistant Teacher/Resource. She graduated from Kentridge High School and will be attending Cornish College of the Arts in Fall. Kim loves children and started babysitting at the age of 15 when her cousin was one year old. She feels that being on the Goddard team will help towards her personal goals in the long run and expand her knowledge with children. Kim is excited to be part of the experience and is ready to keep learning and grow with your children!
  • Ms Srivani

    Ms Srivani

    Vani is a Resource/Assistant Teacher. She has a bachelor’s degree of computer science from India and master’s in computer science from the University of Hertfordshire. Ms. Vani started her career in the IT industry as a Software Engineer and worked for almost 8 years for different companies and clients. She made the decision to explore other opportunities for working around children and wanted to start and build her career in the early education field. Ms. Vani is very excited to join the Goddard team and get to know each child while helping and watching them grow.
  • Ms Jaya

    Ms Jaya

    Assistant Teacher
    Jaya is an Assistant teacher / Resource. Jaya is a passionate individual who holds a Masters degree in Tourism. Jaya's journey into teaching began when she dedicated herself to pro-bono work, educating underprivileged children in rural Rajasthan, India. Later she joined Saptparni, a cultural center in Hyderabad where she actively participated in teaching children about their rich traditional heritage. Despite multiple relocations, Jaya continued her volunteering efforts in various schools, allowing her to gain diverse cultural experiences in four different countries. With both her children embarking on their college journeys this year, Jaya seized the opportunity to join Goddard, where she is thoroughly enjoying her time working with the children. In her own words: Witnessing their innocence and boundless creativity never ceases to amaze me. Beyond work, I find immense joy in cooking, hosting friends and family, gardening and spending time with my pets Bholu and Mishti.
  • Ms Silvia

    Ms Silvia

    Ms. Silvia is a Resource teacher at our School. She was born in Costa Rica and studied Business Administration. She has also taken multiple courses in psychology and early childhood development. Silvia has 7 years of experience working at a local daycare here in Washington, she is well-versed in caring for young children. Silvia taught Spanish in Costa Rica and moved to Washington with her husband and two sons. She is excited to be part of the Goddard team and is looking forward to playing, doing art, learning, and growing with your children.
  • Miss Kaya

    Miss Kaya

    Kaya is a Resource/floater. She is currently in high school at Mount Si. As continuing her high school education, Kaya is volunteering for children’s camps and working with them whenever the chance presents itself. Kaya started babysitting at the age of 10 and has worked with kids from infants to ages 11 or 12. When graduating she wants to stay in the early childhood career field hopefully working with ages 4-10. Kaya feels that our school will give her the experience she needs to be able to complete her CDA and achieve her future goals. She is excited for the opportunity to be part of the Goddard team and is ready to play, learn and growth with your children.
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